BREAKING : Comey Allegedly Under Investigation

Circa News’ Sara Carter reported FBI General Counsel James A. Baker and, “close confidant” of former FBI head James Comey, is allegedly under investigation for leaking classified information to the media.

The explosive claim comes amid heated discussions about leaks coming from disloyal staffers from within the Trump White House.

Circa reports:

 FBI General Counsel James A. Baker is purportedly under a Department of Justice criminal investigation for allegedly leaking classified national security information to the media, according to multiple government officials close to the probe who spoke with Circa on the condition of anonymity.

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  • Dickens10

    About flipping time! Lynch, Hillary, Wasserman-Shultz…the bunch of them. Investigate it all.

    • The Redman

      All of dem crooked white-folks. hahahahhahaaha

  • Oscar Pearson

    Nail all of them.

  • Gen11American

    If James Comey is only “allegedly” under investigation, I don’t want to hear about it! I only want to hear confirmed reports from Congress that he’s going to be punished for leaking classified information to the New York Times via a buddy working at Columbia. And only when I read reports which clearly indicate that Barack Obama, Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, Huma Abedin, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Brennan, and the corrupt witch at the IRS who denied tax-exempt status to Conservative groups during the 2012 election to assure Obama won a second treasonous term are punished for the damage they have done to our national security, and to the social fabric of our nation!, will I cease writing scathing blogs and angry tweets to our asinine officials! If nothing else, every one of them should be stripped of their taxpayer-funded pensions and Cadillac healthcare plans. Why should they be living on “Easy Street,” sucking taxpayers dry, while Americans suffer their treason?!

    • Marq George

      Gen11American I don’t believe any of them will face charges, it is nothing but talk, since they are all colluding against, “We the people”.

      • Gen11American

        I hope with all my heart you’re wrong but my instincts and many years of observation of the DC Swamp convince me you’re right. When it comes to protecting the members of the political class, political parties don’t mean a hill of beans, and We The People are worth next to nothing because we can all be easily replaced with cheap foreigners.

  • Edafese George Alakpa

    why just him and not others like Lynch, Clintons etc