DACA Deal Solely Reliant On Border Wall

Representative Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee recently gave her very honest opinion on the wall between US and Mexico. She labeled the situation as “imperative.”

Here is what she said, “It is something that is not just important, I would say it is imperative.”

“When you look at how we go about this, it is really pretty simple. The president has laid out his requirements. The Democrats want to address the issue with Dreamers. The president has said we have to have a border wall, and we have to have funding for that wall, we have to end chain migration, and we have to end this ridiculous visa lottery system which continues to cause problems. So, he has put those issues on the table and he has invited the Democrats to the table. It is up to them, but I hope they accept his invitation and get to the table so we can stress these issues.”

“I think it is disrespectful of their constituents and the American people if they do not come to the table and accept the offer to sit down and try to work this out”

She continued by saying, “The president has said these are the things I’m putting on the table that I want and invited them to come and work with him on it. They owe it to their constituents to do this—they owe it to the Dreamers to do this. They say they’re concerned about the Dreamers, so if they are they should say ‘thank you Mr. President,’ and ‘we’re going to come work with you, we know we’re not going to agree on every point but let’s see where we can find some agreement.’ For us [Republicans], it is we want to secure the border, end chain migration, and end this visa lottery. So let’s see what they’re willing to discuss.”

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