3 Reasons Hillary Clinton Won’t Be the Next President of the United States

hillaryclinton-handonchinThe leadership of the Democratic Party clearly believes Hillary Clinton is positioned to be the next President of the United States. They think she has inherited the mantle of Barack Obama’s victories in 2008 and 2012. Just as Obama captured the imagination of many as the first black president, Democratic power brokers hope Clinton will soar to victory because she is a woman.

But Hillary Clinton is not a bullet-proof candidate. Her people skills are even less competent than Obama’s, and she comes with decades of political baggage. Writing in an essay in Breitbart News, Ben Shapiro offers three reasons Hillary is unlikely to follow Obama into the Oval Office:

1. She Does Not Have The Same Racial Appeal. There is a hierarchy of victimhood in the leftist thought system. Blacks sit at the top; gays and lesbians sit just below blacks; Latinos and Native Americans sit below both groups; women come next; then, finally, come Jews and Asians, who are mainly an afterthought in the rankings. Barack Obama ran on the promise that as a half-black man, his election would unify the country, moving us all beyond the racial polarization of the past…

…Nobody truly believes a woman cannot be elected in America. Three out of our last four secretaries of state were women. We have multiple powerful female senators. She’s not a victim.

2. She’s Not a Compelling Female. Hillary is female. If you haven’t heard, she will tell you herself, 1,000 different times. But the point is that her points of commonality with female voters are not particularly compelling. She grew up with a silver spoon in her mouth, married the future governor of Arkansas, rode his coattails to a prestigious law firm job, First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. She does not resonate as a mother or as a grandmother, despite the best efforts of the media to portray her as a younger Betty White.

3. She’s Old. Voters under 30 represented 19 percent of those who voted in 2012. That’s bad news for Hillary, given that she must rely on contributions from women and youth to make up the deficit she will face in the black vote turnout. The worse news is that Hillary is old. It’s easy for pollsters to predict that she will capture the hearts of youth voters… [but] Hillary represents the past. That was a contrast beautifully drawn by Rubio in his announcement speech:

“Just yesterday, a leader from yesterday began a campaign for President by promising to take us back to yesterday. But yesterday is over, and we are never going back.”

Barack Obama won the presidency on simple identity politics. Hillary has many similarities to Obama. She has the liberal media on her side. She probably won’t get asked the hard questions. The press won’t hold her accountable for her ethical shortcomings.

Clinton is an elitist, and a pseudo-intellectual. Like Obama, she has an Ivy League education. But unlike Obama, Hillary won’t just slide into office based on race, or even gender. Hillary has to convince the American people to like her, and she just isn’t that likable.

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  • R. Eilers

    Don’t fool yourself writer, Hillary has it all wrapped up already, she just has to go through the motions

    • Kaitlyn Thomas

      LOL For America’s sake I sure hope not.However, I guess we’ll see if this country has learned anything.

    • mac12sam12

      I can think of only two times when a party held the Whitehouse longer than 8 years, FDR and Bush Sr. after 8 years of Reagan. She would also be Obama, round three. She can’t tout a good economy either.

    • metheoldsarge

      You may be right but I remember the same thing was said about her at the start of the 2008 campaign. We all know what happened then.

      • R. Eilers

        That’s true, anything can change in a year and a half. At the moment though her numbers are unbeatable repub or dem

  • Coastie407

    Actually the article is spot on, Hillary will not be the Democrat candidate come next November.

    The idea is has it “wrapped up” is as inaccurate today as it was in the last cycle > Remember that a year and a half before the 2008, the front-runners were Giuliani and Clinton, Neither survived the nomination process.

    Nor will Hillary in 2016.

    One hundred years from now, she will be little more than a footnote in history, and she’s halfway there now. Personally, I think her “place in history” will be the first U.S. Secretary of State jailed for “high crimes and misdemeanor” against the United States, unless she and Slick Willie get a pardon from Obama .

    • MARYANN33

      Oh please put her in prison.

      • tornadohunter

        She’s just itchin’ for that new cell-mate who goes by the name of Bubu-ette!!!!

        • Chris Surfcrab

          I think she’s itching because something Bill brought home and gave her… Oh slick Willy.. You’ve done it again..

  • ProudUSAVet

    Add a fourth reason: None of her supporters, nor even Hillary herself, can name any real successes she has had as First “Lady,” Senator or Secretary of State. Once, when asked to name one, she quickly changed the subject and did not answer the question.

    • BrooklynJoJo

      she does not even have any successes as our senator in NY during the terrorists murderous attacks, she ran and hid just like a coward.

    • Chris Surfcrab

      She successfully had a lot of people killed without doing any time does that count?

      • ProudUSAVet

        Ok. I’ll give you that one. Especially Vince Foster (who several say is the biological father of Chelsea). He committed suicide, but being right-handed, and the gun laying to the right of his body, had the bullet hole on the left side of his temple.

        Some more information:
        The boxes of documents removed from Foster’s office by Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff, Margaret Williams, were taken to the private residence area of the White House! Eventually, only 54 pages emerged.

        One set of billing records, under subpoena for two years, and thought to have originated in Foster’s office, turned up unexpectedly in the private quarters of the White House, with Hillary’s fingerprints on them!

        Read more: whatreallyhappened.com http://whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/FOSTER_COVERUP/foster.php#ixzz42lFweyt8

        • Chris Surfcrab

          Not trying to defend Hillary but in all fairness isn’t it just possible Foster seen her naked in daylight unexpectedly?

          • ProudUSAVet

            Very possible and when he burst out laughing she got angry and shot him.

            Joke: Bill jogs every morning close to their home and there is always a lady of the evening standing on a street corner and solicits him. $30 for a good time? Bill responds no, $5.00. That is the way it goes every morning until one day Hillary decides to go with him. When they come to said street corner, the lady of the evening calls out, “See what you get for $5.00?”

