Alt-Left Leader Vows to “Crush Skulls” With With Bat

A self-proclaimed Alt-Left “leader” has vowed to use a baseball bat embedded with nails to “crush skulls” during a “Patriot Prayer” peace rally set to take place in San Francisco this weekend.

The Twitter user, who goes by the handle @ibPrinceJordan, tweeted, “The Patriot Prayer rally is a nazi white supremacist event. I’ll be their to crush some nazi skulls.”

He repeated the threat in a series of other tweets that have now been deleted.

“Can’t wait! Going to bring this nailed bat for some nazi pounding,” read one.

The user is located in San Francisco, which is where the event will take place at Crissy Field on Saturday, suggesting he does indeed plan to attend the march.

His Twitter bio reads, “Alt-Left resistance leader. iraq war survivor. cute communist & catholic.”

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  • ShooterTutor

    Gee, that would make it premeditated. What a dumbass. Goes with the territory though.

    • The Redman

      Yep. hater white-folks “territory”, huh. boo-er. hahahahahhahhahah

      • ShooterTutor

        That makes no sense. Do you use English as your first language?

        But if I catch the gist, if it comes down to a civil war you’ll lose . Don’t mistake tolerance for weakness. Use that information any way you wish. It means nothing to me but everything to you.

        • The Redman

          Don’t B lax in yo stupidity, pinkie. white-folks love 2 B killed. hahhahhahahaahahahha. else Y do yall rape ya own brats, and shoot ya own pink, greasy heads. hahahahahahahhah. boo-ter

  • Kenj

    Fascism, communism either one, take your pick. Do what they say or else – freedom. Hippocrates in action.

    • The Redman

      Remind ya of how white-folks ruined america, huh. licker. hahahahhahaahahah

      • Leprekhan

        You’re right. We should’ve sent you all back to Africa.

        • The Redman

          U’re from “Africa” as well, snake-moth, but, U were from under a elephant turd. hhahahahahahahahahaha

        • Along came Jones

          Leprekhan you touched a nerve when you said, “We should’ve sent you all back to Africa.” to The Little Pink Weeny. He likes his new nickname. I don’t know if he is L, G, B, T, or Q but he is definitely S for short and stupid. hahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahah

          • The Redman

            There were 2 inbreeds smoking meth, and den “along came the jones vil

          • Along came Jones

            Well thar Pilgrim Pinky Weeny that thar sentence proved mah point! hahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahhahaahahah

      • Kenj

        White folks never ruined America dick nuts. Only old maids talk like that. We can find a great solution, it just takes NORMAL people with an ounce of common sense to fix it and fix it the right way, and not the way Hitlery would. Why do you racists always scream “racist” all the time? This neo nazi hating neo nazi talks a big talk. If heshit does something and gets caught, I say “good”, we need less like him and more people that want to do some work. Cry baby McConnell saying “he expects too much” or any America selling turn coat like the dems taking an oath to “just say no”, while they don’t do what they said they would back in 2006 with the fence. I bet you look up to see what I’m talking about because you spent too much time in the basement and less time at work (that is if you do). No, you probably wont, that’s the reason you think the way you do. If you look at what other countries have, and see what we have you may see a slight difference from those other countries. If progress is another name for ruin, then you may be right, but I still disagree. It’s the reasoning you use that makes problems in this country when it comes to race. It’s A-holes like you that take great pleasure in starting fights but you’re never there to help (cowards). Even the American Indian had problems way before your “white folks” ever got here, but again, you wont look that up either because you’re witless. I won’t shed a tear when society steps on your hahaha neck. Get with the times my brother-in-law makes more from his check being an Oneida Indian than most folks and he buys brand new cars all the time. Sure beats a wig wam and horse!

        • The Redman

          Unlike yo “bro.” in-law”, U’re a loser. haaaahhahahahaahah. stupid inbred

    • jojowa

      Fascism,communist, -whatever you want to call them. What they really are is the black branch of the KKK. They are,just haters. And as they are paid to show up pull their crap, that makes them mercenaries. Which are,paid assasines. Like the Hessian were. That is illegal in this country.

      • The Redman

        Yo mama was ill-legal when she had U, she was a tramp.

  • The Redman

    Hater white-folks brought America 2 did point. hahahahahahhahahahahha

  • tenther1

    Tell him to at least remember to use “there” in this context. There is no moral equivalence between hate speech (which is protected by the 1st Amendment, by the way) and those who choose to use violence to shut up its practitioners.

  • Raymond Levy

    you alt left assholes will all be slaughtered, you are messing with people that have military experience, and we will use that experience , I for one will, and others are real gun people who shoot all of the time and are vary proficient with firearms, like I said you left wing Fascist , will all be slaughtered , that’s if you don’t run away after the first shot assholes………………….

  • christopher kelly police ret.

    IGNORANCE IS BLISS TURNED TO HATE. FIND GOD and dump the crooked pope.

    • The Redman

      white-folks, huh

  • Robert

    If this idiot is not a NAZI why is he acting like a NAZI brown shirt thug?

    • The Redman

      Its called; his whites. hahahhhahahhahahahahaha. U use yours don’t U. hahahahhaahhahahaahha.

  • jdbixii

    Then the police need to show up, armed to the teeth!