Billions of Dollars Spent Educating Millennials Gone Shockingly Wrong

2288756814_4d70a9970bAs  society, we’ve spent billions of dollars educating today’s youth.

Bernie Sanders is proposing we spend even more and provide free college to all.

But the truth is this:

If this education doesn’t teach the fundamental lessons of history, human nature, and how money really works in society, it’s all wasted.

A new survey from YouGov finds that millennials have more favorable views of socialism than of capitalism.

As Santayana said, those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Less than two decades after socialism seemed to have been confined to the dust-heap of history, another generation may have to learn hard lessons.

The survey, taken at the end of January, found that 43 percent of Americans under 30 had a favorable view of socialism. Less than a third of millennials had a favorable view of capitalism. No other age or ethnic demographic preferred socialism over capitalism.

Go ahead kids, jump on your iPhones, post a SnapChat, spread it on Facebook and Twitter…

You know, all those wonderful socialist social media tools of today.

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