          • Chris Surfcrab

            Haha.. Great ! , A drunk Bill Clinton walks into the bedroom with a sheep under his arm.. Hillary abruptly wakes up and says “Bill”!
            ” What the F**ks going on ?! ” Bill says ” This is the pig I’ve been bangin ! ” Hillary says ” Bill ! You idiot thats a sheep ! ” Bill says ” I wasn’t talking to you Hillary ! ”

          • Dr. Farley

            Ha Ha! Actually quite funny!

          • Chris Surfcrab

            Thanks Doc

          • Dean Charron

            Bill now has HIS own private server, she works at the Hooters up the street!

          • Chris Surfcrab

            I can trust in the corny headline now .. oops I did it again

          • Chris Surfcrab

            I can just see the headlines now. Oops I did it again

          • Karen Millar Arthur-Young

            Hahahaha, yep, and I’m a woman. 😉

          • Peachs


          • StarTripper

            Well that would certainly make MY head explode.

          • Chris Surfcrab

            A naked picture of her on your refridgerator…now thats a good friggen diet plan right there..

        • bulldogmom

          All excellent points, but Chelsea’s biological father is Webster Hubbell, not the late, murdered Vince Foster.

          • Charles Moore

            Lets do a DNA test on the Maury show Bill you are not the daddy.

          • bulldogmom

            Bill Clinton, for all his faults, has been a good looking man. He NEVER produced such a donkey-face as that Chelsea. If you look at her pics and those of Webb Hubbell, there’s NO doubt he’s Chelsea’s father. Lower lips don’t lie 🙂

      • Peachs

        Whitewater FOSTER not suicide…Murder care of the Clintons.

        • Chris Surfcrab

          I agree.. But i had a joke to get off the ground

    • observing57

      In that interview, after a long pause, she said she was there (Secretary of State) to pass on the torch, what ever that means against the question given to her.

    • Charles Moore

      Hey Hillary was making herself out to be like Honest Abe.

  • Lindy

    She should be in an orange jumpsuit.

    • 58proudtobe

      In GITMO

      • 58proudtobe

        Next to Barry

        • Peachs

          Charles Manson

    • Bell Ana

      Trump has orange wigs

      • Thomas Moloian

        what color are your wings?

      • Charles Moore

        Yes he does him and Billy share them.

  • WiSe GuY

    Hitler-y would be a re-run of idiot 0bama.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      yes but only worse

      • MARYANN33

        No one could be worse than Obama

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          I would not want to bet on that. He started something, and now he needs some-one to finish it. The next “Democrat” president will attempt to do just that. All his garbage needs to be pushed back, right into the trash bin of history. If the Hilda-beast wins, then look out, all hell will break loose.

          • MARYANN33

            It seems now that Hillary is not to be trusted with the public. Something is demonstrably wrong with her mentally now.

          • used_to_be_a_liberal

            I agree with that. Wonder were she has been for the past 22 or 23 days, haven’t heard a word from her. Maybe she is re-setting her brain, or making up her story for Gowdy, or figuring away to make her foundation thing “work” for her, or maybe she is taking lessons on how to be liked. It would be better if she just got on her broom, then flew off into the sunset.

          • MARYANN33

            This morning when I was in my garden praying, I had many tears because I was very burdened for my brothers and sisters who are being persecuted like we would never even dream or imagine. In the Middle East, they’re taking their heads off and shooting them in the head, and then making proclamation, “Our god is greater than yours.” That’s not going to happen. God spoke about that Spirit going – obviously it’s the Holy Spirit – going to frighten the Hell out of them. *The Holy Spirit will come into their camp and something’s going to take place, a terrifying thing in the camp of ISIS*, wherever it is, I don’t know, I’ve not been given that. /(Photo via Freeimages)/

            I felt I was on a mountain. It could have been in Pakistan, it could have been in Afghanistan, I don’t know. As I stood there, nobody was here, I was just in that zone.

            *Kim Clement
            /Kim Clement Center/*

          • MARYANN33

            The Hildabeast will not win. Hillary will be very lucky if she is not behind bars for her part in Benghazi and he Fund and all her crooked deals…I would love to see her in jail and a real jail, not like the one Martha Stewart was in…These POS people all must do time if not the death penalty because they are government criminals….All O did will be removed as they prove he was never a legal president…..All erased, and no Obamacare in the country ever again…Good health insurance changes for the good of the people not to control them..

          • MARYANN33

            I hope it is not a Rino like Jeb or Rubio or Christie and even Walker…He must be Christian because God promised us he would be…

          • MARYANN33

            Garbage not just pushed back…all involved to be tried and sentenced….time for some to flee the country before they turn on the S fan.

        • John Wesley

          Do not kid yourself, Billary would be so much worse than Obummer, that you would pray for his return.

        • tornadohunter006

          Wanna bet??

          • MARYANN33

            I am 100% sure that there is no bigger criminal in office nor will there ever be than Obama..

  • Wayne Thorson

    Sounds like a bunch of wishful thinking to me. She will have the best advisor money can buy and it won’t cost the tax payer anything. Bill was the best thing that could happen to this country back in the 90’s. Everyone prospered. He was able to work with those do nothing Republicans and get things done. As much as the Republicans tried to get under his skin he didn’t waver. I believe the American people are going to remember that. I know I sure do. Him and Hillary must have the thickest skin to let it all go in one ear and out the other. Remember they even tried accusing him of murder while he was in office. I don’t know how many people could go against some false allegations like that and come out smelling like a rose after proving his innocence. It’s to bad he couldn’t run again. He would be a shoe in to win.

    • BOONE

      He is running. Chasing skirts. Hahahahahaha!

      • Wayne Thorson

        I do have a sense of humor. Good one.

    • Kim Holbrook

      Wayne…..you aren’t pullin’ that crap on me….Bill had the cakewalk

      • MARYANN33

        They stole things from the White House the first time there. Do not let them in again…She mainly wants the catered meals….

    • conservative since 1962

      I feel sorry for those so mentally challenged as to not know the difference between “not proved guilty beyond a reasonable doubt” and “proved innocent”!

