The Presidential Candidate Who Gets EVERYTHING Wrong

Bernie_Sanders_2016_logoBernie Sanders is like that crazy, yet lovable uncle found in every family.

He rants about all kinds of wild ideas.

He claims he knows what’s best for you.

You love your crazy uncle.

But after awhile you realize this truth.

Crazy Uncle Bernie is wrong about EVERYTHING.

Yep, when in comes to the economy and how things work in the real world, Bernie Sanders is flat out wrong.

He either is clueless about how the economy works.

Or he’s flat out lying and misrepresenting the facts to make promises to gain votes.

Both these are dangerous for the future of our country.

Senator Bernie Sanders recently published an op-ed in the Huffington Post where he makes numerous claims about the economy. In typical leftist political theater, his narratives are either grossly misrepresented or outright lies, nor does he include a single citation for his wild claims.

From “stagnant middle class” and “income inequality” to “child poverty” and “evil corporations”, his analysis employs one step thinking and over-generalization to draw incomplete conclusions. I will directly address some of his specific claims.

Income inequality is one of today’s most popular economic myths derived from the misconception that wealth and income are fixed pies. Sanders makes the usual claim of the “1%” having a disproportionate amount of both.

Economic inequality is largely overstated through aggregate statistics, nor is there a connection between inequality levels and overall economic well-being.

On the surface, the populist economic message of Bernie Sanders appeals to lots of Americans.

But a close look at the facts and applying common sense and life experience soon reveals Bernie as a fraud.

This makes Bernie Sanders’ promises of a socialist utopia wrong… and dangerous.

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