Liberal Activists Claim this Restaurant’s Name Is Racist, But Is It Really?

Peter Turner opened his first restaurant in Colorado, almost twenty years ago. He named it Illegal Pete’s, in part to honor his father and also because that was the name of a bar in a favorite novel. The first restaurant has been so successful it has become a chain. It’s not just customers who like the place – many of Turner’s employees have been with him since the beginning, and the average tenure is nine years.

Now Turner is attempting to open a seventh restaurant in Fort Collins, and he’s facing opposition. Liberal activists are demanding he eliminate the world “illegal” on the basis it is racist. In a response on his blog, Turner said he wouldn’t be making any changes. Instead, he told the complainers:

We welcome you, and all humans, to visit our restaurant; to get to know us, and to form your own opinion, and hopefully create a meaningful relationship with Illegal Pete’s.

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  • The signs of the end times are everywhere…

    As we witness such things as the spread of globalism, the building of a one-world church, the increase of wickedness, the breakdown of the traditional family, the destruction of that priceless bastion of liberty called America, the normalization of homosexuality, the callous murder of babies, the filthy pop culture, the breathtaking increase in governmental surveillance, we become fearful, uncertain, frustrated, angry, and discouraged, but this is because our minds and hearts are too focused on things of this world rather than things above. Too often we have the same short view that “conservative” unbelievers have rather than the long view that comes from the light of Bible prophecy…

    The devil is the god of this world, and his handiwork is evident everywhere, but he is not God and he is not in control of the times and the seasons…..

    “Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: And he changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding” (Dan. 2:20-21)…..

    We should stand in the confidence that the present evil is exceedingly temporary and will soon be cut down.

    Come Lord Jesus.

    Please visit our Bible Prophecy website at:

    • Sandy Buchanan

      Amen and Amen. I do NOT like what is happening but I LOVE what is going to happen, from Heaven. We are to be strangers and aliens in this world and focus on our real home which is in Heaven. Hallelujah.

      • Better days are coming.

        • patriot 86

          can’t be too soon for this american.

          • Ben

            Ray, I’ve just been reading “discus_s…” and was surprised to read the request that you keep your comments “short and sweet”. I think you have mastered the art of “sound bite” communication. Sometimes, I’ve wished you would say more. I tend to “ramble on” in an attempt to head off being misunderstood. It’s rough saying something and a listener goes away with an entirely different opinion about what you said. You say so little, but I think it comes through quite clearly.

      • wine lady

        …………but only for a brief time and then you incarnate again. What kind of world will you come back to and what will b your role.

        • Ben

          You better figure it out for yourself, wine lady.

          • William Burke

            And NO CHEATING!!

      • Ben

        Who could deny this world wants to alienate and estrange Christians?

        • Town Crier

          Not, the Muslims, no… They just want us to convert or DIE!

          • Candice Hiler

            I guess the Muslims are too stupid to understand that if they kill Christians who die in Christ, they will live forever in God’s kingdom of Heaven. The muslims then don’t gain a thing, but have contributed to the strengthening of God’s army.

    • Frank C.

      You are a hypocrite! You profess GOD and Jesus, yet you judge others when only GOD should. It amazes me how conservatives and the Religious Reich hide behind religion in the name of hate and bigotry. From your photo, it appears that you were / are in the military, but after reading your comments, I have my doubts. Most service people fight for and defend all citizens of this great country, they don’t pick and choose who deserves their service. If you are in the military, than shame on you for not being a stand up service member. If you’re not in the military, than shame on you for pretending to be a respected member of the military service!

      • brucefandrews

        It would appear that you are not a believer in Christ Jesus. I pray you will find GOD before it is too late. Satan will attack Christians more and more but in Christs name we have the victory. With the gospel armor we are able to find off the fiery darts of Satan!

        • patriot 86

          Amen brother ‘ let him do his worst ‘ in the end GOD will have the final say.

      • Ben

        You give evidence against yourself, and establish that you jump to conclusions.
        (1) Jumping to the conclusion “Ray” is or was, Military. He may well have been, but you jump to another conclusion:
        (2) You think military people have no right to an opinion, or that their willingness to fight to protect your opinions does not extend to them? You confuse them with our politicians, who regularly pass laws, exempting themselves from the burdon of those laws.
        (3) How would you know what sort of service he did in the military, or not?

        Do you not understand that from the earliest days of this Republic, it was established that putting on a uniform, and serving in the Armed Forces, was not to be construed as giving up your citizenship. In other words, we do not lay aside our citizenship to serve in the military. Evidence of that can be found in the UCMJ, if you care about it.

      • conductor1

        What the hell are you talking about? The subject here was forcing the owner of a business to change its name for the sake of liberal political correctness. I don’t need God to tell me political correctness is a destructive acid eating away at the foundations of our country. I see nothing in Ray’s post to disparage the military. Hate and bigotry? Look in the mirror. Despite a lot of photo op “support”, it is liberals who go out of their way to disparage law enforcement and weaken the military. Will it really be a surprise if police and military stop putting their lives on the line for folks that bash them. They are human, too.

        • Charles L. Mays

          God moves in mysterious ways conductor1. Maybe HE is talking directly to you but you are not listening!
          Perhaps He wants you to surrender your will to Him so that He can save you from all that is taking place on this corrupt world. If you were the only one living on this globe, He would have come to die for you on Calvary’s Cross over 2,000 yrs. ago. Be still and listen to His still, strong voice in your soul (John 3:16)

          • conductor1

            Speaking out against political correctness has nothing to do with my relationship to God. He doesn’t like PC either, and I hope you don’t. “The know-it-alls stray far from the knowledge of God.” – Psalm 73:11.

      • gingergirl

        Relax, Frank. Everything that Ray says is prophesized. Of course, I believe that most posting here will fight for our country, but so many feel impotent in the face of so much evil, we cling to our faith, our love of God, and the knowledge that better times are coming.

