Bernie Sanders Proves Ignorance on Economy

11299787754_ed3bee2bf0_bIf only we had fewer choices in the deodorant we use and the sneakers options available, we could feed more hungry kids?

As amazing it is to believe, this is the muddle headed logic of Democratic candidate for President, Bernie Sanders.

Here’s what Sanders said:

In an interview with financial journalist John Harwood on Tuesday, Sanders detailed his grievances with an overabundance of antiperspirants and footwear. “You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country. I don’t think the media appreciates the kind of stress that ordinary Americans are working on.”

Here’s the reality that most folks understand.

The problem is not “greedy” business owners who bring products and services to the marketplace.

There is no fixed stock of wealth and supply.

The best way to “feed the hungry” is for the hungry to feed themselves.

Imagine productive parents taking responsibility and feeding their kids. In today’s economy to do that, folks need to find their market niche. Perhaps it’s another deodorant or sneaker.

Redistribution of wealth, as Bernie Sanders proposes, feeds just one thing…

More government.

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  • David in MA

    “In an interview with financial journalist John Harwood on Tuesday, Sanders detailed his grievances with an overabundance of antiperspirants and footwear. “You don’t necessarily need a choice of 23 underarm spray deodorants or of 18 different pairs of sneakers when children are hungry in this country. I don’t think the media appreciates the kind of stress that ordinary Americans are working on.””

    SEE! Now we know that the children in socialist countries are well fed……… and have only one can of deodorant and one pair of sneakers…… AMAZING!

    • Sheldon Lawrence

      You hit the bullseye…spot on

    • eagle keeper

      Reminds me of a skit on saturday night live back in the 70s. It was a spoof on the Soviet Union and fashion. They had a fat female model wearing a sack dress , not very flattering. They announced the first one as day wear. The next scene, she is wearing the same dress. Only difference was she had a flashlight and it was on. They announced, “this is evening wear”. So Bernie us comparing our economic success with his communist roots. Good comparison Bernie. Perhaps all the card carrying communists or democrats will vote for your sorry ass.

  • WiSe GuY

    Finally. we have A politician dumber than nigger 0bama

    • tony curti

      I wonder if he went to Harvard too…….follow the yellow brick road……….

    • skipsart

      Are you TRYING to prove that the Conservatives are racist or are you just a left wing troll?

      • WiSe GuY

        I don’t have to prove that 0bama is a nigger cocksucker. It’s the truth.

        • skipsart

          Would you say the same about Ben Carson?

          • WiSe GuY

            I like Ben Carson, he’s not a traitor like Brokeback 0bama.

          • Sam the Sham

            Bendover Carson is DOCTOR cocksucker to you, sir. Please get that right.
            Bendover would surely appreciate it.

          • Dudley DoRight.

            you are one stupid fag nigger, just like 0bama

        • dfinch

          You’ve gone over the boundaries of civility.

        • Sam the Sham

          I love you, you cocksucking fag. Let’s go out on a date. I’ll even pay for the dinner.

          • Dudley DoRight.

            nigger, go fuck yourself with a cactus

          • Sam the Sham

            I would rather attack your asshole with a can of WD-40 and a hard cock. You are a nigger, obviously.

          • Dudley DoRight.

            What’s the matter, nigger?
            Are your food stamps out?
            Your welfare check late?

      • WiSe GuY

        You wanted a commie nigger.
        You voted for a commie nigger.
        You got a commie nigger.
        Quit bitching, commie nigger.

        • skipsart

          YOU are giving all Conservatives a bad name. So knock off the Racial crap! It is beneath us but apparently not beneath you.

          • WiSe GuY

            Go have Brokeback 0bama suck your dick one more time, commie.

          • tony curti

            I think I understand him – He’s applying the “n” word to a group of left wing demtard libots whose behavior hasn’t changed in 60 years, despite $23 Trillion spent on the Great Society, affirmative action and all kinds of ‘give them the benefit of the doubt” programs. We didn’t here this stuff again until Obama took office and accepted Al Slopton and Gism Jackson as his unofficial domestic racial (and racist) advisors. $23 trillion. 60 years and that crew can’t produce a decent martyr. I have to wonder why, if their behavior hasn’t changed – and for that particular sector of the black community it HAS NOT – why should we have to change the vocabulary to describe it? I’d be willing to take a bullet for Ben Carson, but I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if someone put a bullet in Slopton’s miserable shithea*. If that makes me a “racist” (a word I think has become meaningless because of how trivially it’s often applied) so be it – BUT: under the doctrine of Political Correctness I demand to be referred to as an “Educationally & Experientially Attitude-Adjusted Former White Libtard”. “LIBERAL” is the new “N” word, whether you’re white or black.