      • Wayne Thorson

        The American people have heard so many false allegations from the Republicans that they are fed up with the Republicans. Ever since the Republicans called Bill Clinton a murderer they have gone down hill. Why don’t they think of something that is for the American people instead of pointing fingers at the Democrats for anything they can think of to try and make them look bad. I sure would like some American voter that votes Republican to tell me what any Republican politician has ever done for them. I am at aw trying to think of something. Why would any average Joe vote for a Republican? Inquiring mind wants to know.

        • conservative since 1962

          When Clinton appointed bureaucrats tried to defraud me out of my military pension Representative Charles Norwood (R-GA) got the pension that I had earned restored. I received five years and eight months pension in a single payment.
          His Democrat predecessor had promised to “look into it” and did nothing!
          Why should I vote for a Democrat instead of an Independent or a Republican? No double talk or double standards, just give me a fact based rational answer.

          • Wayne Thorson

            Fact based rational story. A good fabricated story if I have ever heard one.

          • conservative since 1962

            I see that you believe that you are omniscient, therefore I will refrain from confusing you with facts!

  • Howard A Milor Jr.

    If America could be this lucky! We would all dodge a wicked venomous old B!

  • DOC

    What Rep. can beat her??? What Dem can beat her????

    • MARYANN33

      Cruz will beat her.

    • bulldogmom

      The American People can beat her. It’s up to all of us.

  • Maggietish

    There are people who will vote for her just because she’s a woman. Hillary is playing the “woman in the White House” card for sure. I would love to see a woman in the White House who is a woman with ethics, honesty and integrity and lived up to the oath of office that she took and didn’t play partisan politics to a point of no return. Hillary paid women on her staff when she was Senator $ .72 on the dollar compared to the $1.00 that she paid men. She’s accepted contributions to the Clinton foundation from countries that abuse, rape and murder women. All that along with the fact that she allowed. 4 Americans to be slaughtered in Benghazi when she refused to send the helped they begged for. She jeopardized this Nation’s security by using her personal email while Secretsry of State. She took huge contributions from this nation’s enemies for the Clinton foundation and then erased the emails. She’s refusing to answer any questions put to her. I was finished with Hillary when she testified before Congress when asked about Benghazi when she clearly said about the deaths of those four brave Americans, “what difference does it make.” It makes a difference to any normal human being. One wonders how this woman even sleeps at night

    • Mys77

      I am all for a woman, but Hillary is NOT the right woman.

    • tornadohunter

      Hey, she doesn’t give a rats ass where the money comes from as long as she gets it, hides it, and tucks it into the “foundation”! Ya right!! There foundation is money for them because they’re both greedy P.O.S’s!!!

      • bulldogmom

        In 2003 I made a donation to the Clinton Presidential Library, $35.00. The library, in Little Rock, was in its inception, and the solicitation came through its website. That part is important. The $35. was placed through my Discover card, and when the card statement arrived, the donation to THE LIBRARY had gone to the Clinton Global Initiative! Address and phone number on my bill were Washington, DC. I immediately called the number, 202 area code, and was told that my donation belonged to Bill Clinton and he could do what he wanted with it! And that I couldn’t have it back. I filed a consumer complaint with the Attorney General of Arkansas citing fraud by the Clinton Library. I got my money back. This is how the Clintons have become so wealthy, and so untouchable. They have stolen $35. at a time through something so innocuous and sentimental as a presidential site.

        • tornadohunter

          I know. Why do you think they formed that fake Clinton Foundation? And that money is actually funneled down from the money they get from a charity organization they formed in CANADA!! And they did that because it’s a Canadian law that the names of ANYONE who donates to that charity, including anyone from this country who donates, which I think is flat out wrong, DOES NOT have to named. They do in the US if they donate to a charity in the US!! But not Canada!!! And if that doesn’t suck a cows ass, I don’t know what does, besides Hitlary!! She sucks anything!!!

          • bulldogmom

            Great points! And the foundation is supposed to be a charitable organization, but the Clintons never can say what charity work its used for. Maybe buying Chelsea a million dollar condo, or having her face remade. Or paying off Bill’s girlfriends? Yes, the Clintons do suck cows!!

    • bulldogmom

      She sleeps at night because she sees herself as perfect, and above sinning, above the law, above all mortals. She is evil, despicable, and needs to be put away.

  • cathylovesyou

    I am afraid the 4 points made about Hillary are true but the Unidted States whereby half get stuff for nothing, and lack pride wlll vote for her. My familly would never take a hand out as their pride is strong, yes pride in themselve’s and pride in their country. The left do not have pride, are not happy, usually dislike America, like to demonstrate as a activity even though they are mostly hypicritcal.
    So my friends if Hillary becomes President it may be the end of the Republican party, the voter’s brought here by the Democratic will vote for them. They will never admit the mistake’s (probably will blame fox ) consequently it could start a revolution which maybe part of Alinsky’s opps I mean Obama plan.
    The Republican party has some very good choice’s but we can’t wind up with a MCCain type it has to be an honest, tough,,smart experienced candidate, with strong conservative value’s. If we could combine Cruz Walker and Huckabee into one man, the change and turnaround could happen.
    So who is he or she. Comes down to who can get elected not who is best, look at the last two terms it was impossible to not get a better President than Obama who got it as a Rock Star. with a hurt America Agenda. Democrats than are not fully tainted should stand up for America and vote Republican just this one time to save the country

  • Pete


    • metheoldsarge

      Not in this life time.

      • Pete

        Hey Sarge:  May I ask what “Not in this life time” means?  Is it she won’t get elected!! From: Disqus
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        • metheoldsarge

          The American voters have short memories. She knows all these things being
          talked about today will have been forgotten about by this time next
          year. She knows none of this is going to matter to those who vote
          Democrat no matter what. She knows none of this is going to matter
          to the freeloaders who vote for a living. She knows none of this is
          going to matter to the millions who choose to stay home on election
          days. She knows the recent Republican Party track record, of
          shooting themselves in the foot, so there is a good chance they will
          nominate another dead beat RINO like McCain or Romney. She knows
          that if another dead beat RINO gets the nomination, her and Bill will
          move back in the White House in January 2017. She knows that people
          are getting tired of this stupid Hillary kick because nothing will be

          • tornadohunter

            IF SHE’S SUPPOSE TO KNOW ALL THAT, WELL, i GUESS THE MEANS SHE DOESN’T KNOW SHIT!!! Because we won’t forget and haven’t. How can anyone forget about The Clinton crime family?? No one ever will, and she gets elected, there just may be some kind of internalized war. Not the same as a civil war!! O’bambam is bad enough, The SKANK Clinton gets in, and this whole country is goin’ down in a heartbeat!!!

