Another Corrupt Democratic Senator – This Time the Feds Will Prosecute

MenendezAccording to CNN, New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Menendez will soon be facing criminal charges of corruption for allegedly using his office to advance the business interests of one of his political donors. The network says Attorney General Eric Holder has authorized the request by prosecutors to proceed with charges. An announcement is expected within weeks, as prosecutors rush to file in advance of expiration of the statute of limitations on some of the allegations.

CNN reports:

The case could pose a high-profile test of the Justice Department’s ability to prosecute sitting lawmakers, having already spawned a legal battle over whether key evidence the government has gathered is protected by the Constitution’s Speech and Debate clause.

The FBI and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity section, have pursued a variety of allegations against Menendez, who has called the probe part of “smear campaign” against him.

The government’s case centers on Menendez’s relationship with Salomon Melgen, a Florida ophthalmologist who the senator has called a friend and political supporter. Melgen and his family have been generous donors to the senator and various committees the senator is associated with.

Investigators have focused in part on plane trips Menendez took in 2010 to the Dominican Republic as a guest of Melgen. In 2013, after word of the federal investigation became public, Menendez paid back Melgen $58,000 for the 2010 plane trips calling his failure to properly disclose the flights an “oversight.”

Menendez has denied any wrongdoing in his ties to Melgen.

“As we have said before, we believe all of Senator’s actions have been appropriate and lawful and the facts will ultimately confirm that,” Menendez spokesperson Tricia Enright said in a statement Friday. “Any actions taken by Senator Menendez or his office have been to appropriately address public policy issues and not for any other reason.”

One of the highest ranking Hispanic members of Congress, Menendez is a former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He has become one of the Obama administration’s most vocal Democratic opponents on two key foreign policy matters — President Obama’s decision to ease the trade embargo against Cuba and also his effort to engage direct negotiations with Iran over that country’s nuclear program.

When federal Medicare officials accused Melgen of overbilling, Menendez intervened on his behalf, according to court documents. Melgen was among the top recipients of Medicare reimbursements in recent years. Simultaneously, he was a major donor to Democratic candidates. The physician’s legal team deny any wrongdoing.

Prosecutors also believe Menendez may have broken the law by advocating on behalf of Melgen’s business interest in a proposed sale of port screening equipment to the government of the Dominican Republic. During the same period, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency was considering a donation of similar equipment to the D.R. The donation would have damaged the contract of the Melgen company.

Menendez brought up the issue of the contract during a Senate subcomittee hearing in 2012. He did not mention the company by name, but he discussed the contract and said the Dominican Republic government “don’t want to live by” the agreement. His office later attributed his remarks to his desire to combat narcotrafficking in the Caribbean.

The Justice Department is said to have investigated allegations Menendez solicited prostitutes in the Dominican Republic, and the possibility he broke the law helping secure permanent U.S. residency for two Ecuadorian bankers.

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  • Bobtrhn

    When will obummer and Holder be prosecuted?

    • Deborah G

      never they have teflon and a stupid racist base

      • Bobtrhn

        Yes I know. But I have always call a spade a spade. No matter what color it is.

      • Mike Howell

        Always have hope, my friends. These are evil men. They never last long. Goodness and truth ALWAYS prevail. ….ALWAYS.


      The 2 perverted hacks should have been impeached and jailed long ago- but we have lots of Lilly livered wimps in the repub party

      • Bobtrhn

        Yes and too many Obama a$$ kissers in the democratic party

        • Warpaint

          and on our side as well because they are to afraid of being called “RACIST”, I can think of worse thing to be called.. Traitor, manchurian canadate, Islamic Brotherhood plant, Community orgainizer… the list goes on!

          • Bobtrhn

            Warpaint you got that right. I really don’t care if they think I’m a racist. I’m not one but if calling someone who is ruining our country a racist then so be it. I have much worse names for George Soros. That’s the guy we really need to put a stop to asap.

          • Warpaint

            MI5 should have shot the SOB after he tanked the bank of england and F%^Ked em for a couple of billion…

          • Bobtrhn

            I understand he owns Progressive insurance. So far I have 7 people that are cancelling with them and it’s just the beginning. SOB makes money off of us and he wants to screw us big time. As they say. PAYBACKS ARE HELL.

          • Warpaint

            I shitcanned progressive (i think that is tom styers) as well. Try and find an insurance company that didn’t give money to the socialists running for office.

          • Bobtrhn

            I’m sure they all are but in this case this idiot Soros is pushing this bs going on in ferguson. He looks like the devil.

