5 things Obama did right

Supporters of conservative, free-market policies are rejoicing with President Obama‘s presidency in its final days, and justifiably so.

By the end of 2017, Obama’s policies will have nearly doubled the national debt, from about $10 trillion in 2009 to around $20 trillion. More people are dependent on government today than they have been in at least the past two decades, with average annual food stamp enrollment rising by nearly 16 million compared to 2008 and Medicaid rolls exploding across the country. Despite Obama’s rhetoric about 80-plus months of consecutive job growth and the number of jobs added since January 2008, employment growth has failed to match population growth, which means the economy hasn’t really grown at all in nine years (relative to the size of the population).

Add to this the failures of Obamacare, rampant executive overreach, massive federal land grabs, a nation that’s more divided than ever (despite Obama’s pledge to “unify”), the various problems in the Middle East, and thousands of other issues, and you have a presidency that can, at the very least, be objectively considered a significant disappointment.

I’d argue it’s been a disaster.

But, despite all the problems, there are several aspects of the Obama administration that deserve praise from people across the political spectrum, including constitutional conservatives.

1. He always presented himself as calm, cool and collected.

A president’s demeanor matters, and few presidents in recent memory have appeared as cool and collected as Obama, even in the worst of situations.


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source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/5-things-obama-did-right-from-a-conservative-perspective/article/2610708

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