  • Bill Aubrey

    Poppycock. Please don’t sit back and breathe a sigh of relief yet. this woman, and the democrat party itself, should not be underrated. She will stop at nothing (except the truth) to win, and the republican party has shown they are very capable of losing an election they should have in the bag. Don’t take your eyes off the prize.

    • Maxine Smith

      She kind of reminds me of Lyin’ Ted Cruz.

    • Speaking_The_Hard_Truth

      The Repubs GAVE Clinton 1996 by putting Bob Dole as POTUS instead of Jack Kemp, who could have actually won. But they made Kemp VP choice. 2008, sorry ladies, but when they announced Sarah Palin as VP, I knew it was over before the Campaign even started. Romney in 2012? If he ran a better campaign, and slammed Obama in that critical 2nd debate( I still say he won that 1st debate in a Landslide) about Benghazi, Romney could have unseated Obama. Those Absentee ballots were never counted, as Romney conceded so early, Election Board Polling Centers just packed it all up, and I have MANY sources saying that Romney was ahead 85% or more in most Absentee ballot votes. Romney was not” really wanting that job” in his OWN words after the fact. The Repubs are destroying themselves.

  • papa doug

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Hillary will win because liberals and the majority of women will vote for her. Listen to what college students are saying. They are mobilizing to vote next year and none of them have a clue as to Hillary’s background. She’s a woman and that’s all they need to hear. Their professors lie to them about politics and even campaign for Hillary. Then you have the illegals whom the Democrats are trying to get legalized so they can vote. It’s strange because these people are largely conservative but the Dems have convinced them that they are conservative! The liberals are pulling out all the stops and using every method of voter fraud and corruption they can to win. Congress in both houses is infested with liberals so we can’t count on them for help and our military is completely impotent. Do you need a map?!

    • Amber

      Do you really believe the majority of American women are that stupid? Seriously!

      • tornadohunter

        All I can say is, let’s hope not!!! However, there are just a few out there that can easily be brainwashed!! That’s how the SKANK get’s her votes. Oh, that and LYING !!!

        • Speaking_The_Hard_Truth

          Don’t forget Voter Fraud – the dirty little secret no one wants to tackle – and while BOTH sides know most of the tricks, the DEMS are the masters of this. Gore should have been seriously questioned in 2000 for that “Cigarettes for Votes in Wisconsin” in 2000, and there was accurate footage that somehow got removed. I can’t recall if Gore won that state or not, I would have to look it up, but he cried Foul when he lost Florida by 500-something votes, the SCOTUS names W. the winner in 2000. I am sure W. had some dirty tricks somewhere, just have not ran across the evidence yet.

          • Thomas Moloian

            it’s already been caught and killary won’t with fraud

      • Speaking_The_Hard_Truth

        Okay let me put it this way: there was so much ANGER in the 1990’s someone came up with the Social Moniker: ” Soccer Moms”. The Divorced single Mothers supposedly rejected by the kids’ Fathers, and they were largely in their 30’s and older. Those Fathers were back to dating women in their teens and 20’s. Just write that Soccer Mom her cheque once a month. Believe me, those Soccer Moms let their presence known. Most voted DEM, and pushed the good-looking, younger Bill Clinton in twice. Eerily the same Female vote that pushed JFK over Nixon in 1960. JFK got over 90% of the female vote. Nixon didn’t help himself either, older by a substantial margin, awkward on camera( 1st ever Televised debates in US History), and agreeing with the younger, more savvy JFK.

        But before you think I am digressing too far, answering the Question, “are the majority of American Women stupid:”? the impulse answer is to say “Yes they are” but in fact, the INFORMED American woman is NOT stupid. They just have different things that appeal to them, and yes, looks is one of them. Men use looks, why can’t they? Clinton vs. Bob Dole in 1996. Who do you think the women voted for? You have your answer.

      • Thomas Moloian

        not if they see right through killary

    • MARYANN33

      She is not exactly a woman either.

      • steve crawford

        If she has a split, she is a women.

        • Chris Surfcrab

          I thought all women have a split

      • tornadohunter

        Hey, you stole my post!!! :o)

      • tornadohunter

        I prefer “dog-bitch from hell” myself!

        • MARYANN33

          That is a good one.

    • Mys77

      No….women will not vote for her, nor the military, nor the Christians, nor any masculine men….I actually would like her to try and run and lose very badly in the process…I can’t stand the witch.

      • tornadohunter

        C’mon, don’t be nice!! Use the B work!! THAT’S WHAT SHE IS. On top of being a liar, a criminal and a murderer!!! Oh, and a SKANK !!!

