An Extremely Disturbing Trend in America’s Public Schools

In an environment where public officials are supposed to educate and safeguard young children, it appears that more teachers are showing a dereliction of duty and actually preying on their students.

There’s already a long list of teachers who have committed capital offenses against juveniles. And that list is getting longer every week.

A recent story reveals that two teachers had a threesome with one of their 16-year-old students. It’s enough to ask yourself, “What kind of world do we live in??”

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  • Doc

    Where were these teachers when I was in school?

    • Dave

      Learning to be progressive indoctrinated teachers who are more loyal to their unions than they are to their profession.

      • Phil

        Worst thing that happened to education in the US was the tax payers letting the Teachers Union getting out of hand.

        • Dave


    • Ellen

      Doc, NOT funny. I know you just want to be funny or say a smart thing but I am sure your parents would have been outraged if it had happened to you at that age. Hope those 2 teachers will be given the max jail time and barred from teaching forever or even working with children under 18. And they should be branded child molesters.

      • Doc

        It was the 60’s what can I say. :p

        • Ellen


        • Phil

          And we both know what female teachers looked like in the 60s, right Doc?! LOL

          • Doc

            I did have one substitute art teacher that caused me to have to hold my books in front of me when I got up after class. :p

      • Sue4477

        Because that’s exactly what they are. Permanent loss of teaching credentials, required to register where they live as child molesters, plenty of jail time, and NO exposure to children under 18 yrs. Good idea, DDofAL

  • A Christian

    Just a reminder that Men are not the only sexual predators. Sad, SO sad!!!

    • sandyinindy

      You are correct, however THAT is what is taught in school. #1) Sex Ed: an illustrated guide to be a pervert is taught as early as the 1st grade. #2) ONE out of 4 girls are raped!!?? This is taught in school! And one would not believe what is deemed to be rape. #3) Parents let their daughters dress like sluts: STOP THAT!! I was not allowed to drive off the cliff because my friends did! My mom grounded me!! #4) Kids are taught it takes a village, not their parents. As a result, kids can not trust any Adult: Pastors, teachers, coaches, relatives and who all else, can have sex with your sons and daughters…I guess that’s why it there is “hands-on” training from grade 1 – 12.
      Tell your governor to bring schools home and forget about busing!!

  • Bill Meeker

    We have turned over the education of our kids to the feds and teachers have the protection of unions. “Do the math.” It’s a terrible system when Republicans are running the government and worse when the Democrats are in control. Look, if you don’t want your kids taught that Allah is the only God, Christianity is bad, and that we live in an evil country that deserves the wrath of terrorists killing fellow Americans, then get your kid out of public school.

    • Scarlett

      I did and it was the best thing I ever did.

      • sandyinindy

        That’s GREAT!! Did you know none our of elitists Servants send their kids to these retched schools??!!!

        • Scarlett

          They know what cesspools they are.I could really tell you things that happened in there.From crazy parents questioning my child with no one’s permission and without my knowledge,the rap music being taught(I removed mine from this) , the hateful teachers,they can’t seem to teach with three of them in a homeroom.I taught mine myself,and they have very good jobs now.We had so much fun together.I don’t know why anyone would send the most precious thing in their life in there.Their children should be more important than money, jobs,cars, or vacations.

          • sandyinindy

            Yes, our tax-paid servants know exactly what’s up in the schools they wont send their kids. My sister and my next door neighbor both home-schooled and it is hard: Kudos to You!! But as you mentioned, Our Kids are worth it!!

          • Scarlett

            Yes, they are so worth whatever it takes.I had a family who schooled their four children next door.The mom was so smart.Her oldest two have graduated a Christian college,with honors.Another is now on the west coast(he is 19) in training to be a pilot.(missions aviation) The youngest is studying, I believe, to be a photographer like her mom.She is still at home.I was fortunate they were there, but I really didn’t think it was so hard.I loved it.Mine graduated homeschool and got a GED, passed the first time.They passed all the entry exams at work, and with 100 per cent in math.They make very good money because they started working in the business very young.People in the company can’t believe how long they have been there.I told my best friend, who had one child in the same school I pulled mine out of.She wanted me to school hers, but my homeschool insurance(good to have) did not allow this.Now they call her a racist and have very low paying jobs.They go to college for years and years.Mine already make the money her kids want, by working their way up.You can do it if you work for it.

