Atheist Judge Fires Shot In War On Christmas

nativityThe War on Christmas rages on.

It’s much like the War On Terrorism.

It’s fought in the shadows.

The enemy blends in with innocent people.

It’s not big bombs being dropped, but small hits that destroy the ability of Christians to practice their faith.

Here’s the latest shot fired in the War on Christmas:

A federal judge ruled against an Arkansas Courthouse Thursday in a suit over a nativity scene on public property.

U.S. District Judge Timothy L. Brooks said Baxter County must either remove the nativity or “create a public forum on the courthouse grounds for a seasonal display open to persons of all faiths as well as of no faith at all, without discrimination on the basis of viewpoint.”

The lawsuit began when the American Humanist Association filed suit in December of 2014. A private resident had put the nativity on the public property, but locals in 2013 had been denied when they asked to put a “Happy Solstice” sign near the nativity, so the lawsuit called that a double standard.

Does the Constitution prohibit the free exercise of religion?

Or does it demand a separation of Church and State?

Finally consider this:

Do the government employees who work at this courthouse get Christmas Day off with pay?

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  • Dick Ellis


    • raccoon73

      Todays government did this to us…it’s called being politically correct..which is a bunch of crap…yet they want us to Say something if we See something…..isn’t that sort of profiling????

      • yeah, say something all right. like the obama administration has not used payback on all whistleblowers. look at Snowden. he should get a medal not be in Russia. anyone who has come forward with infomation anti obama has been demoted, lost their jobs, their pay, etc and many of course are audited by the irs as payback. if you are going to say something go direct to sheryl atkins or an honest reporter if you can find one….

      • DaveM

        My personal opinion of Politically correct:


        • Americans Wake Up

          Politically correct is an oxymoron. You cannot be political and be correct!

      • skipsart

        It’s like the Hitler Youth being brainwashed to rat on their own parents.

        • exactly. An old German woman living on our street assessed the 2008 election campaign. She said in her thick accent while watching Ooo-BAH-mer prattle on, “I’ve seen this before…”

      • they are the “power to the people” hippie chanters from Woodstock. Well, now they are judges, and principals, and politicians and they have changed their lyrics while singing the same tune. Their New Words for 2016: “power to the pagans…!”

    • Judy P Lathem

      I agree. I grew up in the ’50’s & 60’s & it was a great time.

    • R. T.

      Different from the 50’s to !!!!

    • R. T.

      It started in the 80’s with THIS OFFENDS ME well what they do offends me but no body cares !!!

      • DaveM


        get a life and shut up the poop hole on “your” face.

        • R. T.

          See I told you .

  • Rodney Steward

    No Judge should be a atheist, it goes against the Oath he was supposed to have taken. God is in the Oath, did he take it or not. If not, this is Unconstitutional and can’t be a judge! War is coming!

    • jakex_iii

      … thought ‘judges’ were to be unbiased in their rulings; NOT personal beliefs???

      • Rodney Steward

        It’s supposed to work that way, but look at the Supreme Court, they’re not so supreme, they’re not playing by the rules either. They’ve made Unconstitutional rulings on more than one occasion under this Prez!

  • J_in_TX

    I bet the judge takes Christmas off as a paid holiday. I think he should work and hear cases against non-Christian defendants on that day. He has no basis for taking it off. Hypocrite!

    • Ibcamn

      all gov’t workers are that way,they want to get rid of a holiday,but they will take that day off with,and on some days will take the time and a half,with a smile on their faces!
      hypocrites is just one word i may use to describe these people!

  • Austinniceguy

    It will always be MERRY CHRISTMAS for me. I really couldn’t possibly care less who is offended by it. That said, Hitlery wants MORE syrian savage animals here than any other candidate and, they don’t celebrate Christmas so, you can bet she too, will be against Christmas. I hope everyone remembers that she is as anti American as OlBluegums, if not more.

    • Rodney Steward

      She does have the NWO foundation, and hard to believe, but I think she is more evil than Obama! And that evil laugh she has, make your skin crawl!

      • celticwaryor

        That laugh of hers is like and old hag of a witch…oh, wait!!!!!

        • JeromefromLayton

          Please don’t demean witches and warlocks.

