Bono Declares War On Trump

In an interview with Rolling Stone published Wednesday, U2 lead singer Bono declared war on President Donald Trump. “There’s a bully on the bully pulpit and silence is not an option,” said the iconic, activist singer.

Bono addressed Trump’s presidency repeatedly in the interview, at times specifically prompted by the interviewer. In one question, Rolling Stone asked the singer about an overtly political change in one of the band’s most famous songs, “Bullet the Blue Sky,” during a performance on The Tonight Show just weeks before the election. Bono added some lyrics that were “unambiguously” about then-candidate Trump. (Transcript of Bono’s extended rant about Trump in the song at Dreamfest below.)

“Is that a sign you’re going to become (even more) vocal about the dangers he poses to the world?” the interviewer asked.

“It is a little bit of a departure as I’ve always believed in working across the aisle as an anti-poverty activist but this isn’t a matter of right or left,” said Bono. “There’s a bully on the bully pulpit and silence is not an option.”

Earlier in the interview, Bono was asked if “the chaos of Brexit, Trump and everything else” shaped the direction of the new album, Songs of Experience. “Would it have been a very different album had those things not happened?” the interviewer asked.

“On the latter part of the question, it’s hard to quantify but I would say the emotional temperature is up about 25 percent,” said Bono.

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    • The Redman

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    • Rickey Hnath

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  • Knight56

    “There’s a bully on the bully pulpit and silence is not an option,”

    The left has been bulling the right for the past 30 years with the PC MSM. If a baker doesn’t want to make a cake for an LGBT wedding because of religious reasons he gets bullied by the left until he’s out of business.

    If parents let their children walk home from the park they get arrested and bullied by the left because they are “free range” parents and unfit to raise children.

    I could go on all day. But the point is, Trump has spoken for the NON-PC folks out there and that is why he’s president. Bono is correct, there is a bully pulpit and silence is not an option anymore, that is why we elected Trump, he will not allow us to be bullied any longer.


    • The Redman

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    • Roger Rock

      100% correct on all points.

    • Virginia White

      U2 seems to forget that their income is dependent on people buying their music? That can dry up over night.

  • HDMania

    Bono is jumping on the liberal demorat idiot train..the lefties are the only bullies around here..

    • The Redman

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  • phenry

    Was bono referring to the same UN peace keepers that rape women wherever they are assigned? And is bono in shock to learn that the world is a evil and dangerous place with most nations being run by dictators and warmongers bent on genocide?
    All of a sudden, everything is Trumps fault. The left is just being more irrational and violent as they can’t accept defeat, true diversity and the fact that most Americans do not buy their lies and propaganda anymore.

  • shamu9

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  • Oscar Pearson

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