      • disqus_gUN4eyLbyu

        The same way you freak en liberals hid behind the famous now RACE Card
        you all love to throw around when any thing does not go your way.

      • Sue4477

        Who, exactly, did Ray judge? I must have missed that.

    • brucefandrews

      Amen and thank you for the website. I will visit often.
      GOD bless

    • disqus_sTpvkg7Dzr

      Please stay on topic. YES I am religious, and yes I agree this once great country is going to Hell in a hand basket. But you don’t need to lay it on so thick, short and sweet will do so we will all know you are a person of religion. Remember “the Lord helps them that helps themselves” so lets fix this problem.

      • Ben

        Am I to understand you are religious? If you are, can you tell me where to find the quote you mentioned? (Remember “the Lord helps them that helps themselves”…) has been quoted for years, and in many situations, but no one ever told me it was from some Holy Book, or religious denomination. I always thought it was from people who really didn’t believe in God (sort of like saying, “don’t hold your breath”). I ask because I’m certain it is not in the Bible, which is the sum total of everything I think God has had to say to his sinful, fallen world.

        • disqus_sTpvkg7Dzr

          I never said it was a religious quote or in any religious book but it is a very good and ranks right up there with don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. So please stay on topic with what the conversation is.

    • gingergirl

      Thank you, Ray. I have read your words before, and they always bring me comfort. I get stressed sometimes when I see where we are headed, not only as people but as a country, and your words make me step back (mentally), take a deep breath and remember the larger picture. Thank you.

  • WiSe GuY

    Bring back Sambo’s restaurant.

    • Thomas

      I like beaner’s but Sambo’s was my favorite for breakfast. I was told Obama said if you like your Latino you can keep your Latino under his new plan but after Obama care I don;t believe anything he says.

      • hangman

        You probably don’t believe he is Irish, either, and that his father fought in the second world war at the age of four?

      • Carolkitfox

        Smart because every time Ovomit opens his mouth he is lying, AND if he ever told the truth his dick would fall off, all he knows is lies.

        • Anthony

          Lol……..I agree with you %100 about ovomit!! Thank you so much for the laugh.

    • lrn2play

      I wish you could see just how hard I am laughing. That was a good one. lol

    • Julia

      Good One! Political correctness can GFI!

    • hangman

      I should open a ‘Mojado’s taqueria’.

    • WilliamHarrington

      And Topsy’s restaurant also.

    • Ben

      Yes, Yes, Yes. I really enjoyed their pancakes and syrup. Been gone now since the early 1970’s; I think.

    • Frank J Panzer Jr

      I wish they would, didn’t know many people knew of Sambo’, thank you

    • Mike

      Yeah! They were great, especially for breakfasts! And no one even cared about the name!

    • Scarlett


  • CaptTurbo

    I was thinking of opening a joint named Beaner’s

    • WiSe GuY

      How about Barney’s Beanery?

      • CaptTurbo

        Not offensive enough to the cock roaches for me. 😉

  • Maggietish

    Illegal doesn’t have any connection to a particular race. Anyone could come in to the United States illegally regardless of what their heritages. Obviously the Liberals have too much time on their hands, probably because they’re sitting on their butts collecting welfare and food stamps, but they have to drum up these courses that make no sense at all. Perhaps it would be a good idea for them to get a job and start paying taxes instead of living off the blood sweat and tears of the working class of the United States. The only racists here are the liberals

    • Lonnie

      You know some of us did work and pay into the taxes for food stamps and disability income and I am legal think before you talk.

      • Maggietish

        This is in reply too Lonnie. I do think before I speak and I believe what I say. Illegals are just that, they are illegally here in the United States. I work two jobs just to survive and I’ve never gotten any welfare or food stamps nor would I expect to. The government is not my source of income. People who work in the United States should pay taxes so do you expect to be applauded for that? You say that you’ve worked and paid taxes and are on Medicaid and food stamps so are you saying because of the taxes that you may have paid for the period of time you’ve been in the United States illegally that justifies you getting entitlements from the government for the rest of your life. The enticements that you are rnjoying are all paid by United States citizens who have paid their taxes for a lifetime

        • Lonnie

          born and raised in U.S.A. like my mom and dad and there mom and dad and on and on, the reason we pay taxes is in part for when we get sick or injured and can’t work two jobs. Are you that dumb or are you acting as your other job?

  • peter

    He should name the restaurant “liberals are illegal.”

  • steven

    F the messcan kocksuckers.

    • Frank C.

      What an intelectual you prove yourself to be! Hee haw

  • eddie47

    The only ones I see complaining about Illegal Pete’s have been Conservatives who don’t like the name “illegal”. What a phony headline!

    • Steven

      You are a bold faced LIAR, and everyone reading your BS comment knows it. Conservatives don’t complain about this sort of thing, and actually USE the term illegal. Anyone that believes otherwise is WILLFULLY ignorant. As you are not willfully ignorant, you must be lying about hearing ANY conservatives complaining.

      • James D

        We use the term “illegal” every time we mention the President.

        • Steven

          How is your comment a response to my comment? It sounds more like a reply to dedie47.

          • James D

            “Conservatives don’t complain about this sort of thing, and actually USE the term illegal.”. Just agreeing with you. But if it will make you feel better I’ll delete it, and this one too. Let me know.

      • eddie47

        Conservatives believe that Pete is an ILLEGAL and should be deported. Conservatives complain about that all the time so I believe you are the one being “willfully ignorant”.

        • Steven

          NO, conservatives DO NOT believe Pete is an illegal. MORONS don’t even believe Pete is an illegal. LIARS claim to believe you are not a troll.

        • CA Loser

          You again? Give it up

          • eddie47

            Steve told a fib and I fixed it. Do you have a problem with telling the truth?