        • you got that right

  • The Fox

    The Supreme Court ruled Atheist belong to a religion as it takes faith to believe there is no God and faith is what makes a religion, so they want their humanist religion to go world wide and the judge should step down for ruling for his religion over the Constitution that doesn’t say Separation of Church and State anywhere and a terrible ruling from the Supreme nut jobs.

  • Mike

    This federal judge has over stepped and should be removed from his job.

    • Judy P Lathem


  • alfred e newman

    it is about time somebody put the communist christian in their place

    • raccoon73


    • Rodney Steward

      Didn’t know Obama had a son, bet U look just like him too! Merry Christmas little Obama! 🙂

  • Alupara

    I would not object to anyone displaying a “Happy Solstice” sign up in public unless it’s intent was to distract from a nativity scene.

    • Rodney Steward

      With a name like yours, it sounds like it belongs in the sand lands of he$$!

      • Alupara

        It’s not a name.

    • me either…happy solstice sounds ok to me.

    • you are right. interesting that the cheap shot chickens need to put it near the manger scene just to agitate…. which is their real intent: to agitate. I’d like to see them pull their stunts in the Muslim world (of sand). ‘See how long they last.

  • Bernie Lounds

    They should find out if the judge gets time off with pay for Christmas and stop it if he does.

    • Judy P Lathem


  • Doc

    Hey Jackass! The Constitution says keep your Godless hands off my religion! So Backoff Asshat.

  • Patrick

    How do allow trash like a judge in office as this ,that totally is a disgrace to a Christian nation ,like the United States of America ,this is a Christian nation we allow trash to live here be educated here and even receive grants for college and then he grows up to kick the very same people who educated him and employ him and kick them right in the teeth with with no remorse what ever ,what we really need to start doing is to screen these characters very closely before putting trash as this in office ,these liberals always bite the hand that feeds them and they think they are smart and and right ,so we have to get smarter and stop these these kind of people men and women ,who bent on ruining a Christian way of life and God’s way of life for Christian people .These kind of oddlings are bent on destroying this once great nation ,so we have to take upon ourselves to dig in roll up our sleeves and do the work ,and get out and vote for Christian dignity ,and to make this once great nation ,great again for Christians again .

  • Robert Pekarik

    Another fundamental transformer.

  • Jane Duke

    All these dinks who bitch about anything Christian are 1. Lead by activists, ACLU, FFRF, etc. 2. Are an extremely small percentage of population, (that’s why they need activist groups to back them). 3. Are poor, pathetic, lost souls, who usually just bitter and angry with God because of a painful experience in their lives. It’s sometimes hard, but pray for them. I, too, grew up in the moral generation

  • Jane Duke

    We, strong moral people need to start speaking up. Even though some of us were taught to just let things go.

  • General “Bull” Krapper

    Wouldn’t it be a really great & Merry Christmas if the judge were to receive 1+ million Christmas cards in the mail? HMMM!!! — Stay Well, Safe & Free

  • Robert Morrow

    Tell this corrupted Judge to go to hell where he belongs. What is this scum going to do about it? Fine someone or maybe called out Obummer’s army that he told everyone he wanted.. wake up people.

  • Watcher

    When are the Christians and all God fearing men in this country going to stand up to these atheists morons and idiots. They don’t believe in anything but will fall for everything.Why don’t all of you pack your bags and go to atheists Russia and China, North Korea, Iran and all of the other non Christian countries and see how they handle your atheists views toward what they believe in. You’d end up beheaded,shot by firing squad,or imprisoned in Siberia . At leased in the USA you have the right to spew your hate speak without experiencing any of the previously mentioned punishments. I wonder what you non believers will think about or believe in when you face your own death.Eternal darkness and your eternal nothingness.If that sounds like what you believe ,have at it.

    • Dynamicdave

      If they keep pushing their luck, here in America, they might STILL get shot.

  • sharon

    Well the moron don’t like religion, but he thinks nobody needs to either, must be a left wing moron like the usual fascists fools in America.

  • sharon

    I could care less how many of these whiners and crybabies don’t like Christmas, then let the fool work on Christmas and not get paid for any Holidays.

  • Dynamicdave

    Time to lock and load. Liberals are to the point of needing some serious @ss kickings. America is going straight to hell if we don’t fight back.