    • James

      Can you ever make a comment without using the “n” word. Bernie may be ignorant when it comes to the economy, you’re just a plain ignorant racist.

    • scottie526

      Wise Guy, I truly think he has been visiting Colorado and buying a few kilos of pot legally. This is the stupidity of Americans today and why all of the drugs that are available to these young kids are doing nothing but destroying their brain cells (the few that they have left). This is the reason why conservative Americans need to educate the mindless zombies running around the country.

  • Canistercook

    What happened to not producing children you cannot feed? They call it family planing!

    • tony curti

      Hey – how do you expect the Demtard Party to guarantee their voting stock?? Feed ’em enough food just to keep ’em breathing, than enough drugs to keep ’em STUPID……but still able to pull the lever.

    • jbusm

      Dummycrats call it abortion don’t they?

      • tony curti

        In a way, we’re lucky they have abortion. If not, there’d be roughly 30-40 million more libtard dependbot-lever pullers. They tend to murder their own voting stock. Now, if we cold only get the LIBERAL black thugs to kill each other faster than they breed, we’d be OK. Hell, it might even give a chance to conservative Black America to be heard for a change, without being vilified as Uncle Tom’s etc.etc.etc. Can’t wait to see how they try to vilify Dr. Carson.

  • Marilynn Reeves

    He fits right in with the other dumb ass Democrats.

  • CaptTurbo

    Ignorance = stupid which equals easy.

  • 10-Nov-1775

    Maybe people who can’t afford all the designer sneakers should prioritize their lives: place to live, food, clothes, education; and NOT the newest sneakers, electronics, etc. Why is it that these people complaining about being poor always have $300.00 sneakers, the latest I-phone and pad, and Northface jackets? This stuff is expensive. Seems they use OUR TAX money for rent and food, and THEIR money, earned off the books and not paid tax on, for the luxuries. What happened to if you can’t afford it, DO NOT BUY IT!!

    • teachersaide

      YES, and the SAME goes for illegal aliens!

    • DH234

      Yeah…all the vets and impoverished white people that are such a big number of the people getting welfare and disability payments from our tax dollars….starve them all….I bought my $300 shoes at Goodwill for $5.63….Northface jackets are all over ….Flew to Portland and picked up my down filled Northface at the Salvation Army store….better than carrying it with me and $3.99 and no sales tax….so my hard earned money, no I am and never have had welfare or even unemployment…I have only ever worked for myself…and never py retail….so what you see is fooling you if you think they are wasting “your” money….

      • Janet Fenwick

        You don’t even have a clue what you are saying. I became disabled on the job. I suffered two long years before workman’s comp would let me have a MRI because they said it was all in my head. Well the MRI showed that I had a herniated disk in my neck. They also found herniated disks in my lower back. I had a disk fusion three months later on my neck. But, they wouldn’t let them fix the problem’s in my lower back. Which left me disabled not being able to work. it totally turned my life upside down. I continued to work during those two painful years and after my surgery until i could no longer do it. I draw my disability from social security that i paid into since I was 18 years old. I’m not on welfare. I shop just like you do to save money to feed myself and be able to have a roof over my head. We have a salvation army right here in a small town, That’s where I do most of my shopping. So no your not paying any tax dollars on me. As for the disabled vets they deserve it. I donate money to them to help them out. They are my hero’s as they have fought and are fighting for our country. Show some compassion or think before you say something that you don’t even know about. yes i am white and proud of it.


      not to mention the new cadillac’s and other high end cars they have parked in front of their shacks.

  • tony curti

    What we really need to relieve the stress we live under as Americans is not less deodorant, it’s less bullshit that needs to be deodorized.

    • jwright673

      Spot on Tony. Remember though, libtards think it’s possible to pick up a turd by the clean end…

    • teachersaide

      Well said! With ALL the BS coming out of Washington DC, courtesy of the LIBERAL so called MSM, WE probably NEED at least 20-30 more NEW deodorants.

  • mac12sam12

    Anybody see the movie Ideocracy?