        • Charles Moore

          Hillary did tell the truth once when she gave out our top secret during the debate 4 minutes to push the botton

      • Speaking_The_Hard_Truth

        Unfortunately, she can win, but barely. People do NOT like Trump’s Authoritarian ways, and the ESTABLISHMENT sure is pulling out all the stops: Why? Because Trump can’t be bought is the biggest factor. Math class: Bribing him with a 10 million dollar “donation” is like you reaching in your pocket right now and offering Trump 10 cents. What would Trump or any Pol do for 10 cents? Probably punch you in the face if no one was around to see it. That itself has DC shaking in their boots. Jobs will be up for grabs, the Pols have to compete for the first time. 2nd reason: Trump MIGHT throw people in jail for their corruption. People keep saying that the POTUS can’t do anything, and while MOSTLY true in Legislation, not so in ENFORCEMENT. The Executive Branch of POTUS is Enforcement, and yes, Trump can easily enforce the laws already on the Books. Trump, if he intends to back up his strengthening the USA Borders, would be sending MILLIONS of sure-in-the-back-pocket DEM voters, and let’s call it what it is: these Illegals are noting but Wage-depressers and total Consumers. Nothing more.The DEMS fear TRUMP. 3rd: Trump backs up what he says, most if not all the time. People keep putting him down, calling him racist, bigot, etc., and if he decides to retaliate( to which I most certainly would short of Impeachment), he CAN make life miserable for the wanna-be’s of the USA. Build more prisons, push longer sentences, just eradicate the USA of unproductive human excess that needs culling. Trump is that man. The DEMS would have to go back to the drawing board. The flip side: if the USA goes down, which is more and more frighteningly conceivable, I get to see the look on those Feminazi’s faces when the ISIS thugs repeatedly “initiate” those women in a manner which they are ill-prepared. I won’t save them. I want to watch.

      • Thomas Moloian

        trump will win with landslide

    • Geebub

      When I turned 18, it was an honor to be able to vote. Besides my license I carried my voters card. Now the left says republicans don’t want certain people to vote. B.S. . That they must have a voters card, and show I.D.. Well so what! We’re voting for POTUS. YES! You should show your voters card. And as a citizen of the U.S., be proud to show it ! I don’t see what the big deal is. Dems are lying on this one and should be ashamed of themselves for it. As an Independant, the left is wrong here. The republicans are NOT trying to suppress anyone who is a legal registered voter to vote. Gimme a break.
      It looks like we ‘ve got ourselves in a big ol’ hurry and it’s ruining this great land of ours.

      • Speaking_The_Hard_Truth

        Like I said earlier, the DEMS know ALL the angles. They spend so much time twisting, spinning, bribing, intimidating( you MF racist!) that if they actually FOCUSED on actual Issues they could be a credible Party once again. And the Voter ID cards would be waived, like the Drivers’ License Fees I see in CA for those poor, picked-on Illegal Immigrants! I SAW this with my own eyes, but because I was 15 days late with paying Vehicle Registration, they FINED me and I had to pay. But the family of 12 in front of me did not pay a dime, and that family of 10 behind me in that long arsed lion got a waiver of fees too. Yes I am mad about that.

        • Thomas Moloian

          and you think gop is stupid

    • James F

      Lets be glad most of the left likes bernie more and they are watching her campaign steal it for her. They don’t like her to much for that;)

      • Speaking_The_Hard_Truth

        I posted this on Twitter and other blogs before: Bernie SOLD OUT. They all do. I LOVE telling people” I told you so”. Love it.

    • ashleyhoblin429

      Actually I can say as a college student that our professors are quite informative about the background of Hillary Clinton as well as the rest of the candidates. As a female college student I find your generalization of “women” and “college students” not having a clue about the candidates background. Just because we are young does not mean that we are not interested in becoming well informed citizens and voting for a candidate based on proper experience and policy proposals. I am registered Democrat but do not support Clinton based on her political past. My professors certainly are not campaigning for Hillary, and provide objective information on each candidate.

      • Speaking_The_Hard_Truth

        Many College Proffs are heavily DEM, and hate Trump.

    • Maxine Smith

      Papa Doug you are sadly mistaken. Smart educated women with good morals will not vote for her. Only women that do not value themselves would vote for Killary the BUTCHER of Benghazi among many of her trail of death.

    • tornadohunter

      Not very educated, are you??

    • Speaking_The_Hard_Truth

      They want to be able to brag: ” I voted for the first Black POTUS, then 8 years later voted for the 1st Woman POTUS!”. Nothing more I just read somewhere that Obama got 93% of the Black vote in 2008. Wake Up America: its okay too: People vote COLOR. They just do. I remember Wash D.C. and Marion Barry would come to Council meetings either hopped up on Crack, or drunk, and yes, one time both. He was “removed” once because he could not “continue”. He won by landslides every election he was running in. Why? DC is 88% Black. Do you really think that those Blacks know just ONE Political Issue? If you truly believe that, I have a great deal for some beachfront land in Arizona dirt cheap just for you!

    • Thomas Moloian

      not so fast boy, that’s quickly changing so don’t bet on it, more women are voting for trump now and even her liberals don’t like all the scandals

    • haze+420

      Looks like in the end, the dems had more money, more corruption, the media, the woman vote, the popular vote, and still, the right person won.

  • 10-Nov-1775

    We need ability and experience, NOT sex or race. We already had an affirmative action {reverse discrimination} pres. , how did that work out?

  • Christopher Tabin

    in fact, she should be marked for death the same way those four americans did in Benghazi!

    • MARYANN33

      Benghazi is enough to keep her out.

      • tornadohunter

        Benghazi should have been enough to nail her for a treasonous act!! She’s a lying traitor !!! And a murderer!!!

        • MARYANN33

          She must be jailed. It is the law…Prison for Hillary….She thinks she is teflon…Lets demand to prove her wrong…However I cannot manage to get anyone to remove the POS Obama and that really needs to be done.

  • msskye

    And all of this is bad news?? LOL. I think she needs to run it will help others that should run get elected. If they don’t vote for billery they will vote for someone else.

  • dolphine2u

    You keep believing this and she will get in Obama did and he’s a compulsive liar from the get go. We should be very leery and on our toes.

  • John Keane

    I’ll vote for Hillary!

  • Jim Skiman

    Yea an orange jump suit and out the back of a C130 over the Mid-East, oh and forget the parachute!

  • metheoldsarge

    The election is over eighteen months away. The American voters have short memories. She knows all these things being talked about today will have been forgotten about by this time next year. She knows none of this is going to matter to those who vote Democrat no matter what. She knows none of this is going to matter to the freeloaders who vote for a living. She knows none of this is going to matter to the millions who choose to stay home on election days. She knows the recent Republican Party track record, of shooting themselves in the foot, so there is a good chance they will nominate another dead beat RINO like McCain or Romney. She knows that if another dead beat RINO gets the nomination, her and Bill will move back in the White House in January 2017. She knows that people are getting tired of this stupid Hillary kick because nothing will be done.