          • sandyinindy

            Most Home-Schooled kids are smarter and test better than a public school kid. My neighbor, along with 10-12 other female church members took part in the schooling part where they were be at a different home each week and there was anywhere from 35 – 50 kids. Her oldest is head-ballerina here at Indianapolis Ballet and her 2nd girl works at NASA…before Ovomit changed their mission from space to Building Billboards for How Great Islam is and everything they “gifted” to the world…bleh!!

          • Scarlett

            Wow! What accomplished young women! If parents can do this for their children, why are we paying for these nasty schools, I wonder? I am so glad to hear about what other homeschoolers are doing,it seems like all I hear are great things. Hopefully, when we get rid of ovomit , they can get back to the important work they were doing at NASA. We must always know and remember what can happen if we are not vigilant and guard what we are and what we have.I hope and pray we can overcome and turn things around.It worries me as I’m sure it does many people,especially when I see foreigners stuffing ballot boxes and no one doing anything about it.Its like having no laws.

          • Carol Benson

            My niece-who has her MA in Business & worked as a bank examiner for years, then quit to homeschool her two sons. They studied foreign languages-calculus & both are respectful & well rounded w/male & female friends. The elder one just started college (private, Christian). Both boys have positive values & morals. (Oops! Shouldn’t have used the “m” word. Sorry to all you socialists, atheists, & humanists. My bad,)

          • Carol Benson

            Sorry, Ken! Sentence fragment!

          • Carol Benson

            Americans are voting with their feet.

      • Carol Benson

        Not even Obama & Co.

    • Steve Donner

      Seriously?! Allah is the only God? You just say stuff without knowing anything. Don’t you?

      • momsense1

        This is part of the government orchestrated Social Studies takeover of the professional elites many of whom haven’t read a text book in years.

      • phxgeo

        Check it out, this is exactly what is in a text book used in a Massachusetts school system. The leaders of the system defended as the right thing to teach. If the Parents are concerned and interested in the future of their kids YANK them out of the public indoctrination mind altering schools ASAP!

        • Scarlett

          It can be so much fun to teach them at home yourself! You can get the books, or they can school online.It doesn’t take near as long everyday as ps, and you can school mornings , afternoon, or anytime and any months you want.There are even churches that do homeschooling you can get into .Why would anyone send them into those places? They’re awful!

      • William

        Allah is certainly not the True God of Love, Truth and Life, is he. Allah is not God, and God is not allah.

        • John 3:16

          William, you are correct! allah is not God, it is a black rock that an uneducated man over 700 years ago kept it as his god after be killed thousands of people and destroyed all their idols except this one black rock that was the idol of his village. It is believed that this rock fell from the moon, that is why all their building have a crescent moon over them. The moon is their man god and the sun is their girl god. You know, the sad thing is that all these people that believe in allah will not make it to Heaven, no matter what they do to receive a make believe honor. They will only go to Hell unless they repent and accept Jesus as their Savior, then God will (maybe) allow them in Heaven. Pray for everyone as the real God sent His Son because he loved all the world.

          • William

            Amen to that, John. People have to resist Islam just as they resist satan, as Islam is satan’s ideology.

      • sandyinindy

        My next door neighbor yanked her kids out of Public School the very day the Bulletin Board at the front door had:

        • Scarlett

          Praise the good Lord for that.They have been brainwashing the children, though, for years.Your children are not safe there,either, I can assure you of that.

          • Carol Benson

            Here’s a question no one ever asks: what happens in Muslim heaven when a guy has banged his 72nd (77th?) virgin? Does he say, ” That was great! Now what?”

      • conservative since 1962

        S. D.
        Read Bill Meeker’s post again and try not to take small bits of totally out of context.
        He said that some people want to teach “Allah is the only God.” in the public schools, not that he believed that lie himself.

      • Sue4477

        He didn’t say that at all. You are confused. Read it again.

      • Carol Benson

        Muslims believe & chant that Allah is the only, one true God.

    • William

      Yes, it is the communist directory coming from Obama’s Dept of Education and the NEA that is damaging and corrupting our public schools. If the Republicans ever get control of the Congress and the White House again, they should disband this useless, dangerous department as well as the IRS, and curtail the EPA. Otherwise, under liberals and democrats they will use these agencies to completely destroy America as we have heretofore known it.