    • lrn2play

      Didn’t you mean liberals? any conservatives I know would get a kick out of it.

    • ernaldin

      I can see eddie(47IQ) is still doorknob dumb….

      • eddie47

        I think I picked you out of a box a rocks last week!

        • ernaldin

          Hmmm, I think I wiped part of you off mt a$$ this AM….

          • eddie47

            Do you wipe and eat with those hands?

    • Carolkitfox

      Still a brainless liberal I see. But you have no idea what your yapping about because you have no brain anyway.

      • eddie47

        Yada Yada Boo Hoo!

  • Doug1962

    I’m sure it would cost the owner to change the name. But if those lefties want him to change the name, they can pay him the money out of their pockets.

  • JimH

    What does the word “illegal” have to do with race? It just means a violation of the law, by anyone of any race.

    • Rudy McGillvray

      Read the above comment by myself

    • Ben

      I had not noticed that Illegal aliens were in anyone’s mind as a race of people until you opened your mind to the public. Why do you have this preconception that race must have something to do with it? I do applaud your effort to recognize that aliens who are not here legally are illegally here. Perhaps you are just so closed minded that offence comes at you from every direction.

      • JimH

        Hi Ben.The article is about some people who believe the name “Illegal Pete’s” is racist.
        I’m questioning why they believe race is involved. How does that make me closed minded?
        If I saw the restaurant for the first time I would have wondered what Pete did.
        The fact it isn’t called “Illegal Pedro’s”(Spanish for Peter), lets me know he isn’t an illegal alien.:-)

        • Ben

          It appears to me that I’ve misunderstood your posting. Sorry if I’ve caused confusion on that. Perhaps it was a predisposition based upon the articles title: “…Restaurant’s name racist…”.

      • Edward M Ritzmann Jr

        Illegal is on the minds of these damn Liberals.


      I would imagine that they associate the word “illegal: with illegal aliens and they claim that people who complain about illegal aliens are Racist.

      • DLynn

        I’m glad to see the word “claim”. I have worked with the Mexican community for many years tutoring in English and assisting in other areas with legal issues. My husband and I helped a Mexican family for over a year rebuild their home after Hurricane Charlie destroyed it. During that year I worked relentlessly within their community distributing clothing and food to those in need. I have a daughter-in-law that is Mexican and the mother of my 3 grandsons. My ex son-in-law is Mexican and the father of my two grandsons. We brought a child from St. Lucia West Indies to live with us for 6 months for medical treatment to save her sight due to Keratoconus (disease) and are now in the process of trying to adopt her (St. Lucians are dark skinned). There is no way you could call my husband and I racist because we strongly believe we are all God’s children. With that said, I am against the blanket amnesty now being proposed for a few reasons. Yes, we need some immigration reform but to grant them amnesty is not the way to go. This is definitely not working together to solve problems. Many people have come to the U.S. following our laws to gain citizenship. Those who cross the border without any documentation are here illegally – as in not abiding by our laws for entry into the U.S. We have become a society that is overly sensitive – and this is a prime example of how people need to buck up and get over it. Illegal Pete’s being seen as racist is totally ridiculous.

      • JimH

        Yes, racism is involved, but it isn’t the ones “they” think it is.(mirror, please)

        • John Keatts

          They use it just so they can raise hell. Nothing more.

          • JimH

            With the real problems in this world, do we really need to get riled up about made up or unimportant stuff like the name of a pub?
            If they want to raise hell there are real problems.(but they are one of those problems)

          • John Keatts

            Jim H. It is called, ‘Freedom Of Choice.’ One of Those same Freedoms that Millions of Americans fought for, including myself and my Unit that I had the pleasure to serve with in Vietnam. The 4th Inf Division. If we sit by doing nothing then some day we will wake up to find all of our rights taken away.

          • JimH

            I guess we are free to choose to protest the name of a pub and ignore to fight for our 2nd amendment rights, that are under attack.
            Priorities, is all I’m saying.

          • John Keatts

            JimH If it is important to you then you stand ready to protect it. The best way to protect the Second Amendment is by standing ready, with your weapons loaded and at the ready. We can no longer expect Congress to Defend what they all do not believe in. This is why we, The 80,000,000 Plus Gun Owners must Stay Alert at all times and be ready to do what is needed.

          • JimH

            You’ve got that right.

  • USAPatriotSC

    [rey-siz-uh m] /ˈreɪ sɪz əm/ Spell Syllables
    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races
    I do not see illegal as a race in the definition.
    The reason why this goes on is because people give into to these lunatics. As soon as people ignore the whiners the sooner they will go away. Weak Politically correct idiots causes the rise of these lunatic whiners.

    • Rudy McGillvray

      there is one thing wrong with this statement and it the fact that peo;e tend to ethnicize then say Amereican when in fact they are all Americans, no matter where they originate or their parents. NO matter what your color or ethnicity they are AMERICANS FIRST, LAST AND ALWAYS.then they are ethnic. as in an American Black. Not a Black American. Except Barack Hussein Obama. he is an UNAMERICAN read AFRICAN Black person.

      • USAPatriotSC

        What statement? I have no idea why you wrote this to me, your post has nothing to do with what I wrote.

        • Oregon Grown

          USAPatriot. I liked your comment. I’ve got so use to people posting to me about something someone said above my post it’s getting funny. Or miss reading what I wrote. You were well formulated in your message and I appreciated it. thank you.

          • USAPatriotSC

            Thank You Oregon Grown and keep up the fight there.

        • Rudy McGillvray

          Yes it does esp if you THINK about it. I wrote that as my answer to
          you because of a PC insistence on making ethnics out of People no matter what their color, belief system or gender. Which is the aim of leftists, and their first cousins, Liberals, and Communists.

          • USAPatriotSC

            Liberals are shallow, they would not understand what you wrote even if you explained it to them. They see surface because they are shallow and have no character to speak of.

