We Cannot Even Trust The Children Of The Middle East – Here Is Why

48519917 - time bomb with turkish flag. 3d rendering

On Sunday, August 22, at a wedding in Turkey, a suicide bomber killed upwards of fifty people. The bomber is estimated to be between twelve and fourteen years old. Turkey has blamed ISIS for the blast, which occurred in an area only about thirty-five miles away from Syria where much ISIS activity occurs.

Those of us against Syrian refugees coming to America have been accused of being afraid of women and children. However, we should be!

This attack is a reminder that no one group can be described as innocent. Even the women and children, supposedly innocent and harmless groups, are not exempt from the radical ideas of ISIS and can be used to carry out terror attacks. No one in this area is spared from being exposed to those ideals.

Children are being used for suicide bombings. That is a disgusting fact. Whether this adolescent carried the attack out on his own or because he was ordered to is not what is important. What matters is that he did it.

This is a perfect case for not allowing refugees here. Even if the young man was not himself a Syrian refugee, he was from an area near Syria heavily controlled by ISIS. There is no way to weed out who among them is innocent and who among them has bad intentions, and if we do not know, they do not belong here.

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