  • GoodBusiness

    Think he has been sniffing the deodorants for too long.

  • tony curti

    Demtard BRAND…when only the best in absolute ignorance will do……

  • jbusm

    He beyond left field! Sounds like hes way out in outer space! Wow!

  • Cliff Britt

    Bernie Sanders, the House Represent from a small wooded area in New England, finds is advantageous to call himself a Socialist rather than the Communist he is. Of course we all know what Socialists and Communists do to an economy. In case you don’t know, just take a look at Venezuela and the Castros’ paradise in Cuba.

  • gpicha

    Really, just another oniggar troll that lives on his own planet. Shut this MFer up before he does more damage.

  • Mys77

    And there are democrats giving money to his campaign? Unbelievable…but believable when it comes to the dumb demonrats.

    • eagle keeper

      When you as a political party are scraping the bottom of the barrell, and the list of candidates is limited to folks who in most communities wouldn’t possess the credentials to qualify for dog catcher, what else can one expect out of liberal democrats. But if you are not a self starter, like sitting on your behind and have everything provided for you because someone else has the determination to stand on their own two feet and have a “job”, you might be a democrat. It’s just the way they roll.

  • Eric Carter

    He a liberalism right? Or a dumbass Democract? But somehow he to stupid to be president or a Congressman! Were he from must be full of stupid people!

    • Sheldon Lawrence

      Eric … Calm down.. Say I am, you are, we are , they are, is he, are they, he is, she is, the are, was he, he is

  • Ibcamn

    ???really???……total liberal moron!

  • John Chism

    Logical analysis is that if you want Hillary, you put people like Sanders out there running to show people Hillary is not so bad. The same goes for the RINO Republicans that want Bush and you have Trump and other’s as distractions who don’t have a chance of winning, and dividing the voter’s that are conservatives with half a dozen candidates running…will put Hillary as the next President. Wake up and get behind one candidate that wins the Primary and don’t divide the votes if you want a Right thinking president.

    • John Chism

      What I’m saying…I’d vote for Rubio, Cruz or Paul in a heartbeat if they won the primary. But if those lost the primary and Bush, Christi or Trump won it with a wide margin over the ones I like and more associate with on their principles…then I’d vote for the one most likely to get the most votes and could win. If I voted for someone that doesn’t have a chance to actually win, I’d be throwing away my vote and give the Democrat primary winner more of a chance to get enough votes to win the election over the RINO Republican I don’t like, but could live with them, more than I could with Hillary or Sanders.

      • mustangsallyann

        You hit the nail on the head. They keep putting up the abundance of idjiot’s and we don’t ever stand a chance. And it looks like that just what they’re trying to do again. Makes you wonder if we really have even one truly good rep at all.

        • John Chism

          If you took all the voters that voted for a candidate on the right that was not McCain and if they had voted for McCain he would have won by Popular Vote – not Obama. The same happened for Romney, all the votes for other candidates killed the Popular Vote. But both McCain and Romney won the Republican Primaries. The Electoral Vote could have been overridden by a good Popular Vote. Numbers matter. The Leftist know this. They back their Primary Winner and the rest step back – mostly – to give that candidate the advantage of winning. But the Right are so divided in their opinions of who they want over the ones they do not want, spreading the votes out thinly, that we lose to the Leftist.

          • mustangsallyann

            Isn’t that infuriating? You’d think they’d be happy just to have the win but they’re actually fine hurting everyone in the country over childish tantrum’s when they don’t win what they think they should. That’s not looking out for our best interest at all. That’s just playing what I call the, Top this m’er f’er game. We need to get rid of them all, one by one. Until then we don’t stand a chance. I’m sure glad my confidence and vote are on God. In the end He wins it all. God Bless you and yours. Sallyann

  • Barmaid51

    Here’s a thought, maybe he’s running to be Hilary’s VPOTUS and be her version of Obama’s Crazy Uncle Joe Biden. They’re definitely brothers from a another mother.

  • jwright673

    It is bernie sanders afterall. Calling him a liberal would be gracious – he is a card-carrying idiot and pretty close to being a communist in my mind.

  • wsurfs .

    I will NEVER understand this concrete, small, unimaginative, limited, irrelevant, banal, anal, stupid “thinking”….!! It boggles the mind…! It is hard for me to believe that there are actual, real people out there who think this way…!!!

  • wsurfs .