    • Dallas Cheked

      Vladimir Putin has the RIGHT idea. He stated point blank that these “whiners” can make all the fuss they want and that he would not be swayed one bit. I’m not a Putin fan by any means, but he has a brain and knows how to use it!

      • USAPatriotSC

        Too many PC people and weak Americans give rise to the 2% ruling over the 98%.

  • Jerry Hughes

    Good on you Pete, tell the liberal dem bloodsuckers to stisk i9t.
    if you need some help there, ask for volunteers.
    It would be great to get to shoot liberals legally.

    • ernaldin

      Following the nearing demotard engineered collapse, it might be open season on the dopey leftists….

      • Jerry Hughes

        No question about that!!
        Certainly, it would be no mercy, time

  • dragon6actual

    Liberals are offended? Outstanding! I’m offended that people cross our borders with no regard of the sovereignty of this nation.

    Calling an illegal alien an “undocumented citizen” makes as much sense as calling a drug runner an “unlicensed pharmacist”.

    • patriot 86



      they are not undocumented citizen,s they are law breakers and should be sent back to the filth they ran from. they are not coming here to be part off ,but to tear us apart……sounds harsh ? so does BHO. as president

      • dragon6actual

        Agreed John – they are NOT “undocumented citizens”, which was my point. They are here illegally by virtue of walking across the border (the vote walker program) with no regard to said border. In several countries across the globe an illegal crossing will be met with a bullet.

        Once here, many of those clowns insist on proudly waving the Mexican flag on US soil (all the pride for mother Mexico – just not enough to stay home and build something… like a decent society). Try waving the Stars and Stripes south of the border and see how long it takes before you are incarcerated.

        BHO – the boy who would be king. This idiot makes Carter look good, and I didn’t think that was possible.

        • Nancy Fitzgerald

          dragon do you not know that they don’t just walk over the border, and their is undocuments from many countries, lets not forget that this was once all of their land, the natives of Mexico, just like other natives of this country, that their land was taken from, and still people in our gov, in 2014 want to rule on the natives land that they was forced to be on, once again they want to force them to have the pipe line on their land, I am a white human that knows my history and theirs, just maybe if they had taken out all that came to their land, they wouldn’t be going through this, they greeted us with kindness, and died from this, and imprisoned by the white faced.

          • 10-Nov-1775

            ALL countries have that history–would you change them, too?

          • dragon6actual

            Semper Fi Brother.

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @1775 I didnt say anything about changing our history, its not possible, but we can change the future, but we should always remember our history,

          • Mrs. Smith

            Just a troll- brain dead the poor thing. Leave it to God.

          • jeanette

            there were No mexicans until the spanish came over and named the country. they assimilated with the natives and hence, mexicans. we have American Indians, also mexico was paid for land, as well as we fought for it, remember the Alamo? the past in history, they are illegal aliens.

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @Jeanette I did not call them Mexicans, I said natives of Mexico, for that is what it is called now, Mexico, so on this part I should of said the native land before it was called Mexico, I fully understand that the Spanish concord that land, and took what they wanted, there was very few that assimilated willingly, and really they was paid for the land, and we fought for it, all in the same sentence, that means they and we took the land and everything else, from the very beginning not just in that region, its really nice how you are so much smarter then me, I just stated history, and I know technically they are illegals, and I was saying they don’t just walk over, many from many countries fly in, not just from Mexico, and so was our ancestors when they first got here, except the natives welcomed them, and for that they got them sick and murdered, so thanks for your smartness,, LOL

          • dragon6actual

            Nancy – I was going to remind you that Mexico did not exist until Spaniards invaded southern North America, slaughtering and breeding indineous races (Maya, Aztec, Olmec, etc.) to virtual extinction, but Jeanette beat me to it. Mexico did not declare independence from Spain until 1810, and was not recognized as a sovereign nation until 1836.

            By your logic, why are the Spanish speaking people not returning to Spain? And yes, our ancestors did the same to the original inhabitants of what is now the United States, but there many programs in place to make right the wrongdoings of the past. Tell me – what has the government of Mexico done for the tribes that were all but wiped out by their Spanish ancestors?

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @dragon I am so trying to find what I wrote that people are twisting what I said, but I will say I said natives of Mexico, when I should of said natives of North America, but I didnt, I just could not bring it up, so you have better memory then me, for that one thing, of course I should of detailed more, I have read it over and over, and cant see why everyone has got my comment so wrong, in less they just want someone to jump on, I can take it ,I know the truth, so I only see one comment, tell me what I said, its not in my email or on comment board.

          • 77099

            don’t know where you live Nancy, but they actually do “just walk over the border” . Been there and absolutely saw it. Further, one of my representatives in Washington reported some years ago: At the border: school buses arrived and parked on the Texas side, meantime taxis and autos arrived in Mexico. Children left those, walked across the border and climbed in the school buses and were driven to school in Texas. In the pm the reverse happened. This is just one example of help being given to Mexico. Meantime I expect more than 100,000 illegals live in my little town. A very tiny town.

          • cindy

            you are uninformed and ignorant – the land was won in a war, we had all of mexico,we gave most of it back to them-unlike the ways of all other countries who kept all the land they conquered from others-the Indians took it from other Indians the Spanish took it from them,getting back to California and Texas and new mexico they became Americans,we did not take their land from them,they kept their ranches,farms,homes-they just became U.S. citizens Americans- they never crossed the rivers,deserts to go back to the wonderful life of mexico-I have never heard of Americans trying to escape the good life here except those who are running from the law or the draft (those are the kinds of people I don’t want in our country ) good bye to the trash.If you don’t like America LEAVE..PLEASE GET OUT >LEAVE DON’T COME BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @cindy thank you for liking me so much, yes there was a war and we took their land, and I am happy to be an American, I am just honest about our history by the way you are the only uninformed ignorant trash here, for I don’t call names in less I am called names first, so who is trash, you are so special thank you

          • Mrs. Smith

            AMEN- We don’t need any more brain dead moronic drooling fools here. Let them go live in Mexico. See how that works out for her as an ILLEGAL there.

