Caitlyn Jenner: White House Is Wrong, Rand Is Right


The Vanity Fair Cover of Bruce Caitlyn Jenner created a media and social media sensation.

Everyone seemed to be talking about it.

Including Obama puppet master, Valerie Jarrett.

Here’s Jarrett’s Tweet in praise of Jenner:


Of course, the White House “ReTweeted” their support.

Regardless of the scientific evidence of transgender conversion, one’s personal support or disgust of Jenner’s actions, and the media firestorm around all of this, is this really the place for government to step in?

When it comes to our private lives and sex life, do we really want the government taking sides and endorsing- or condemning- individual sexual preferences?

Rand Paul thinks the government should remain as neutral as possible in these instances.

“I think that government should not ask about your personal life,” said Paul. “I would make that a rule—government shouldn’t ask about your personal life when you apply to anything. It would be wrong for the government to discriminate based on anything like that. But then, I don’t know what that exactly means. You get into [questions like] can you sue over it? The government ought to be as neutral as possible.”

The White Hose should have remained silent on Jenner’s personal choice.

Did they really need to seize this opportunity to shore up support of their LGBT base?

It’s an emotionally charged issue. Regardless of your own personal feelings about it, any government statement only serves to further divide us.

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