DACA Deal Solely Reliant On Border Wall

Representative Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee recently gave her very honest opinion on the wall between US and Mexico. She labeled the situation as “imperative.”

Here is what she said, “It is something that is not just important, I would say it is imperative.”

“When you look at how we go about this, it is really pretty simple. The president has laid out his requirements. The Democrats want to address the issue with Dreamers. The president has said we have to have a border wall, and we have to have funding for that wall, we have to end chain migration, and we have to end this ridiculous visa lottery system which continues to cause problems. So, he has put those issues on the table and he has invited the Democrats to the table. It is up to them, but I hope they accept his invitation and get to the table so we can stress these issues.”

“I think it is disrespectful of their constituents and the American people if they do not come to the table and accept the offer to sit down and try to work this out”

She continued by saying, “The president has said these are the things I’m putting on the table that I want and invited them to come and work with him on it. They owe it to their constituents to do this—they owe it to the Dreamers to do this. They say they’re concerned about the Dreamers, so if they are they should say ‘thank you Mr. President,’ and ‘we’re going to come work with you, we know we’re not going to agree on every point but let’s see where we can find some agreement.’ For us [Republicans], it is we want to secure the border, end chain migration, and end this visa lottery. So let’s see what they’re willing to discuss.”

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  • Helene Pham

    the democrats leaders are all crooks want to get our money to support all illegals in the DACCA program to have green cards, ca work legit , but still want the other programs to bring their parents relatives. to .this country. They want use our hard earned money to bring more illegal over our country at our expenses. So Democrats are traitors, they don’t care for American but all for Muslims and illegals from all over the world so what is left for American.That is the program Obama brought 900000 illegals in DACCA program over here , falsified papers as a children to get easy accept without verifying back ground. It is Obama the Muslim wanted to destroy our country, one day with the mass Muslim illegals, refugees our country will become the Muslim country. America exist no more on the world map.

    • The Redman

      white-folks R some of the worst crooks, and terrorist in the world. white-folks-(98%)-have had a hate wall up 4 many ah yrs. hahahahhahahahhahahahah

      • Richard Pope

        . . . . You are the racist here. You take a great big brush and label all white folks as being crooks and you implied that we are racist. I am not and have never been a crook or a racist.
        . . . . Loving our country, being a Patriot, and telling the truth is not wrong. You should either go back to school, learn how to use the English Language in the proper manner, pledge allegiance to our flag, and serve in the military for at least two years. If you aren’t willing to do these things then please pack your bags and get on the first plane going to the middle east or nk.
        America: Love It or Leave It!
        GOD Bless and GOD Help us,

        • The Redman

          There’s no hope 4 a stupid “pope” like U. I posted dat “98%” of U inbred white-folks R some of the worst terrorist in the world”. most of yo kind R “patriots” bigotry, and live in denial of it. I write as I do B cause I refuse 2 B attached 2 anything of no good white-folks like U, and will NEVER “pledge an allegiance” 2 a stupid (idol)flag. white-folks like U, ruined America from ever B coming a u.s.–hahahhahahahahahhahah. Lil “rich” in inbreeding.

  • The Redman

    Hater white-folks have had a hate “wall” up in america 4 many, many yrs, and R in every country trying 2 take over it. hahahahahahhahahahahahhahaha

  • david mason

    Deport all illegals,Build the wall

  • daffeyduck

    damned honkies

  • kings kid

    It is simple. Illegals need to do the necessary paperwork or go back home. If we did what they are doing and make demands in another country, we would be thrown in jail. As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t even have gotten to the demand part. If they found us to be illegals, we would have been immediately thrown in jail! The Democrats just want the votes. They don’t care what happens to this country.