    The florocarbons from all those aerosol deodorants have given Old Bernie an acute case of global warming of the BRAIN…!!

  • Sheldon Lawrence

    Poor Bernie, convoluted thinking.. The American way (not)

  • Carolkitfox

    DemoCRAPS/Liberals = lying morons and he is one of them, just like Clintons and Obama’s for a few.

  • nancyheath

    Sanders comment taken out of context. BTW, neo conservatives have been “redistributing” income to upper 10% (especially the 1%) for last 40 years. My biggest peeve, extending copyrights from 21 years in 1974 to 100 yrs in early 2000s. “Old fashioned” Republicans including many in my family, just rolled over in their graves at racist comments below, WiseAss. OOPS! I mean Wiseguy.

  • nancyheath

    I believe I have just been censored!

  • nancyheath

    As I was saying, Sanders comment was taken out of context. Neo conservatives have been “redistributing” income to upper 10% (especially 1%) during past 40 years. My biggest pet peeve , neo conservatives extended copyright law from 21 years in 1975 to over 100 years by early 2000s. Proud, old style Republicans would roll over in their graves from racist comments below.

    • cutterguy

      you ever hear of soros, Kerry, Clintons, buffett? oh I am sorry. I just heard they were all broke. there are more libs for this list, but my typing finger has other opinions to enter.

      • nancyheath

        I may/may not agree politically with any of the 4 people you mention. The only one I admire is Warren Buffet. I don’t have a problem with wealthy people, I have major problem with GREEDY people. I was TWA flight attendant for 20 yrs. Carl Icahn took over TWA with Junk Bonds, cut all employee pay in half (beginning with FAs), terminated $1 Billion pension fund, reestablished fund (pocketing 1/2 Billion for himself, took company into 3 bankruptcies before selling (then) debt ridden company to employees! Big business mantra when Reagan fired PATCO was “Have your way with labor…). Right to Work (for less) laws. There is no such thing as a “death tax”, what we used to have was an effective Estate Tax. Pet peeve I mentioned (being a writer) Sonny Bono & Republican congress in 1976 lengthened copyright law from 21 yrs to 40 yrs. Reagan signed it. I believe it was 2003, when Republican controlled congress passed what was referred to as the “Disney Corporate Welfare Act” in which copyright was extended to 100 yrs. So, when you have to pay HULU for reruns, thank “W” & pals. Not to mention crazy patents which are good for 70 yrs (not positive of that number, but much longer than 21 for sure) for inventors who cannot get their products to market because they can’t afford legal fees to fight off multi-national corps who claim copyright infringement…

        • cutterguy

          If buffett is so clean explain his purchase of Burlington northern (a big oil shipper) after obama shut down key stone. they are good butties. could there be a connection? don’t blame all the ills on conservatives and leave out the liberals. my point is that not all rich people are conservatives.

          • theicecube

            Actually Buffet acquired Burlington way before “O” nixed Keystone. Sounds a little like insider trading but there must have been enough time to not look suspicious. By the way it has been reported the trains are running so heavy that the buildings in the small towns the oil trains go through are starting to crumble from the vibrations. I wonder if “O” took that into account before crushing Keystone.

          • cutterguy

            ok. point is o’s buddy will profit by shut down of keystone, right?

          • theicecube

            Absolutely. My point was, Buffet probably new waaaay before that it was not going to be approved. Why else would he buy the train unless it was for speculation?

          • cutterguy


    • eagle keeper

      Well at least the “neo conservatives” haven’t had everything handed to them. They actually have to get off their butts and go out into the market place and have a good or service to “sell”. No one gave them anything and everything in life. When was the last time you saw a poor person standing on a street corner hire another person to do anything?? Not going to happen any time soon.

  • nancyheath

    This is very curious. I will now see if I get same censorship from a liberal site. At which point, I will write letter to editors.

  • John Green

    him or Obama or Hillary or the ones who would vote for them which one is most ignorant?

  • ralph

    If there are children unfed or underfed in this country, we have a problem because we do look at other things so much important then food , love and security of the home; like calling others less then ourselves . This must give the name callers real egoes which they can live with. Call someone a name does not represent the truth only a person’s low level of their own thinking and low,low position in this world.

  • ADRoberts

    I have seen it 30 plus years ago. I had the opportunity to do fire inspections. The local steak house said that on weekends the children of minorityies were dropped off with a $20 and left for the evening.
    The rest of the week, they might not eat. But it was more important for the parents to be able to party on the weekends than feed the kids during the week. And since they were raised this way, that is exactly how they will raise their children.