          • susan

            NANCY! What a foolish conglomeration of “facts” you have strung together to create a conclusion! If we follow that line of reasoning, then the whole world belongs to the Middle East because Adam and Eve were the first occupants. Or, Noah and family re-populated there. Go back and read Texas history. The battles were fought and won and lost, and the boundaries were set. Following your reasoning, there would be no private property help anywhere in the world. We would all be subjected to DNA tests, and then the DNA-er’s that most closely “matched” the earliest people who lived in those areas would then “own” the land? Do you hear yourself?

            HISTORY is the record of the people’s of the earth spilling all over the land masses and multiplying. It is the chronicle of folks who were adventurous and courageous enough to build ships and venture into the unknown seas. To move and explore and settle, people had to face disease, hunger, storms, disaster, marauders, pirates, weapons, evil, etc.

            WHO gets to decide who the very earliest people in an area actually were? THAT DOES NOT MATTER! The people who are alive on the earth right this second did NOT get driven from their homes by marauding Europeans. :You want to erase HISTORY? So, England, France and Spain own the U.S? We forget the Pilgrims, the colonies and the Revolutionary War?

            Nancy, you have been listening to very uneducated people who twist facts to help them break the laws of this and any other sovereign nation. All of that reasoning is just DRIVEL., Nancy, you are too thoughtful to be thinking like this. Start reading history and literature. Educate yourself. Learn to spell. We all have the opportunity to become what we choose in this country. No one is telling you not to read, not to get an education, not to learn to play an instrument or speak another language. Go for it. Harvest for yourself the true wealth that only knowledge can bring. Read the book of Proverbs every day…one chapter for each day of the month. Read it all month, and then start over again each month. At the end of a year, you will be much wiser.

            All of human history cannot be negated by people who want to break the law. You know, Nancy, it is a human vice to make excuses to justify bad behavior. Men and women who commit adultery usually point at some deficiency in their spouses to justify their own deceit and betrayal. BLAME SHIFTING is insidious. It camouflages the truth. It is only the truth….that we know…that sets us free: the TRUE TRUTH.

            You can only “know” if you work at it. So LEARN! It is education + virtue that elevates a person…not the government.

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @susan what are you talking about, I cant find what I wrote that makes you want to say those things, and I would never go by just Texas history. thank you smarter one.

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            Thank you for attempting to educate Nancy but I think it’s s lost cause. She obviously attended public school.

      • Nancy Fitzgerald

        @John Steel, so you mean like all the Americans that hire the undocumented, what ever country they come from, so I say to you Americans that don’t want any undocumented here you better start protesting the Americans that hire them for cheap labor, the facts are that Americans don’t want that for the prices of goods would go up, and Americans have got lazy, and don’t want to do the work that the undocuments will do, and this is the reason the repubs don’t want anything done on immigration, for it will hurt the rich, it will hurt the poor too, but they don’t care about the poor, even the poor in their own party, so John think about it, and don’t forget this country was built by immigrants.

        • 10-Nov-1775

          Built by LEGAL immigrant–do not forget that part.

          • Scarlett

            A VERY important part!

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @ 1775 not all legal and you know it.

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @10-Nov-1775 yes by some I am just saying we carry a part in this.

        • CA Loser

          Documented Immigrants, True. But don’t act like the democrats are poor, don’t act like they care more about the poor than the republicans. And don’t act like most of the problems in this country are not fabricated bullsht from the the left. At least the right has family values and moral values. I’M not BF some guy. I’m not marrying some guy. You can’t have babies using the wrong hole even in an opposite sex marriage but there is no right hole when it’s two guys.

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @CA Loser so tell me who is holding up all these bills, like jobs bill infrastructure bill, and many more, but with that I wont say that the dems are perfect, fabricated bs come on you can go to any city and see it, so that is BS,, please the right is just on the down low, morals please, I live in Vegas, and I don’t care what side of the boat it is, morals be dam, it doesn’t matter who they are cheating with, male or female, and I don’t care if your from the south north west east, lots of people don’t have morals, what ever party you are, and I know many repubs, you are not fooling anyone, you might have, but don’t say all of you., any how thank you for your comment.

        • susan

          Nancy, stop posting until you get an education. You are embarrassing yourself.

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @susan you are the one embarrassing your self, you did not even read my comment correct, that you again the smarter one.

          • Wingedgodd3ss

            Thank you Susan.

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @susy and wingnut have a good life, thanks for being my friend, im so sorry I am not educated enough for you, both of you are so superior then me, I wouldn’t want to embarrass you anymore, LOL

        • Wingedgodd3ss

          OMG-I am so sick of people like you who say Americans don’t want to do the jobs that illegals do. And that is plain wrong. Americans don’t want to work for $10 an hour like illegals will. And illegals work for that rate because 15 are living in a one bedroom mailing home the money. They are not making lives here and shopping for furniture. Ignorant people like you are what is wrong with America. Unfortunately you vote and breed.

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @Wingnut, OMG I am sick of people like you that wont take their head out,,,,,,,,,,,, of you know where, and I am not wrong, I was not just talking about money, I should of wrote more, I will say that some Americans wont do the hard labor that illegals will do, and ten dollars an hr. , more like six maybe seven, not even minimum wage, and like I said Americans are the ones that hire them, and really my friend, you know where you can put your opinion, good luck to you, for you need it.

          • Bob the Genius

            She is an uneducated Illegal, that is her problem

          • Nancy Fitzgerald

            @Bob the Genius who are you talking about there is a lot of she`s out here.

          • Bob the Genius

            Did you not get the hint when I was replying to your post. Dumbass !!!