      • Mark

        If the lazy Conservative’s and Christians will get off Thier butts and vote for ther believe’s and convection’s, then things may change. Hope and dreams will not change anything.


    • sandyinindy

      THANK YOU!! How long is this going to happen before PARENTS yell: ENOUGH!!

    • DAY8293A

      Vote out all the dummy rat turds, get rid of the EPA, Dept of Education, and Dept of energy, and save the country….

    • patriot 86

      Home school all the way folks .

  • Ellen

    My word. How depraved are these teachers. That comes about when no morals are being observed or taught at home or in schools any more. And society itself just turns a blind eye on minor infractions that needs to have been curved. When the emphasis in in “freedom” to do anything one wants and for permissiveness, these little things add up to making a person feel that anything goes. Also the emphasis on the attitude of being “politically correct” all the time, contributes to crimes and delinquency. That America nor the American way does not matter. That we have to give in to outside influences to be “politically correct”. Being politically correct is cowardice. We have to stand up for our country and our way of life.

  • DDofAL


  • Mys77

    Just wondering what the colleges could and should do when issuing a diploma to a teacher. Perhaps a character, personality and mental evaluation? It seems to me these women and men showed signs that they were predators, not educators!

    • Phil

      Most so called ‘educators’ are no more qualified to be in the profession than any of us are qualified to be Astronauts.A large percentage of them get an education degree simply because their initial field of choice entering college turns out to be too challenging (cut too much into their party time probably), and choose the easiest career field to obtain a degree in,education. Being a good educator has little to do with a degree. It has to do with your ability to spur the imaginations and interests of those you teach. That does bring up the question of what the two female teachers were teaching though? Sex education?

  • defiant1

    Part of how liberal politics and philosophy deteriorates and leads to the cultural rot of our society. This situation is a prime example when teachers become sexually involved with their students, male or female does not matter, rather than being educators.

  • burnt press

    And that boy was the envy of all the rest of the football team and non atheletic (sp) male students in the school. I know it was a wrong thing for the teachers to do.

  • Finder1009

    A Disturbing trend in America’s public schools is that Teachers are no longer required to teach Facts of history. simple Math, nor how to read the english language.

    • robert

      we the people,who are the real government.all part of ovomits/satans agenda21{new world order}common core they don,t teach anything but how to pass a test.common core and pre-k which mayor diblasio pushed for,so they can indoctrainate young children into becoming good little goose stepping brown shirts.diblasio marched in a muslum parade2 yrs ago,but you won,t see it in any of the treasonous bought and paid for lame stream medias.its in the red state web site 2 yrs ago.add the cair group which is a frt for the muslum brotherhood terrorists,and la razz group.ovomit has muslums in key positions in his treasonous adminstration.and even janet napalitano put a muslum brotherhood terrorists in homeland security his name is elibearry,and when rep louis gohmert questioned janet on it,she gave her usually ovomit answer to not answer any questions.add open borders to allow illegal{means against the law}aliens/drug cartels/muslum terrorists to come into our country unoppessed.there are muslum training camps in maine/texas/dearborn mich/upstate ny near hancock.add the politicans who do nothing to oppose ovomit.either there scared/blackmailed or are in on it.islam is an idealogy not a religion all non muslums the unbelievers or the infidels are to be ambushed and the book the muslum mafia.home school your children,take them out of public school,and either put them in a charter or catholic school.fight these muslums at every level.they are great at deception/lying and they hate everything which isn,t a muslum.look what these animals are doing in britiain and australia.add the british royalty/bilderberrys/soros/the dark money out for tpp the trans atlantic pact and fight it.also fight the un which has no power over we the people,but ovomit and the un are trying to destroy the constitituion and we the people.stay alerted/focused/prepared.god bless all legal american veterans/citizens.

  • Robert Pekarik

    What kind of world do we live in? In the United States a far left/progressive/immoral/atheistic anything goes as long as it’s all about me world. Our tax money pays these teachers. They continually ask for more in league with the socialist unions and want to propagandize our children with the communist/marxist teaching points. No one stops them because the liberal and elitist politicians care only for one thing – to remain in power.

  • Carolkitfox

    I think all convicted of molesting a child should have a big red C on their forehead so everyone knows who they are and can keep their kids far away from them. Had one in FL who got probation because she was too good looking to go to jail, looked like a barbie doll. Man or woman they should get jail time.