          • truthseeker

            Bobtrhn ! Is George Soros an American ? I ask that because of the things he did in France and then he comes to our Country to fund Obama.

          • BJM2

            They have already branded themselves as traitors with their latest unbelievably terrible act in writing a letter basically denouncing our sitting president!!!!!!!!! They should all be prosecuted to the full extent of the law but won’t because we have a Republican Supreme Court who will protect them. But they are most definitely RACIST and will have to face their Maker on that one horribly evil trait because our Lord and Maker cannot be bought by the Koch Bros.

          • Warpaint

            keep tossing that worn out race card, it doesn’t work any longer troll. Your lord and master? Who? Barry Sotero???

          • Glatik

            And hopefully not by Soros either. Calling the letter to Iran treason, why don’t you familiarize yourself first with :

            A tip: don’t use the race card, it is getting old and worn out.

          • Will

            BJM2 – Of which denomination are you?

            Let me guess,

            And to which “Maker” are you referring to?
            Which “Maker” made you?

            Aside from being a RACE BAITER and a RELIGIOUS FANATIC, do you even know what the subject of this article is about?


          • BJM2

            I am a devout Catholic, who follows the example of Jesus and our wonderful Pope Francis.

            Remember, that no matter what the subject is – all Republicans bring it back to our president. You are the ones who said it was our president’s fault that this man did what he did. You cannot even think about anything political without finding a way to insult our president. You can say all you want, but Bush was a really bad president and did more of everything you condemn President Obama for doing, but you won’t criticize him because he is WHITE!

          • truthseeker

            We did get carried away with the whole mess. It is about Menendez using his office to advance one of his Business donors . That was the main topic, but it does go on to mention that Senator has become on of President Obamas and is accused of solicited Prostitution in the Dominican Republic and he broke the Law by helping secure permanent U.S. for two Ecuadorian bankers.

      • BJM2

        Oh, the lily livered wimps who disrespected a sitting president by not notifying him they were inviting a foreign leader to speak before our UNITED STATES CONGRESS or the lily livered wimps who committed TREASON by sending a letter to a foreign leader saying that they will reverse what our president has signed the minute he leaves office? No – even lily livered wimps would know when they have ABSOLUTELY NO GROUNDS TO IMPEACH ONE OF THE BEST PRESIDENTS FOR THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IN OUR HISTORY. Our history books are not going to reflect well on the present day Republicans at all. All of you are in for a rude awakening when the truth is known instead of the half-baked lies you are told and believe by the marketing experts for the Republican party, paid for by the rich.

        • Warpaint

          We know who pays your bills and your welcome!

          • Kent2012

            blowjmammy2’s messiah has his ho workin on a phone upgrade…gotta get blowjmammy2 a smart phone…then he can rely on the phone instead of those two worn out brain cells…then his tele phoney will light up and give him directions to the voting poll to vote for the ho clintoney…

          • Will


            Very perspective of you, and right on spot I bet!

        • Will


          You are either a lonely, bored, desperate, attention seeker and shill OR you are one of the most uninformed and ignorant people I have ran across in many, many years.

          NOBODY can be as ignorant as you appear to be! You can also include STUPIDITY in that appraisal as well.

          I feel you really need help. You can’t possibly be that STUPID. Can you?

          If you feel you need proof, just take a look at your point scores and compare yours to others.

          Have a look at the replies you’ve received on ALL of your comments and all the DOWN votes, and all of the none existent UP votes.

          You are completely alone in your comments. COMPLETELY ALONE!

          Doesn’t that give you SOME idea of how backward your thinking is?

          OR, is it just that everyone else is wrong?

          • BJM2

            The problem is that I care about trying to enlighten my less intelligent fellow Americans. All my friends wonder why I bother, but I truly care about this country and cannot stand what the Republicans have been doing to destroy it, just because they cannot stand being led by a black man. I will feel good if I can change at least one person.

            I do the minutes for my City Council and that has shown me how biases can truly keep people from seeing and hearing the truth. A Councilmember will say something and the biased individual will hear only the part that furthers his biases. I have to type what I hear so I think – “Really, you truly did not hear all of what he said?!!!” No, he did not, and will do what the Republicans and you do, go out into the world and tell someone who did not hear the whole truth, his version of it, which is, of course, a half truth or lie. That is the human condition and I am trying to make us more Christian but it is truly an uphill battle. But – I will continue to pray for all of you and my country. And, I will do it without the insulting vile words you use toward me and our sitting President.

          • Bobtrhn

            Apparently you wear ear plugs and hear things that aren’t there and it they are there and it comes from obummers mouth it’s a damn lie. You keep kissing his rear end and there won’t be any Christians left here. So you keep believing what you want but please keep it to yourself because things you say are offensive and sickening.