      • Spiritof America

        They bring crime and disease. They start as criminal invaders that should be shot for the invasion. They are no assets to this nation. As if, We need third world people here that do not speak English. I wish Patton was still with us.

    • Donald H Sullivan

      Or a bank robber making an undocumented withdrawal

    • BigMark

      How about what we called them back in the 40’s and 50’s….wetback. Which they were and such words as wetback were not stolen from our vocabulary by a bunch of wack- job liberals.
      The best way for a wetback to lose the name was to either not come across the river, or to go home and fill out the paperwork to come here LEGALLY!

      • WVF

        BigMark, Google Operation Wetback. You will find that President Eisenhower returned 12 million illegal aliens under that moniker.

        • BigMark

          I’m glad someone other than me can remember that!
          Thanks….old guys rule!!!!!!!!!!

          • WVF

            BigMark, you’re welcome, and old guys do rule!

          • Spiritof America

            They rule because of real American knowledge !

      • Scarlett

        If they were decent people, they would not be coming here against the laws of our land. When they have no respect for you ,they have no business being here.

        • Danny Postlewait

          Don’t know if you hot the first part of this or not. But if you didn’t let me know. As I was saying, on the other hand I know a lot of Mexican people that are hard working good people that want better for their families. I’ve seen the frustration that they experience and the ruthlessness, corruption in government, drug cartels, immortality ie… prostitution, slavery, our church pastor was a missionary to Mexico.

          I love you Scarlett but there is more than meets the eye here. FIFTY MILLION BABIES HAVE BEEN ABORTED SINCE ROE V WADE. They are the Americans that should be here.

          Oh well, enough said.
          Chaplain Dan Postlewait

          • Scarlett

            I don’t really understand your comments. I believe that America is for Americans and legal immigrants only. I believe that Mexicans need to stay in their country and do whatever it takes to make it their own. That is their responsibility. And as for the comment about the babies, I really don’t know what you’re referring to or talking about.

          • Danny Postlewait

            I agree with you. My posts are being ,for the lack of a better word, “messed with “. The first part of my statement was… I feel conflicted, on the one hand the illegal Mexicans that come to this country want the same benefits that we have as Americans. They demonstrate and hang their Mexican flag from balconies and demand that they be given all those benefits. And we have a president that bypasses congress and rules by proclamation.

            On the other hand….

          • edward martis

            how many more millions upon millions of illegals can the US possibly absorb without imploding ? every thing is maxed out already……..the country is almost ready to explode, as it is……..can you picture the USA in 10-20 years, if there is a US left, at all ?

          • Danny Postlewait

            Is this administration trying to correct our zero birth rate with millions of illegal Mexicans? Is it even possible? President Obama calls then undocumented aliens.

    • Well said!!

      I need to remember that one! 🙂

    • USAPatriotSC

      Undocumented immigrant…the rest of your post is spot on, kudos!

    • Apolloone


  • MrArtmuscle .

    What about the name “Cracker Barrel”? How about the cleaner “Spic n Span”? I worked on a machine called a “Jig Bore”. And the list could go on. Political correctness has gotten out of hand. You can’t make everyone happy. Live with it and get over it.

    • Ben

      Political Correctness is a weapon to divide people. It’s method is to make everyone into an “introvert”, afraid to say anything to anyone. If every time you open your mouth to speak, someone from the PC police agency slams all manner of accusations against you (attempting to create a hostile environment around you) then they can silence you with out having to kill you.

      They use this argument to silence people who do not agree with them, especially so when their position cannot stand up to reasonable debate. The next time you see or hear some PC idiot express themselves against someone else s opinion, just reflect on the possibility of them attacking with some PC weapon because their rebuttal is insufficient.

    • CTH

      To not call a spade a spade out of political correctness is an extremely acute case of stupidity.

    • Tedski

      I use a Jig saw.

  • Gypsy Jim

    More likely a bunch of knot head college student looking for something to whine about instead of study. What we we call murders if not illegal activity. Not nice activity?

  • ernaldin

    The name “White House” is also racist and I demand the black hole and gray dullard move out NOW!

  • Tomcat01

    ALL this PC crap is getting out of hand. Lets do away with the Dallas Cowboys for what cowboys did to our native American friends. etc

  • D.R.C.

    I wish these CRY-Babies would craw back under their rock and leave the free people alone, Next thing they will want the people who’s last name is Black or White to change their name. Then make the news papers not use Black ink on White paper.

  • Buster Hyman

    He should just ram it up the libtards kazoo and call it Wetback Pete’s.

  • Peggy Sortino

    I know I can not be the only one who is getting real tired of reading about somebody either being a racist or illegal name of business or muslims yelling that we do not have the food they want or need. Come on this is America and it is time that we get to live our lives as we are used too instead of trying to live the life others want us too.

  • hangman

    If the name is offensive to you , you must be an illegal. A.K.A. WETBACK. And as such, you have no right to be here, much less to express your stupid complaint. Take that offended attitude to your country of origin, and don’t let the door hit you in the butt as you exit my country.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    LIBERALS are IDIOTS to the bitter end and they see bigotry in all but themselves. That could be because they cannot catch and keep a mirror or because they are too STUPID to look in the proper side. But whatever the reason they cannot see what they are doing is far more RACIST than anything any one else is doing. Just look at their beloved Affirmative Action. It tells all minorities that they are both too lazy and too stupid to get anything unless LIBERALS give it to them. LIBERALS see racism in everything because they are the TRUE RACISTS. A prime example of this TRUTH is that almost if not every Democrat before 1963 that held office in DC were members of the KKK. Yet when Republicans forces LBJ to pass Civil rights Laws they all suddenly became Lovers of all minorities. It was those same Democrats who were proud to raise the rebel flags above Southern State houses and when it was no longer politically expedient they turned on those Flags and declared them Racist. So LIBERALS are RACISTS and BIGOTS for seeing racism in everything around them.