    • calhar

      Not me I have a good memory when it comes to corrupt politicians.And bad leaders of which i have had considerable experience.


    Hillary is a big loser…God will choose the next president and it will not be Hillary…We have returned to God and he has heard our prayers…I hope Cruz is his pick.

    • Albert

      have any of you with the negative statements ever considered that you may be wrong, and that going to church is not what Almighty God intended for us; its a relationship not a hate group (most of you should stop take a look in the mirror and see why you are smarter and brighter than the rest). The only true Americans are the Native Indians. The rest of us are kidnapping victims, outcast or criminal related and of course hate every and anything that can’t be perverted or make a financial profit from, and the sad thing most of you don’t know God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit: Eternity without the presence of God covering you is Hell. America is the laughing stock of the world we can tell everyone else how to be but we as a people have lost our humbleness and love for Almighty God if we have the same one I doubt that we do, read the Bible.

      • MARYANN33

        Serving God has little to do with church…Church is man made.

    • tornadohunter006

      That’s not much better than The SKANK Clinton!!

  • daveveselenak

    Here are two of the three reasons why she won’t, you can pick the third! 1) there won’t be a country left by then if this Muslim-Marxist jihadist is not made to vacate the ‘Outhouse’ ASAP. 2) if there still is a semblance of America left by then this demonic psychopath will concoct a way to install Martial Law! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

  • cardmaster1

    Like the poster below, she should be in an Orange jumpsuit!!

  • Mys77

    Only 3 reasons? Please…..ask anyone why she won’t be president……the list will be long…… I will start…. Benghazi…..disappearing e mails…..Clinton foundation money laundering……..please feel free to list reasons why……

  • TG80905

    Ms. Clinton believes she is entitled …. just like Al did in 2000 …… Now she is the architect of ObamaCare which is HillaryCare repackaged …. how do you think they were able to roll out 1200 pages of social engineering disguised as an insurance mandate so quickly?

    She may be married to the first black president but she doesn’t have his way with a saxophone …. and I believe his title may be disputed. She’s out there stirring the pot though.The need to adjust the criminal justice system is obvious but her approach that incarceration should be proportional to the population instead of criminals convicted needs some work. They might start with an analysis of the 100 most violent crime cities …… all of which have a long history of Democrat control. Who would have guessed that a culture of entitlement and victimization would breed crime ridden communities?

    Now it’s going to be tough over coming her “What difference does it make” defense shield. She’s pushing the first female president and we know how our society is about firsts. I wouldn’t put it past her to come out of the closet at some point. It would explain Bill’s dalliances with Monica though.

    It’s going to be interesting to watch …. but if I was a D I’d be looking for someone other than Barry Sanders

    • Jim

      TG, I have been saying for a long time that she is a switch hitter big time, she has that rag head hanging with her all the time and she has had more women than bill. That ugly daughter who takes the UG out of UGLY is not his and he has said he shoots blanks so that leaves Mr . Hubble from the AK days in the law office as the father of that child, check it out

      • bulldogmom

        Yep, and Hillary should be ASKED and QUESTIONED about Chelsea’s parentage. Heck, if one of her opponents had a child that looked like it belonged to a law partner, old HIllary wouldn’t stop until she humiliated that child and the opponent. So it should be put to HER. The B-word from Hell.

  • Rx7pj

    You forgot one thing in your ignorant rant, She’ll get more votes then ANY republican on the ballot. And the republicans have pissed off every portion of the voting public mentioned here, they have NO chance of getting the black vote or the womens or the younger voters.

  • Dan Flannery

    Let’s be real, Democrats don’t care what baggage she carries and she has the Media on her side.

  • shirley

    electoral votes get them elected not the people vote an I think that is wrong it should be the count of the US citizen vote

  • June Lewandowski


    • tornadohunter

      Hell, I can’t stand looking at the SKANK for 4 minutes!!!

  • Jack Shepard

    Jack Shepard 4 Peace 8 hours ago

    #Snowden #Hillary crazy to think emails were secure, an ordinary #State #Department, #CIA worker would be prosecuted.

    Latest Poll shows #Hillary losing ground noticeably, but #Democrats weren’t overly enthusiastic about #Biden either


    Jack Shepard 4 Peace retweeted Fox News

    #Polls #Hiliary is not Honest nor Trustworthy Her vas lead shrunken.Full-scale Democratic freak out shes uninspiring

    POOR #Democrats #FBI A-team investigating #Hillary violation the Espionage Act Democrats have no bench of candidates

    End of Story end of Hillary Clinton but a Republican President will destroy Obama’s Legavy the 1st Black President that is not good!!!!!!!!!!!


    1 favorite

  • AmericanIndependent121

    If Hillary was forced to take a lie detector test, I bet she’d break the machine just based off of her responses alone. Why elect someone who is so untrustworthy that you can’t tell when they are telling fact from fiction? Why elect someone who has changed positions on so many issues so frequently that she actually makes current Secretary of State, and fellow flip-flopper John Kerry almost look like a better candidate? Why elect someone that doesn’t have an accomplishment to her name (not if you count flying on an airplane as an accomplishment)? Why elect someone who says that she is a “progressive” candidate despite being a huge advocate for big business and Wall Street? Why vote for someone who once touted her own “health care system” in the 90s, only to have that proposal tank so badly that it actually ended up being rejected by both Democrats AND Republicans?

    Why vote for someone that likes to fool voters by saying that she can relate to the “common man” despite making millions off paid speeches and illegal contributions through the “Clinton Foundation?” Why vote for someone that can’t even handle a measly e-mail server? If she can’t handle something like this, if elected POTUS, just imagine how she would react to a national or global crisis. We already got a taste of her fine “leadership” during her time as our nation’s Secretary of State and paid the price for it.