    • BJM2

      With a Republican held Supreme Court and and Congress, that just tells you who the truly corrupt ones are, and they certainly are not President Obama, who DESERVES THE RESPECT OF HIS OFFICE UNTIL YOU CAN PROVE ANYTHING OTHER THAN LIES BY REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!! Would you allow anyone call you insulting names, especially children, even if you disagree with each other? HE IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your attitude is why the younger generation does terrible things. They are taught that they do not have to respect their elders or people in positions of authority since you certainly do not show by example.

      • Bobtrhn

        Look if you want to kiss his rear end that’s your choice. If you are too ignorant to see all the wrongs he’s done to this country then I feel sorry for you. You are a plain idiot and obummer is a damn muslim and I don’t give a rats behind what you think about anything I’ve posted. Look around you and tell me how many people are praising him for doing such a great job. You’re almost alone her so share your thoughts with someone like yourself that is probably collecting all the freebies or maybe thinking you can sit on your rear end and do nothing but suck in all the free benefits. Wake up or go back to your own planet.

        • Kent2012

          blowjmammy2 should do both…..wake up and leave….

        • BJM2

          Sadly, too many of you are soooo racist that you cannot see how it distorts your view of the truth of the fact that President Obama has done nothing but good things for average Americans despite the horrible rich Republicans who could care less if you make enough money for food or have good healthcare. It is mind boggling to me that you all cannot see the truth.

          I speak from personal experience of how some of you are racist and totally unaware of it. My beloved father was “fair” to blacks, but he would not let a coworker come into our home to have his lunch – he had to sit in the truck while my father ate lunch in comfort. That is racism personified!!! I knew it, even as a child, but being someone who DID NOT DISRESPECT my elders even when I DISAGREED on a VERY SERIOUS ISSUE, I said nothing, but it has stuck with me all my life and I see that subtle racism continually in dear friends and family members. Racism is the truth about why they think blacks are always wrong, but they find something more plausible to convince themselves, like those Republican lies.

          But again, you will all be forced to see it when you come before our Maker who says to you – “what you did to the least of My people, you did unto ME.” It will be too late for you then, however, to make amends.

          • Dan Danser

            YOU are the racist! You always assume everyone who disagrees with him is a racist. You can’t see through YOUR racist eyes that not everything is racist. Stop hiding behind your well worn race card.

          • Will

            You are the racist.
            This article is NOT about racism.
            The article says nothing about racism.
            The article is about a Corrupt Democratic Senator.
            That is what the article is about.
            You are the one who introduced “Racism” into the comments.
            You obviously are a pitiful and lonely attention seeker who is very ignorant.
            Please wake up! Please do not reproduce and please do not vote!
            Try going to school, where you should be.

          • BJM2

            I know, and no matter what or who it is about, you all do your best to place all the blame on a black president.

          • Will

            IDIOT! RACIST!

          • charlie

            what black president? , he does not have enough negro blood to qualify as black.
            only his skin is black, the rest is mostly arab . but he is 100% mus-slime

          • Bobtrhn

            You go right ahead and believe that. If anyone is a racist it would be you and obummer

          • KingDon

            Ida Amin was black – Papa and Baby Doc were black – Obama is a mulatto cashing in on his black features while denying his black heritage which he considers a liability. But he and his minions will only call him black. Seems to me that’s a bit racist don’t you agree. You do agree, of course, because you’re such an intelligent, fair-minded, upstanding individual – right?

          • BJM2

            I am a fair-minded and upstanding individual, who sees the truth and only the truth, not half-truths. The half truth is that all of you find it convenient to point out that we only talk about his black side. Actually, he does NOT use his color. As an honest person, I recall that from the beginning, most white Americans would not consider a person who was 90% white and 10% black as ANYTHING BUT BLACK. Slave owners used to use their black female slaves for sex but they would NEVER own fatherhood of ANY child conceived because of that. That is how racists think. I am not being racist, I am CALLING YOU ON YOUR RACISM.

            Again, if any of you could once come up with one SPECIFIC thing he has said or done to prove what you accuse him of, I would gladly debate with you. However, you only use general terms because, just as the Republicans have discovered, once they mention anything concrete, facts are brought up to prove them wrong, such as the failure of the ACA. It has failed because it dared to force the insurance companies to provide affordable medical coverage for millions of Americans. I can see why you would find that so un-American. It didn’t provide huge wealth for the rich therefore it has to go. How kind you all are to your fellow Americans – NOT.