    • searambler

      So why are you talking about HEAR SAY. Were you psychic?

  • jerry young

    what does it matter what deodorant or shoes I choose when it comes to taking care of Americas hungry? when our government gives billions to other countries for any reason but refuses to take care of America first! feed, clothe, house and make sure all Americans have jobs before you give to others, before you allow illegals to stay here stealing jobs from Americans! b.s. is an idiot! as I said before isn’t it funny what his initials stand for? BS

    • eagle keeper

      Yea, like $150 billion in gold bullion to the Iranians for the “nuke deal” !! Now that’s taking care of your fellow poor and hungry Americans. Who says the democrats are not for the people ??

  • Nastasyana

    Interesting! I have had the same thought. I went to the supermarket to buy spaghetti sauce and was overwhelmed by the variety within the same brand. Why do we need this? How much food is wasted every year by over saturation of markets? What happens to the spaghetti sauce that expires and is not sold?
    I am often amazed to shop at Bloomingdale’s or Saks and see the clothing on sale. The clothing is manufactured in other countries. What happens to the clothing that no one buys?

    I am confused by the people who talk about the importance of family planning and them condemn birth control or its being covered by health insurance.

    I am sure each one of us knows someone who abuses the system (I really don’t). However, I would rather see my taxes go to real people than subsidize corporations that hire people in India and the Philippines to do jobs that Americans can do….and this goes for call centers and making spaghetti sauce.

    • John Chism

      Dear “confused” Nastasyana you must be from a Communist or Socialist background or country – a rich one at that to be able to shop at Saks or Bloomingdale’s – and not have a clue what having a Free Market Society is. There are over 7.4 Billion people on Earth and just over 317 Million live in the USA that over half have come from other countries in the past century who have out numbered those who have families been here for over a century and settled North America for over 500 years that in the past 239 years has been prosperous because of what Marx called Capitalism, but is actually a Free Trade System. Supply and Demand opens choices to the people and what the people do not want fails and gets discarded, while what people do want is kept. So a store gets products from a manufacturer and if it doesn’t sell very good, the store doesn’t reorder it at that store, but it may sell better at another one of their stores somewhere else, while what people really liked at the first store, the other store could not sell because they liked the other type. But if you only have one choice and no one likes it and will not buy it, the company fails to profit and goes out of business bankrupt, offering a variety serves a larger population with different tastes. Advanced processing and packaging extended shelf life of most products and others last longer with advanced preservatives. Waste is minimized by Discount type stores that buy bulk of products not used in one area that go to other areas that buy it. With things like you see in those high priced stores that the sale price is still a profit to that store, what is not sold goes to other Discount Stores as out of date fashion designs that those not as rich as you buy it. But you would rather not support a company that employs people that need jobs just to survive on low minimum wages to high union wages because the people at the top make a lot of money. But you would rather see higher prices for products, if these corporations paid over paid telemarketing firms that pay minimum wages to their employees here in the USA and not give jobs to people in other countries that have even greater inequality between their rich and near slave wages, and with those higher priced products sold here making it harder for the poorer Americans to afford them. Any time government interferes with the Free Market it creates Fascism and that is socialist capitalism, and that is in America because of the Leftist ideologies starting a century ago. Today no one knows what it would be like if true Free Markets / Free Trade happened…because of crony capitalism.

  • eg8tr

    He is and always was as dumb as a Gore.

  • Warpaint

    Wow, now I see what acid flashbacks are like!

  • depaz

    If choosing a deodorant is causing you that much stress, get thee to a shrink, ’cause you need help!!


    What a nut! He would be at home in Russia with all his comrades and democrats. ever notice how democRAT HAS RAT IN THE END

    • Tweety

      It does, but I prefer to call them what they really are…demonazi’s, since there is nothing about anything that they say or do that is remotely close to democratic!

  • KeithP

    He/it is a democrat candidate–not democratic. Interesting how the dems have embraced the socialist. Kennedy’s party has come a long way! Wow! To use Michael Savage’s phrase: liberalism is a mental disorder.

  • Prez.Obama, then a President Sanders would only be another four years of a President who is so ignorant of economics he TOO would be another leader that does not possess even basic bookkeeping skills enough to run a grammar school bake sale without bankrupting it