  • sandyinindy

    MOSTLY, Vote Conservative, please!!

    • Scarlett


  • Buckindaburg

    This is a method of slowly turning the children to a particular mindset. The Communist manifesto was a blue print telling of how a new social order should be accomplished. It is not necessary to wage physical war, merely convince young minds of a desired objective. Those children will one day grow to be in charge of the society in which they live. The objectives of communism is not new, it has been around for over a century. But I reiterate, miracles do not occur in clusters. Daniel Webster coined that phrase and went on to say that it took 6,000 years of civilization to create the miracle of the United States and the Republic for which it stands. If we lose it, the world will surely fall into anarchy.

  • pmbalele

    An Extremely Disturbing Trend in America’s Public Schools for teachers to prey on their students. I think such behavior is copied from TPs and Repubs. Just imagine if these teachers read about Gov. Sanford and Newt Gingrich or Herman Cain. These show how adults abuse their power –preying to those they think are inferior to them. That is where these teachers are getting ideas from. TPs and Repubs are dangerous to this country. Please do not vote for any TPs or Repubs on November 4.

    • bob arnold

      yes vote for the democrats who are destroying this country and where do you think these liberals teachers come from, it definitely not from the far as Cain that was entirely a set up from the democrat party to make sure al the black people toe the line and not listen to a conservative republican

      • pmbalele

        Did you not know TPs and Repubs are dangerous to this country? Tell me what economic policies they developed since 2009. Nothing other than fighting among themselves who should lead. In alternative they try to find fault with President Obama for being a racial minority. These people are dangerous. Do not vote for them next week.

        • IFGA

          You have a promising career in the entertainment field as a contortionist. I can see you now, center stage, bathed in a bright spot of light, both feet placed firmly in your big mouth and you head firmly encased in your anal cavity.

          • pmbalele

            TPs and Repubs have been wasting time in Congress and Senate. Please do me a favor -don’t vote for them next week.

    • burnt press


      I can see from your attitude that you want me to vote against our scared constitution. Sorry, I am not a birther nor am I against Obama, but I am against voting for someone who cannot even prove he is a citizen of the USA. Any that vote for someone who refuses to prove he is a natural born citizen, as required by out constitution. Is guilty of treason or being a traitor. The Democrats ran someone who is not eligible so i cannot vote for any of them. they are all guilty.

      • pmbalele

        Did you read my posting lately? I know President Obama’s father is African -Kenyan. I also know his mother is Irish-American. Obama’s mother and her African husband lived in Hawaii where Obama was born. Got it now Mr.

        • burnt press

          Read the rules before you open your mouth… Obama’s mother was not old enough to convey citizenship to this offspring.. A child follows his father no matter where he was born.. Obama’s father was not a citizen of the USA. making him not eligible for the presidency.. read your constitution. Does not matter one whit where young Obama was born unless he being born in Kenya would make him a non citizen of the USA…Wow the dems nominated a non citizen to run for president.. wonder what crime that is??

          • pmbalele

            What-Obama’s mother was not old enough to convey citizenship to
            this offspring? She was 21 year old and they were living in Hawaii when Obama was born. She was therefore an adult. Now you morons want Ted Cruz to be GOP nominee when he was born in Canada to a Cuban father and American mother. Is that stupid to argue Obama could not be an American citizen when his mother was American bearing Obama in Hawaii although his father was African? What is wrong with you people? Are you that dumb -or callous not to want understand the facts. Wake Oldie!

          • burnt press

            You said it.. His father was African.. thus he is not eligible to be president. period.. read your constitution. You must be feeling guilty calling names and such. I would feel guilty if I was in your shoes.

          • pmbalele

            Where in the Constitution says African-Americans are barred from being in the WH as presidents? I never called people names. I only see Repubs and TPs as dumb.

  • ABBAsFernando

    In an era when Christian morals are denigrated and slandered what can you expect? Communist agents using the goals of the American communist party:

    Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35

    January 10, 1963

    Current Communist Goals



    Thursday, January 10, 1963

    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them
    “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting
    pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures,
    radio, and TV.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal,
    natural, healthy.”

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with
    “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for
    intellectual maturity which does not need a “religious crutch.”

    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the
    schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation
    of church and state.”