          • KingDon

            One thing I and many citizens do remember is the promise that his administration would debate the issues out in public and in the open. Never happened – and don’t tell me how the other party or parties haven’t done any different because he promised that his administration would be different and everything wold be out in public view. But attempting to discuss anything with you is a waste of my valuable time. And your assumption that anyone not falling in line with your progressive pap is a Republican is also way off the mark. I’m not. I think the president is a good talker – a good public speaker – but not all that bright. His strings are being pulled by someone else and, like a good little marionette, he acts accordingly.

            No more from me. I give the last words for posting to you. I haven’t the time as I have work to do and a family to support by the fruits of my own labor – not government handouts.

        • Glatik

          GREAT COMMENT, you spoke for me too.

      • Dan Danser

        if you like your president you can keep your president! He has consistently lied directly to our faces. Great president? LOL. What are his accomplishments? Shovel ready jobs. Where are they? ETC

      • Will


        You are one real idiot!

    • snowyriver

      obama nominated Holder specifically so that he (obama) would not be prosecuted.

    • Kent2012

      things keep going downhill with the parasites, pseudo intellectuals, rags, and commies that kenyan boyo keeps bowing to, and supporting it may just have to be a revolutionary tribunal that holds court….after having cleaned up the democrapo mess in the USA first…

    • BrooklynJoJo

      not only them, Hillary, jarrett and the list goes on susan rice, the whold administration. the make believe feds are doing this NOW because Menendez is against obummer on iran.

    • truthseeker

      Never ! Why ?. Because they are in charge of all the investigations and it has become a laundry mat which cleans up any wrong doing. When Holder was held on Contempt charges he was pardoned by Obama. They love to laugh in our face over how they can manipulate our laws. Like Al Sharpton who owes 4 Million in taxes, while the IRS looks the other way. Shame on them. Oh well , ” What goes around, comes around.”

    • Mike Howell

      Once, We, the People, rise as one nation under God, and take responsibility for our nation of, by, and for the people, and FORCE these criminals out of their offices. We then have a trial of these parasites for treason, abuse of office, bribery, falsification of reports, theft of evidence, lying to prosecutors and police during a federal (or rather, an American) investigation into organized criminal activities, murder, terrorism, and political racketeering.
      IT IS UP TO US – the People !!!

      • Bobtrhn

        It’s time to get started before it’s too late.

    • billdeserthills

      They are punishing each other, right now

  • Deborah G

    Obama is taking him down because he disagreed with him on Cuba,

    • Will Atkinson

      Menendez is only being cherry picked for a smear investigation because he doesn’t drink obummers (jaretthead’s) koolaid. How many others – Rangel for example, are up to their ears in shady dealings, or unjust enrichment from PAC donations? Killary should be first in the hit list given her performance in the State Dept. Menendez certainly the worst apple in the barrel.

      • BJM2

        The Republican judges are picking on him because he doesn’t go along with President Obama? What Republican liar told you that? Don’t get me started on the worst apples in the barrel – I won’t know which Republican to start with. Oh, let’s start with the 47 Republican Senators who committed that heinous crime of TREASON, but probably won’t pay for it because of all those criminal Republican judges protecting them.

        • Alex Peshansky

          Are you really that dumb? Or are you just a spam-bot?
          Do you even know that treason is working against the sovereign? Do you even know who the sovereign is in USA? (Hint: it is not president, even if his name is Obama). Have you ever heard “We, the People…”? Why do you think it is said?

          • BJM2

            The important question is WHO IS REALLY THAT DUMB? Not me!!!!! You point out one definitive act he has done that shows he is not making decisions to make life better for Americans other than the 1%? ONE DEFINITIVE ACT IS ALL I ASK YOU TO POINT OUT. Wow, how dare he try to get people decent wages instead of trying to feed a family on $7/hr for 25-30 hours a week with no health coverage. How dare he try to get people who are sick decent health care. How dare he try to get WOMEN the SAME WAGE AS MEN for doing the SAME JOB. How dare he try to make sure we don’t separate children from their family and the only country they have ever known. I can see how you would think those are evil horrible acts. He must have forgotten that it said “We the people of the 1% …”

            But – it was certainly okay to go to another country, take a huge loan without getting approval from Congress and spend that money on a war that was not warranted and made it appear that no debt had been incurred, yet left our country in deep debt while killing hundreds of our men and women in Irag for no good reason. This entitles that president for sainthood, right? Why? Just because he was white?


          • Will

            You just answered your own question,
            “HOW DUMB CAN ANYONE BE”?
            Have a look at your up and down votes and the replies to your comments and you will find your answer.