  • PatriotForever

    Dear Judge AHolep, Suggestion: Read the Constitution, FREEDOM OF RELIGION, not from. Additionally: Don’t look. Turn your fault finding head and stop torturing yourself. We are told, Christians and Americans that is and those who can’t stand Islamic Terrorists : TOUGH TOO BAD, don’t look

  • wildeagleone

    Tell this a$$ jole to go to hell and rent a piece of property in the neighborhood and have your Christmas and celebration with out giving this son of a bitche a second thought

    • ch2801

      I would rent my vacant lot for a quarter to put up the manger scene. Just in case someone says it can’t be put up for free. It would be 3 blocks north and 2 blocks west from the courthouse. Almost directly center location from the First Baptist across street from court house, the Methodist Church on east, Cavelry Baptist Church on north and Lutheran church west on my street.

      • wildeagleone

        I live in Cal ifonia but if you are close and know those involved, why not let them know what you have and screw the screw (judge)

        • ch2801

          Small town in West TX where we have had local political races where there was no demoncrat to run! Another small town I previously lived in had no one run against the republican judge or sheriff.

  • MegaMouseGW

    The judge needs to be disbarred.

  • cherokeeman

    That judge WILL be judged by a much higher authority than himself on judgment day. And I hope and PRAY that he remembers that.

    • wildeagleone

      I agree but I hope he lives with his ego to the degree that it makes his life very miserable

  • robert

    Government has gotten to big and bold trying to go against GOD and the Constitution.

  • Eric Carter

    Judge need to work like all those who DO NOT believe in GOD! Nobody open their eyes to wake them up in morning! God open your eyes! Atheist who don’t believe need to come to term with those who do! Because He’ll will be waiting for them! Satan believe in God! Why do you think he trying to take a lot with him? Darwin must be in HELL! He did not believe! Just to think we all go back to Adam and Eve! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  • PVH

    This idiot needs to be impeached along with Obama!

  • Philip Meadows


  • myfordtruck

    I bet you hold a 45 to that judges head and he hears that hammer pulled back he will be praying to God for help

  • mk

    NO ONE will EVER silence the voices for Jesus Christ. The judge would have to cut down every tree and every forest and take away all the birds and flowers and plants and all creation and yet they would all return with LOUDER voices proclaiming the Creator Jesus. someday all will bow

  • DaveM

    The thing I find interesting about atheist is:

    What if they are wrong and there is a GOD?

    • cutterguy

      Are their sins forgiven? However, the only way to Heaven is through Him.

  • cutterguy

    To whom do they pray at climax time? Can they say “oh God” if they do not believe in Him?

  • Debbie

    Merry Christmas everyone God Bless

  • theicecube

    Maybe city and or town could rent out their property for a dollar a year with a 100 year option with various restrictions that way the renter could put up their nativity scene. What would the crybabies do then?

  • James in Texas

    The Birth of my Savior, Jesus Christ………………..”The Reason for the Season”. And, that’s as politically correct as I will ever be!

  • Ibcamn

    PC and Tolerance will destroy everything!it always has,always will!it sucks in the weak minded and turns them against the strong willed and this is the shit you get!!it’s 1939 all over again,but it’s not germany….

  • alfred e newman

    the united soviet america also known as the peoples republic of china west has got to be false idol nuteral after all they have to deal with all false idol worshipers equally they simply are not allowed to play favorites so all false idol worshiping communist like you for instants have to realize you are not the only communist religious fanatic but eveen you will be treated the same as any other idiot

  • alfred e newman

    the only flag you really want to raise is the hammer and sickel welcome to the united soviet america also known as the peoples republic of china west land of the communist false idol worshiping religious ffanatic

  • Clearbrook

    Does that judge get Christmas Day off with pay? He shouldn’t…

  • the judge is your typical government employee black robed pimp pagan law-school tongue-in-cheek cheap shot weasel godless warlock for weirdness … did you want to hear more about him ?

  • sensrbtch


  • Peter Smith

    Separation of Church and State is a farce and the Constitution never even IMPLIED this belief. And since other religions don’t believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, the referenced nativity scene should hold no relevance for them. They could look at it as “yard art”. The link I have attached is rather well written and basically spells out the ignorance of “separation of Church and State”.