    Lastly, why vote for someone that doesn’t know the first thing about respecting women, especially after her husband, former President Bill Clinton, had two affairs behind her back (Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky), yet did nothing about it? Instead of doing the right thing by divorcing him like she should have, Hillary chose to stay married to him for the power and the money. With that being said, it is easy to see why all of these things accurately represent what the REAL Hillary Clinton really believes and stands for. She is a farce of a “politician” that is only using her campaign to help better her own self-interests.

  • FAITH47


  • Ford4ever

    The article is dead wrong in suggesting that a female secretary of state implies America is comfortable with a female president. The Commander in Chief of the armed forces and symbol of America to the world is envisioned as a man with nice hair, good teeth and a well fitted suit. Therefore, a frumpy, pantsuit-wearing geriatric woman simply goes against the grain. If it’s Trump versus Hillary, as unlikely as it may seem, President Trump will take office next January.

    • bulldogmom

      Trump would prove to be just fine. He’s whip smart, knows how to operate corporations, has a great heart, and will slowly and surely gain the respect of other world leaders. Trump has a remarkable family that will bring our nation pride. Don’t count him out, vote for him. #NeverHillary.

  • tornadohunter

    Yup and Yup !!! She’s a liar, a criminal and a traitor!!! Oh, and a SKANK !!!!

  • Chris Surfcrab

    Everybody’s predicting she will be. That’s why I know she won’t be nobody’s been right about anything in this race for the presidency. And if God forbid by some slim chance she there will be riots and rest assured delegates are taking that into account as we speak. No one wants to stay stagnant the way we have been from Bush to Clinton to Obama there’s got to be more than two families that can occupy the White House it’s becoming incestuous. How childish are we that we would really want more government babysitting us everyday. I Got One Life to Live and nobody tells me what I gotta do.

    • bulldogmom

      Best post of the year, Chris. I agree with it all, and I’m for either Trump or Bernie, and I will NOT EVER vote for Hillary. Thanks for the word “incestuous.” Why, why are these two families the only ones in the WH?

      • Chris Surfcrab

        Thanks for the kind words.. Is your son a Devil Dog? I was in for 4 years.. Anyway Back to frog face Hillary.. Imagine thinking “ok” someone is president for 8 years.. and then saying to yourself “welp” that must mean their spouse would be great at it too.. I mean really ???

        • bulldogmom

          Right…and it’s like saying Mamie Eisenhower was more qualified to be president than John F. Kennedy, because she had been First Lady and he had only been a Congressman and Senator!

          • Chris Surfcrab

            Exactly… Her followers are zombies right out of Jonestown.. Creepy to say the least… I just know on some little evil island somewhere.. there is a switch that controls the minds of her disciples and.. They cannot override it… There’s no de-program button

  • S. Adams

    Hillary is a murderer, Bengazi, just like the rest of them. A blatant liar and thief. She was fired from one of her first jobs because she couldn’t stop lying. A deconstructionist that should be tried for treason as an enemy of the Constitution. There is only ONE reason to be against the second amendment. So no one can fight back. What these elitists seem to forget is that they owe EVERYTHING they have to armed citizens. Or maybe they haven’t. They want to make sure they keep it and control us.

    • tornadohunter

      You forgot slime sucking SKANK from hell!!!

  • mannasage

    What has she done but cost lives everywhere she goes. The Secret Service hate her with a passion.
    This feeling of entitlement might work in jolly England, but never here in the USA!

  • Peachs

    She should be in prison stripping the crust off of white bread waiting for Sheppard’s Pie in a HIGH Security prison with the highlights of her week: A trip once a month to the commissary LMAO

    • tornadohunter

      NO No no, she should be in a prison sucking out septic tanks!! Myself, I’d rather see her giving a colonoscopy to a cow using her tongue!!!

  • jimbo

    “Hillary has to convince the American people to like her, and she just isn’t that likable.”

    An understatement, but some people vote ‘D’ no matter the circumstance. Not that it matters, because the (s)elections are all rigged: as long as the NWO is confident that they can fix the selection in this criminal’s favor among their other staged puppet candidates, consider it a done deal. As for being too old, Ronald Reagan didn’t seem to have that problem.

  • Bell Ana

    It’s funny because now stupid men are voting for Trump which by the way will lose to Clinton. Lol.

    • tornadohunter

      Really?? You’re either trying to be funny or you’re an idiot!! I’ll go for the IDIOT!!!

  • Bell Ana

    Men Vs Women and minorities I wonder who will win.

  • Bell Ana

    Whoever wrote this article is the biggest IDIOT.

  • The Sea hag will be derailed by her greedy Criminal Clinton Foundation!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyler Van Noord

    i came here to relieve myself with people telling me what i want to hear. #berniesanders2016

  • steve0

    Sadly she probably will win. And sadly women will have to hear “we told you a woman couldn’t do it”. Shortly after.

    If you wanted to prove women were just as strong as men you wouldn’t pick a 5’5 , 75lbs girl to help you make your point would you? Same reason you don’t pick Hillary!

    If females want to show the world they can do it I recommend waiting for someone else down the road that can do the job. Don’t blow your first impression. Look at what damage Obama did for black voters. Shesh.

  • The Sea Hag is a criminal, with no accomplishments, and is hated by most!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gary Epstein

    She has the nomination we are told, but that says the next President will be the unthinkable Trump. Bernie should have been the nominee.

  • strato man

    Hillary Rodem grew up with a silver spoon? Hillary grew up in a working class family, you can’t just make stuff up when attempting a compelling argument. There may be issues with the Clintons but neither grew up privileged.

  • Get it right

    Putting inane comemts aside if she gets in the White House, we are all in deep trouble. So what are you going to do about it? I’m going change parties and vote republican. Just this once! It’s going to hurt, Save our country!

  • JohnsonWeld2016
  • AmericanIndependent121

    Hillary won’t win because she’s a corrupt, cackling and hacking old warmonger that relies on a decades old political playbook. The 90s are over. It’s time to move on.

  • Sirenbliss

    More slavery for everyone … that’s what happens when big money takes over politics and people actually VOTED for her. UGH.