    • Alex Peshansky

      … and on Iran.
      Menendez may well be a sleazeball, but the only reason Obama is after him is because of this.

      • Deborah G

        The Democrats are so corrupt morally and legally ythat what he has done is checken feed IF the party likes you. Look at Killary.It doesn’t get any more corrupt than her yet she manages . The only reason like you and I both agree on is OBAMA doesn’t like ANYONE opposing him. Some wind up dead, some get Holder on their backs butt he reality it is simply the Chi Town thug Political way they destroy people.AND? they are very good at it

  • Warpaint

    They even eat there own… Gotta love tigers and democrats!

  • Branwen

    How is it possible to prosecute Menedez for doing as Obama, and his administration direct, while not prosecuting them as well? Interestingly, all the money that was funneled by the big Democratic donor to Menendez came through a PAC controlled by Harry Reid. Reid’s PAC collected $700,000 of this “dirty money” then gave $600,000 to Menendez. So why isn’t Harry Reid being indicted? Menendez spoke out against Obama and some 2 days later he is indicted? As Wayne Alyn Root put it: “What did Senator Menendez of New Jersey do to Obama to deserve prosecution for a minor offense? He had the nerve to publicly disagree with Obama over Iran and Cuba. Just two days before the indictment announcement, Menendez gave a rousing speech at AIPAC condemning Obama’s Iran policy. Next thing you know: INDICTED. Coincidence? Not likely.
    What were the charges? Sitting on a donor’s private plane, then doing the bidding of the donor. Are you kidding me? Every Senator and Congressmen in America does that. They’re all bought and paid for.”

    • lwainscot

      Branwen said: “They’re all bought and paid for.” And that is precisely what is wrong with our elected officials. If the people WE elected for public positions are not trustworthy, if they lack integrity and can be trusted to do as the people want them to do, they are unfit for public office. There should be a code of ethics that each elected official has to abide by, and first and foremost is to refrain from using their position for personal enrichment, in any way shape or form. Diane Feinstein’s husband has obtained some very lucrative contracts because of his wife’s position for many, many years, and that too, should be expressly forbidden.

      • Warpaint

        The best politician is one we have already planted…

      • Branwen

        The Code of Ethics is a rather ideal one which would be quite useful were it ever able to be actually instituted. The two who have the greatest increase in gratis financial and otherwise appear to be Hillary (her husband & his charity included) along with President Obama. It would be such a benefit to this Country were those serving in office unable to use their position for personal gain, punished for failure to obey the law and held accountable to its fullest measure like the rest of the nation. It would be such goodness to investigate people before allowing them to run for office as one is supposed to do in their job description, to assure that there is no criminal record, birth cert’s are in order and legal, and that there is no other question of impropriety. These Amendments to the Constitution would be acceptable. Also think that another committee completely outside and unattached by any means to the Houses should be the ones to determine whether they receive a pay raise, and that they don’t go home without a balanced budget (while also not receiving additional pay and overtime for sticking around to work on one). Just logical thoughts shared-


    Folks with the slime ball Obama as prez everything in his govt is either corrupt to the core or perverted– keep little boys & girls away from anyone in his regime

    • BJM2

      Amazing that you can see all the corrupt things that Republicans do but you never insult them and call them names or call them on it. Oh, right – it’s because they are white! Silly me. Forgot that one important quality that makes them above the law.

      • Dan Danser

        There you go again assuming racism based on skin color!

        • Will

          Pay no attention to BJM2.
          She is obviously new here and happy about the freebies she is getting now.
          I bet she loves her new phone.
          It’s probably the one she’s using now to post online.
          We, the American Taxpayers are supporting her lifestyle and this is the thanks we get.
          She is as a RACE BAITER because of all the FREE benefits she’s getting, paid for by us.
          She desperately needs Mental Health Care and also to learn the difference between WORK and HANDOUTS.

      • Will


  • don

    Poor Senator Menendez greatest sin was departing from the”lockstep” Obama apologists narrative. The party of Bill Clinton and Teddy Kennedy is coming down on Menendez? Really?


    The corrupt Obama feds will never prosecute those that are causing the corruption- the 2 dim wits Obama & holder- impeach- remove & jail both

    • Freedome-Lover

      hope they take our 3 CA witches with them – Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein.

    • Hans

      No jail! Shoot them like traitors !