  • Frank C.

    I think conservatives and the Religious Reich should try being compassionate for others. It really doesn’t hurt like they fear it will! Also they should remember that GOD, who they hide their hate and bigotry behind, is watching and will remember how judgmental they were!

    • Carolkitfox

      Another brainless idiot, go join eddie47 your two of a kind. Democrap=lying idiots and that is the two of you.

    • LibertysSon

      Frank, You talk very flippantly and foolishly. You don’t believe in God and You use your words as a weapon to injure those that do. You Hate people of faith and you judge them constantly, showing in reality that you are also a hypocrite. When you face God on that day, you will wish you had been kinder.

    • CA Loser

      Frank, really? So tell me how the left shows compassion to those business that the left sues and/or puts out of business. Tell me how having beliefs that are different from others works out if you are on the right. Tell me which side, left or right, forces their agenda on the other. Tell me which side ruins people’s careers that speak out in favor of their beliefs. Come on Frank, tell how the left is so accepting of others rights and beliefs. Ignorant and stupid is a tough life, Frank.

  • WilliamHarrington

    Definition: Illegal=not legal, ,how is this racist? If he had been referring to illegal immigrants he still would not be racist since there are many races which illegallyh enter this country. It appears that the truth hurts so much that any reference to the truth is enathema to a liberal.

  • BlueViolets

    This coming from the very people who think giving illegal aliens the rights of American citizens is fine but think a mere name of a place to eat is racist? I will never figure out their thinking mechanisms if they have any. It seems they pick a word or a place or a name and instantly want to ban it because for some reason even thy can’t explain coherently they are offended.

  • Mys77

    Fort Collins huh, maybe call it Petes Pot…those loons will love it…lol supidity has a following in Colorado.

  • Larryone

    libs, crawl back under you rock and wait for your lib leader, obama!.
    NORMAL folks need to get on with their lives.

  • scubamass

    That’s his right screw the name it’s awesome screw those liberal sissys

  • LeRoy H Beltz

    lets talk real problems lets do away with the federal reserve bank and the Irs Lets stop the bilderberg group , the hell with the lib eras they are part of all the corruption in washington

  • Don Veeser

    Thank You MainePrepper! Wish my wife and I were in the high Northeast U.S. as you are. Ilinois SUCKS! -Don

  • Andre Jitta

    My goodness!! Seriously??? Man I am sick of these idiots who make problems up just to make it up! Actually these liberals offend me for there STUPIDITY! But am I trying to “shut them up” by using the law? Also these are not real liberals. They are fake libersls. They are progressives posing as liberals. Progressives are communist scum who like to use the law against there enemy’s! You see them doing this all over the nation.

  • WiSe GuY

    It’s funny that: Soul food is not racist. That’s kind of one sided, isn’t it?

  • vladilyich

    Note: Entire comment thread hijacked by pseudo-religious crackpots!

  • disqus_gUN4eyLbyu

    These F-N Liberals can go straight to the bottom of the Rio Grande where the belong as close to HE!! as they can be and will be calling it home soon! you Liberals are the worms that crawl there the remains of the dead your sick fools
    and you do not belong in my country there should be a bounty on all you Idiots
    to run you out of my country and sent you straight the middle east where they will welcome you with all your F-up believes you will fit right in that big hole they will make dig your self…..Get out of my country you FUkks

  • Pamela Rather Powell

    How is the word “illegal” racist? When I was in school almost 30 years ago the word racist was taught to us as discrimination or hatred towards people of an ethnic race other than yours. Apparently the person who is offended has discovered a new race of people the rest of us don’t know about.
    I am so sick of hearing racist this and racist that especially when it is not even being used correctly. Name your restaurant any name you want and those offended can KISS MY A**. Pete in Colorado- you have supporters everywhere across the country keep the name Illegal Pete’s and let the whiners sit in the corner and suck their thumbs while they wait for Daddy Oasswipe to come cuddle them and wioe their tears away.
    And in this case how do they expect to be taken seriously? They don’t even know the meaning of the word they are using to describe the word they find offensive. Stupidity is spreading like wildfire.

  • snowyriver

    Treat them with kindness and they don’t know what to do.

  • exar-1

    It’s just more stupidity from the ignorant…

  • Stev

    Are you kidding me…hey liberals do us Americans a favor,all of you please commit suicide..

    • Jim Clemmer

      Naw just move to France or Norway

  • J_R_K

    He probably will be bullied, threatened and sued into submission. that’s how liberals in general work and how illegals in particular are stealing the country, including freedom of speech… America, as far as I know, is the only country in the world where you can burn our national flag in the name of “freedom of expression” (which was NOT what the constitution was designed to protect) but you can’t fly it because it offends people in the country illegally.

    If I were Pete, I’d tell them to stuff it up their self-righteous, sanctimonious, arrogant, rude, illegal noses. (well, ok, maybe I wouldn’t say “noses”).

  • Cheyenne Kid

    We here in the Midwest live in a melting pot community that we all grew up in and it is still a wonderful place to live and raise families. We have an ice cream Co. that makes some of the best ice cream on planet Earth and it is named Whiteys, but if anybody claimed it was racist they would be faced with a lot of people of all colors and confronted in a Midwest nanosecond!

    • Dallas Cheked

      There was Whitey Ford and Whitey Bulger. The first made an honest living. The latter centered his life around everything illegal.

  • CommonSense4America

    If the owner is secure in his business, maybe he should just say ‘if you don’t like it, don’t eat here’ OR ‘go ph uck yourself’. I think that is PC isn’t it?

  • kanenas101

    Illegal is a race now? Wow.

  • gunnygil

    Fn liberals are always on the defensive because they know they are assholes and always wrong. always with their feelings on their sleeves and ready to get IN YOUR FACE at the drop of anything even a fart.