  • tigerlily0616

    I have to find cons of Hillary Clinton for my debate class, and I can’t really find anything to back me up. This site helped a lot, but I still need some more points. Can anybody help me?

  • Alexis B’s upper lip

    LOL. These are three “reasons” Trumpanzees think she SHOULDN’T be president. I love the lack of logic and reason though, way to stay true to your dumb white trash good ol boys club. Duurrrrrr. We’re comin for ya when she’s elected. And she will be elected. Be ready hicks, you WILL comply.

  • dav345

    The problem that Trump or any Republican has is that the Democrats have somehow built up a firewall of states that is absolutely impenetrable by Republicans. This includes states like Pennsylvania, which is still called a swing state even though everyone knows it will go blue in the end. The Republican firewall has many fewer electoral votes, such that they have to win almost all of the actual swing states to barely get over 270 electoral votes. That doesn’t make it impossible for Republicans, but it makes it very unlikely. I honestly believe that it’s possible a Republican will never be elected President again, because I can see more and more of the swing states becoming hard blue like PA has. Before you start flaming me, let me tell you that I have voted straight Republican in every election since I could vote. I’m not the enemy, but I’m just pointing out a very real fact.

    • C. D. Carney

      You were saying?

  • truth tellsall

    All the candidates are sad. America is sad.

  • Tiger

    I believe the emails showing the DNC rigged and the downfall of Debbie, even though Hillary picked her up again pronto to work on the convention, along with more emails today and more to come will sour her voting appeal. She is old, worn out and sometimes all the bodywork in the world and shiny paint can’t restore something that is dead.

  • aparna

    I just knew, when the author quoted Breitbart, that this was pro-Trump and anti-Hillary….not based on facts but utter fiction.

    • Chris Surfcrab

      yes hillary is a regular bastion of innocence. . and I bet she absolutely had no idea that that debbie wasserman schultz was doing what she did to Bernie. . have yourself another glass of red kool aid

  • Dean Charron

    If Americans elect this lying bag of pus, we will get everything we deserve!

    • ClarkKent

      so true…. unfortunately.

  • Liz

    Want another reason…The recent spin with the Muslim parents of a soldier that got killed in Iraq.What the DNC failed to point out that Hillary’s mishandling of sensitive emails relating to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan may have inadvertently cause the death of their son so the Khan’s should be blaming Hillary Clinton if truth really be told not crucifying Trump because of his uncontrollable spats. I’m not one to give into conspiracy theories in the least but think about, The Clinton foundation accepted tens of thousands of dollars in donations from Muslim countries. I believe that the Clintons and other prominent politicians are in league with many oil producing Muslim countries to get Sharia Law implemented in this country….I’m just saying….

    • Chris Surfcrab

      I know.. it’s so funny on one side of the coin she calls one of the mothers of the soldiers killed in Benghazi a liar.. and you sure didn’t see any of them mothers on stage at the DNC. But leave it to the Democrats to find the one in a million story that has the Muslim father being able to prove Donald Trump wrong ( which is basically the same odds as a seatbelt killing someone because they drove their car into a lake and couldn’t get it open ) and one other thing I almost hate saying ..but an ex service man I feel like I could get away with it… yes it’s sad that their son died ..but the world has to stop pretending that every single person that serves in the armed forces is angelic and a martyr for all that is wonderful in the world. .

  • autrypma

    Name a fifth!!. She is a traitor to the US. She put all American’s in Harm’s Way with her 30,000+ emails. Russia, China and especial Iran have all read her e-mails, the American Citizens did not have that privilege. She is totally untrustworthy, she is unlikeable, she is also ill…and trying to hide it.
    We cannot have an ill, possibly mix-ed up brain for a President. It is more than enough that Obama has used his mixed-up brain to about ruin this country. We need a man/woman with brains, common sense, AND LOYALTY TO THE U.S. Also, Hillary and Bill have conned the American Public with their foundation and ties to the enemies of the us…long time enough.

  • Thomas Moloian

    a vote for killary is a vote for death to america

  • Chris Surfcrab

    The only reason Hillary is out front is Americans are punishing themselves for being American. ..

  • Kimberly H.

    Hillary will lose because the World is turning Right-Wing. Europe and Australia have decided theyve had enough of Progressive agenda’s. Britain chose Brexit, France will elect Marine Le Pen, Germany and Austria’s Right Wing parties are the strongest they’ve been since WWII, and Sweden is forcibly deporting hundreds of thousands of immigrants. And what happens in Europe ALWAYS echoes across the Atlantic.

  • Angl0sax0nknight .

    Doesn’t matter if she steals the election she will never be a legitimate president. She is a traitor ( missile secret to china/ made 35 million on a Russian deal to buy up 20% of US/Can uranium suppiles) she has sold out this country countless times! She is hated by the military police even those that are paid to protect her. I see a revolution in this country if she is elected!

  • Kim

    The number one reason is that she is the face of corruption–her gender, her age have nothing to do with it. Pure blatant corruption, however, does! Some folks still have a moral compass in this country.

  • howlin_wolf

    And yet here she is on Oct 6, about to win the election…

    • Don


  • C. D. Carney

    AND YOU WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG! Congratulations! Every single thing you said was 100% the truth and SHE STILL LOST! She could have listened to her detractors and done something! Anything! Pick a black running mate, adopt a black kid, better yet adopt a gay trans black kid, but she didn’t do any of those! Instead she was coddled all the way to the finish line that just before they realized she couldn’t cross no matter the ballot stuffing- they canceled her fire works. Now, we get to say she lost but what has she lost? She’s still worth 200 million and probably a bit more after the election is said and done and if she’s very lucky and keeps her head down and where it belongs she can get that interest to work for her and she can eat $300 Wagyu Kobe beef filet for the rest of her life. And Chelsea’s life. And… Chelsea’s kid’s life. 200 million wasn’t enough out of 30 years of public life? Some people…

  • thomas

    killary is worst most corrupt crooked evil bitch on earth