      • BJM2

        After the traitorous Republican Senators, of course, whose crime is public. I still haven’t seen anything but vile name calling of Obama and Senators Pelosi, Boxer and Feinstein, as well as Hillary Clinton. When you have no ammunition, you revert to name calling to divert everyone from the fact that it is bias and NOT FACT, prompting your remarks. You all say vague things like I have issues with what was said or done, but you NEVER state the specifics, because then you would have to verify the facts that prompt your statement AND YOU CAN’T BECAUSE THEY DON’T EXIST!!!!!

        • Dan Danser

          Obama negotiated with terrorists. Consorting with the enemy? Ignores a honorable Marine ?,that made a mistake, in a mexican prison yet lets terrorists go in exchange for a deserter. He is a real American prince right? Sorry I meant King.

  • lwainscot

    It’s about time these elected officials start getting prosecuted for their wrongdoings while in office. John Q Public could not get away with this level of corruption, and neither should public “servants”. I don’t care what party they are affiliated with, if there is criminal activity, they need to face the consequences. Integrity and honesty need to be prerequisites for any political candidate, and they should be held to a higher standard than anyone else, because of the trust that has been given them, to do what is right for country first, and our people second. Those who are there to line their own pockets need to get booted out, because there is a big conflict of interest.

  • woodchuckJames Wills

    Would the esteemed Eric Holder prosecute this man if he were black?

    • Hans

      Holder is not esteemed. Holder is a fu**ass !!!

  • Kelly Clover

    This prosecution is clearly politically motivated. Obama doesn’t want anyone to question his foreign or national security policies. I believe that many millions of people worldwide are going to die at the
    hands of Islamic militants as a direct result of Obama’s outrageous policies.

  • ADR

    This is the sign you better not disagree with the tyrant-in-chief or your head will be on the chopping block. You may be right in doing what is best for our country but that doesn’t matter. Fall into place or you will pay. Word is Obama and Jarrett did Hilary in on the email scandal. Who would ever be surprised?

  • Ernest Garee

    How about the 54 that violated the Logan Act.

    • Name

      How about John Kerry, late Ted Kennedy and many others who did what you say the 54 did? How about the Identity Fraudster, Traitor, and Criminal-in-Chief in the White House? How about the other criminal, Holder, who enforces the laws in a discriminatory manner – only the laws that resonate with his political agenda? How about Holder violating 18 USC Section 3 and 4?

      18 U.S.C § 3 – Accessory after the fact – Whoever, knowing that an offense against the United States has been committed, receives, relieves, comforts or assists the offender in order to hinder or prevent his apprehension, trial or punishment, is an accessory after the fact….

      18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony
      – Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

      A federal judge, or ANY OTHER government official, is required as part
      of the judge’s/official’s mandatory administrative duties, to receive any offer
      of information of a federal crime. If that judge/official blocks such report, that block is a felony under related obstruction of justice statutes, and constitutes a serious offense.

      Upon receiving such information, the judge/official is then required to make it
      known to a government law enforcement body that is not themselves involved in the federal crime.

  • ccryder

    This explains it all: “He has become one of the Obama administration’s most vocal Democratic opponent.”

  • Peggy

    They don’t care about throwing a traitorous democrat under the bus–he dared to critize the dummy in charge

  • jwright673

    Seems to me Menendez was involved in something else that was shady awhile back but nothing ever came of it. Of course, we have to understand that he dared challenge this “administration” on the Iran nuke deal so he must be punished.

  • Penny Fuentes

    Wonderful, now when is the rest of the hussein obama triibe going to be prosecuted.

  • Buckindaburg

    No one will go after this guy. They live in fear that if they do him, they will be vulnerable later on whenever THEY get caught.

  • Buckindaburg

    Aside to this article…Hillary is as corrupt as anyone alive, but….the Democrat party OWES her.

    In the 2008 campaign, she had just won the NY and Cal. primaries to close the gap…but, mathematically, Obama couldn’t be caught….UNLESS…during the role call of each state, enough delegates changed their vote. This can be done legally by following protocol at roll call.
    Why would they change?
    Because Hillary won the two, largest states…the Dems feared that Obama might not be able to carry the election since he did not have the support of Calif. and N.Y.
    When the roll call was being presented, Hillary stepped in and halted it…essentially conceding the nomination.
    Why would she do that?
    Because had he been “rolled” as they say, the black voters might have rioted…believing that Obama had been booted and there would have been accusations of racism, etc. This anger would have been directed at the Democrat party.