    29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate,
    old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to
    cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

    30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as
    selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”

    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the
    teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor
    part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history
    since the Communists took over.

    Today’s American Public Schools are all agents of Child Abuse.

  • jfox

    A lot of valid points made here. And as a former teacher forced to retire early after having his neck broken by bottle thrown by a student, I am not here to defend the public school system. Also recommend the harshest punishment for teachers who abuse their students. I despise these individuals. Recently read figures that between 2001 and 2005 over 2,500 educators lost their credentials for inappropriate behavior with students. The vast majority of these also went to jail. Again…support that 100%. However, I taught at an inner city school with an enrollment that included 59 different nationalities, and it was not unusual for me to have 40 to 45 students in a class. As did many other teachers. Not stating this to make any excuses for the behavior of the disgusting 2,500, but to say that there are a lot of remarkable hard working dedicated educators in the schools as well. There are approx. 3.7 million teachers working right now in the US. If you multiply that times the five years mentioned above you have 185 million teachers. If you were to divide that figure by the number of lowlifes punished for their despicable behavior the percentage is miniscule. Not acceptable, but not nearly as overwhelming as many news stories make the figure out to be. Guess I am simply asking parents and the communities to do your best to support your schools. Get rid of this .0003 % (actually estimated that in my head right now) and help the rest. Parents, stay in contact with your children’s teachers, make sure you attend the open houses, encourage them to become involved in school activities. Sure it helps to vent, but help all you can as well. Best of luck to all of your young scholars.

    • Phil

      Why are you multiplying the number of teachers by five, and since when does 5 x 3.7=185?? No wonder our education system is going to hell!

      • jfox

        My apologies for the missing decimal point Phil. Certainly did not mean to incense you so. The fact is that since suffering a broken neck my fingers do not work quite so well and I apparently did not hit the period key hard enough. And Phil, if we were talking about a 5year period, the number of years the study, and there are ‘X’ number of teachers in one given year, then in a five year period there would be ‘5X’ teachers. But if it makes you feel better to denigrate an individual, it is your right. My simple objective was to encourage parents to become actively involved in their children’s education. Possibly if you have an agenda that has to do with something other than education, why not find that site and participate in that topic.

  • Cid Campeador

    Our public schools have become a depository for the lowest common denominator of society. We have the children of the government created underclass all of whose problems are self inflicted and who make up the majority of the student demographic in the urban schools. They create nothing but chaos for the serious students who due to drawn boundary lines, are condemned to show up every day. It’s also a pretty tough life for the teachers. A teacher in a HS in North Philadelphia characterized a successful school day as one in which you haven’t been assaulted.
    As for these men and woman who engage in sexual escapades with students in what are generally suburban schools, they are the product of the total libertine mentality that has gradually become the Zeitgeist. They should NEVER be permitted to enter a classroom again.

  • nicki-baby

    The school system is truly broken, why can’t the people see this? one day they will wake up and it will be too late, get with it , people……

  • Thomas

    Education was when it was community based. They are now indoctrination centers. They come out not being able to read or write and no concept of what we and the world are all about. College students are no better and also many cannot read or write.The college student today has less education than a 1966 high school graduate.If you want proof look at most of the (new ) Democratic left wing politicians. In their defense the right isn’t much better with their ( progressive ) communist agenda.

  • Ted_Zee_Man

    Bill, I would like you to explain to me who did we turn the Churches over to that have members of the Clergy sexually assaulting the Children of the parents that attend said churches?

    It is not the Government nor is it the school or the churches it is the People who commit the acts. We must demand that the Laws be applied to all equally and that Prosecutors should not have Decision Making Authority over which cases to Prosecute and which to not Prosecute. The decisions of the Police to Arrest, the Decisions of the Prosecutors to Plea Bargain and to not Prosecute, and the failure of Judges to issue Equal Sentences to all violators is where we need to start the program to correct the problems.

    Every Law must have a Mandatory Sentence assigned to it for each and every violation of the Law. Prosecutors could only reduce Sentences 25% to get a Plea Bargain. Judges would not have any ability to deviate from the Mandatory Sentences.

  • gunnygil

    These gals are apparently Clinton supporters and figure if he can get one they can give one

  • 2poorgrandchildrencom2

    I know that freedom is un-American, but we really should try it. School vouchers can’t be worse than what we have–a monopoly owned and run by government.