Once-Beaming Hillary Clinton Now ‘Glum And Downcast’

Hillary Clinton was “glum” and “downcast” when she arrived at a party to thank her millionaire donors in New York Thursday night.

According to the Daily Mail, the once-beaming former presidential nominee had a serious demeanor as she gave a short speech at the Plaza Hotel.

As she spoke, Clinton said that she believes Vladimir Putin was allegedly involved in the hack of the Democratic National Committee because of a longtime grudge he has held against her, two donors who were there said. (RELATED: Hillary Clinton: Putin Hacked Democratic Groups Because He Has A Grudge Against Me)

They said that Clinton blamed the grudge on comments she made that were critical of Russia’s parliamentary elections in 2011, which she said were not free or fair.

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source: http://dailycaller.com/2016/12/16/once-beaming-hillary-clinton-glum-and-downcast-at-millionaire-thank-you-party/

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