    Hillary was called aside and the facts of life were explained to her. Step aside to avoid the fallout. If too many black voters stay away, the moron from Arizona….McCain, will most likely carry the election. Well…they should not have worried since he was indeed, and remains…a moron.
    So…in order to save the election for the Democrats, she stepped aside and was given a high post in the cabinet…but one that would keep her far away from Washington. She proved incapable of handling even that sorry a$$ job…but nevertheless, the second part of the deal is that she will be the one to get the nomination for 2016.
    So…the big question is….will congress insist that she faces a trial for her perjury…and breaking the law in destroying emails that belonged to the government? Or, will they be more concerned about being accused of bullying a woman?
    Don’t be surprised if McConnel and Boehner fold like wet cardboard in a rain storm because they don’t want to be seen as bullies.

  • daveveselenak

    What about Pelosi using google’s jet as her private jet? He is being prosecuted to send a message to those that oppose this Muslim-Marxist jihadist. They had this evidence for years and it wasn’t until this senator went against the new Hitler that they had taken this action! BEWARE, check out the following and you’ll understand why: REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION!

    Orders. For various reasons, some have issued more than
    others. These things
    will directly affect us all in
    years to come.

    Question is: Do YOU care

    enough to send this ‘shocking info’ to people you

    Ike – 2 in 8

    Kennedy – 4 in 3 years

    LBJ – 4 in 5 years

    Nixon – 1 in 6

    Ford – 3 in 2 years

    Carter – 3 in 4 years

    Reagan – 5 in 8

    Bush – 3 in 4 years

    Clinton – 15 in 8 years

    George W. Bush –
    62 in 8 years

    Obama – 923 in 3 1/2 years! More
    than 1000+ and
    Executive Orders in 6 years…
    Read some of them below –

    Next step -dictatorship. (Looks like we are there

    If you don’t
    get the implications, you’re not
    > paying attention. How come all the other
    presidents in the
    > past 100 years have not found it necessary to INCREASE
    > 1,000 Executive Orders?
    This is really very scary.
    > And most Americans have absolutely no
    idea what is happening.

    > SENATE.
    Even some Democrats in the House have turned on him, plus a
    > small number of
    Democrat Senators have questioned him.
    > Rightfully so. –
    > WHAT IS
    > Remember what he told Russia ‘s
    Putin: “I’ll be
    > more flexible after I’m re-elected.”
    > Now look at
    > 10990 — allows
    > the government to take
    over all modes of transportation and
    > control of highways and
    > seaports.

    > 10995 — allows the government
    > to seize and
    control the communication media.
    > 10997 — allows the
    > to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and
    > 10998 — allows the government
    > to take
    > all food resources and farms.
    > EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000 — allows
    > government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under
    > government
    > EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001 — allows the government to take
    over all health, education and welfare function
    > .EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002
    — designates the registration
    > of all persons. Postmaster General to operate
    a national
    > registration.
    > EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003 — allows the
    government to take over all airports and aircraft, including
    > commercial
    > ORDER 11004 — allows the
    > Housing and
    Finance Authority to relocate communities, build
    > new housing with public
    funds, designate areas to be
    > abandoned, and establish new locations for
    > EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005 — allows the
    > government to take
    over railroads, inland waterways and
    > public storage facilities
    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11049 — assigns emergency
    > preparedness function to federal
    departments and agencies,
    > consolidating 21 operative Executive Orders issued
    over a
    > fifteen year period.
    > EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051 — specifies the
    > of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization

    > to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of
    > increased
    international tensions and economic or financial
    > crisis.
    ORDER 11310 — grants
    > authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the
    > set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial
    > support, to
    establish judicial and legislative liaison, to
    > control all aliens, to
    operate penal and correctional
    > institutions, and to advise and assist the
    > EXECUTIVE ORDER 11921 — allows the
    > Federal Emergency
    Preparedness Agency to
    > develop plans to establish control over the
    mechanisms of
    > production and distribution, of energy sources,
    > wages,
    salaries, credit and the flow of money in U.S.
    > Financial institution in any
    undefined national
    > emergency.
    > It also provides that when a state of
    emergency is
    > declared by the President, Congress cannot review the action

    > for six months.
    > Feel free to verify the “executive orders”
    > at
    will…..and these are just the major ones.
    > I’m sure you’ve all heard
    the tale of the “Frog
    > in the Pot”… Watch Obama’s actions, not his
    words! By his actions he will show you where America is
    > headed.
    Obama has issued executive orders that seek to
    > “harmonize” U.S. Economic
    regulations with the
    > rest of the world. These executive orders are yet
    > incremental step that is pushing us closer to a North
    > American
    Union and a one world economic system.
    > Obama used the stage at the 50th
    anniversary of Martin
    > Luther King’s I have a dream speech to announce
    > new executive orders infringing on your second amendment
    > rights..

    > The first bans the importation of antique military firearms
    > for sale
    to sportsman and collectors.. He intentionally
    > mislabels them military grade
    weapons to deceive the
    > sheeple, but make no mistake . . . the order was
    > specifically to ban the importation of surplus M1
    > carbines, M1

    > Garands, 1903 Springfields and other antiques coveted by
    > collectors and
    sport shooters.
    > This order is the death knell for the civilian
    > program.
    > Congress had previously passed the sportsman
    protection act
    > in 1986 which among other things guaranteed that the
    importation of the historic relics for collectors and
    > the CMP would not be
    impeded by unreasonable regulations.
    > Unfortunately, most Americans have
    absolutely no idea
    > what is happening.
    > The American people need to
    understand that Barack Obama is
    > constantly looking for ways to integrate the
    United States
    > more deeply with the rest of the world.
    > The
    globalization of the world economy has accelerated under
    > Obama, and this
    latest executive order represents a
    > fundamental change in U.S. economic
    policy. Now
    > federal regulators will be required to “harmonize”
    > their
    work with the international community.
    > IT’S WRONG – Google it. !!!

  • pmbalele

    The prosecutors should come to investigate the government of Wisconsin. It is full of racists, bigots and corrupt people. Yesterday I was at the Department of Corrections and I told the truth-that I was going to sue them to give examples to other corrupt government senior employees. I will keep you posted.

  • James Maxwell

    The only way they will go forth with this is if he doesn’t make “gift” to the White House
    special prosecutor for their master. After all the Socialist Democrats have never attacked
    those who “pay their Master” and voted the way they tell them to. They embrace the
    corruption and wave it in the faces of others as the continue to conduct their criminal
    activities in violation of the laws that they hold the rest of us to.

  • djw663

    The only reason this Dem is going down is because he doesn’t agree with Obama and has stated so loudly and clearly. This guy isn’t as bad as most Dems. Since he is Hispanic can we say the reason they are going after him is because of racism?

    • Will

      YEA, that’s the REAL reason isn’t it djw663?

      It is diffidently a RACIST ISSUE!

      Everything that a person does, good or bad, is because of the color of their skin.

      This is a FACT! (According to the Press Democrat).

  • Howetexas

    RIGHT, because he is perceived as too close to being white and what about big Al Sharpton? Hmmm, again something rotten in DC.

  • Joe Mertens

    “He has become one of the Obama administration’s most vocal Democratic opponents” And there you go the bureaucracy as a political weapon yet again if this does not pan out the IRS OSHA and EPA will have a crack at him as well.

  • Burton Pauly

    My opinion is the folks who want to prosecute this Senator , are also guilty of enough things that they should also be brought to court to see that they need to pay for their dirty deals , and the use of their offices to make changes that aren’t up to snuff. Sort of like birds of a feather flock together as in Ferguson, Mo.

  • The Fox

    The left always bites other demon-rats if they stray from the nazi party line as this brave man did, sorry bud but your buddie’s hate you when you stray and now the corrupt White House and it’s puppets along with the immoral DOJ leader race baiting idiot who got two cops shot by feeding his racist friends in Ferguson with his stupid hate filled remarks given him by his race baiting bosses, one sick group of nazi in DC and all need to go.

  • Rhodes

    Good another Demon Bites The Dust- I hope he gets probed properly in prison!

  • salahudin

    95% of blacks voted for their halfback pres. They’re the racist. This nation was created by white men. All racist black Americans should return to Africa and create a better nation for themselves. Btw , I’m neither black nor white, I ran away from my tiny nation ran to the ground by a Marxists commie dictator with a smooth serpent tongue exactly like Obama’s

  • metheoldsarge

    I wonder what he did to upset the liberals?

  • Warren Turner

    That is what happens when you “jump ship” Standard Chicago politics. Also Mafia if a soldier croses the Bos.

  • charlie

    this is what happens when you cross the king

  • JimRed

    Is that the same donor who set him up with the underage Latina girls, who later recanted (probably due to threats or coercion)?

  • 10-Nov-1775

    It is DEMOCRAT senator, NOT DEMOCRATIC senator.

  • banjo kid

    He is going against Obama enough said

  • perry

    The problem that we have is the voting public as they are preoccupied with trying to keep there heads above water. No time to research the people running for office. Also there is not enough checks on people holding office. They run wild while in office. Want a change vote against all setting lawmakers.


    Obama threatens all with death so they do not act for the American People. Put the secret service to protect Chelsea so the Cinton’s can give us the real scoop on Obama

  • Ibcamn

    hang him high and out to dry!……………………..just saying

  • Terence Colligan

    Power corrupts, etc..