  • tom2

    Racist? Democrats are obsessed with the term and all labels that serve their communist cause. I’d remind them that even if this was about illegal Mexicans, Mexico is not a race. So Illegal Pete’s response is a proper one — [email protected]#$%^ it.

  • Terry Russell

    TFB its time to put a stop to this nonsense ,don’t like it don;t go there ……

  • JL Brown Jr

    Hope he does not cave. I stand with you, if the near word causes them to wet their panties, its time they grow some balls. Real sissy’s that need something to complain about. Here is something to complain about, people walk across our southern border because our federal government is giving our country away. If someone pitched a tent in their front yard, is it racial to kick them off, if they say yes let’s get their address and give the illegals some tents. They can pitch them on their estates.

  • PoJoe

    Stupid is as stupid doe’s , leave the guy alone…he has the right to call it Uncle Tom’s if he wants to

  • bigbillofwyandotte

    A simple solution is to tell Ft. Collins to go bag it, and open somewhere else. It looks like they don’t need the revenue a place like this generates. I’ve been there several times, and it used to be a nice place, until lately, when the Liberals started taking over.

  • Carl Mac

    My god people are getting more stupid every day pretty soon almost every word will be cause for a demonstration of some kind these political corrected groups are a bunch of retards.

  • papa doug

    You know if these people would get a job they wouldn’t have so much time on their hands to come up with BS like this!

  • barry1817

    Illegal, wow everything to a liberal is racist, sexist or homophobic, amazing that they can even speak coherently without going into The B, s to M that I C H D/

    And soon letters will be racist.

    Reminds me of the sprinter who’s last name was Gay, but because the newspapers wasn’t allowed to use the word Gay, they reported that the sprint, homosexual had won the race. and it doesn’t get any stupider than that,

    Reminds me that we have far too many people that Gruber knows exists, and they are the ones that want to force others to follow their nonsense.

  • milmac

    It would be racist if it was called Illegal Pedro.

  • Guest

    This restaurant has been there for a very long time and no one was offended until recently. He’s spanish and I agree with him, don’t change the name.

  • Town Crier

    After careful consideration, there are so many Mexicans – and other nationalities – crossing our Southern borders that the “illegal” might come from “Illegal Aliens” which only liber-rat would consider “racist”…
    SHEESH! These mental midgets will try ANYTHING to cause problems!

  • puglianana

    I don’t blame the owner. He has had the trade name for 20 years and is known for fine food and the name. If it has work for that length of time, it shouldn’t offend anyone. People need to lighten up.

  • Sheila

    The name illegal Pete probably is offending to them because they are illegal aliens!

  • Lotsaruck

    So, let me get this straight. Liberals want to make the word “illegal” illegal because it is racist? Doesn’t illegal mean that it’s “not legal”? Unlike some languages, English has no gender bias in the spelling of words unless “il-legal” could be Italian for “the” but that’s not a gender-specific delineation. And if THAT is the case then “il legal” means “the legal” or “the lawful” and even liberals can’t find fault with that, can they?

  • ROB

    All you people who pretend you don’t know why the name offends the liberal PC crowd are full of crap. It’s the word “illegal”, combined with the fact that it’s a Mexican restaurant. It’s not cute, to act like you don’t get that. Having said that, I’m just as fed up with political correctness, as the rest of you. This guy should call his place whatever he wants, short of being obscene. As long as he makes as much money as he wants to from the restaurant, he should just ignore the idiots that won’t go there, because of the name. That’s part of what living in a free society is about. It’s possible the idiots could hurt his business, if they get enough attention. I hope not. The whimpering cry-babies who think that everything in the world has to adhere to their anal sensitivities should, if at all possible, should be put in their place, every chance we get. And if we don’t do it, they will only get worse, as time goes on. Most of those idiots have no limits. And they should never be coddled, or even given an audience. There are certain types of speech that should be limited to the appropriate recipients. And most of us have a pretty good understanding of basic decency, and can handle that concept with little or no supervision. But the PC crowd will never be satisfied, until they learn to shut the hell up, and block out what they don’t like, just like normal people do. And if they fail to find the ability to do that, they can spend eternity, writhing in pain, in their own self-imposed hell, for all I care.

  • Ray McGinty

    Just typical liberal behavior…..TLB


    liberals should be offended . they offend everything i was taught about this great nation. they are the torn on a rose, the sting of the bee, the fork tongue of a snake……be my guest ,and continue.

  • Gary Haber

    The PC crowd needs to STFU over this.
    Their stupidity is showing…

  • gram47

    It is so too bad that these liberal critics don’t have anything of any importance to keep them occupied.

  • Buckindaburg

    I would make it a point to patronize this restaurant. When was the last time 5 million U.S. citizens crossed ANY BORDER illegally…and prospered?
    Is political correctness going to redefine the English language? What difference does it make…most of the pukes that either come here illegally, or those that were born here….and yet… not like this country….are more or less illiterate and only learned to spell the word illegal because they happen to be one.

    Aside from this topic. I volunteer to deliver needed medical supplies to older, retired people….mostly minorities and in some seedy neighborhoods. In one black neighborhood, a reasonably nice home with a yard and bird feeders, has posted a sign….”No trespassing…Violators will be shot…survivors shot again.”
    This is meant as a joke…and most people would not be offended, some even finding it amusing. But, since the place does belong to a member of a minority race…would the political correctness police opt to ignore it….stating that a member of a minority cannot be racist or bigoted?

  • Tedski

    WTF? The Subject was supposed to be about the use of the word Illegal. Sounds like all the dickheads are coming out of the woodwork.

  • Buffalo Bill

    WHAT!? Now the word illegal is racist. In that case then everyone in jail needs to be released because what they were doing, in order to get there, was illegal. They are all victims of racism!
    These liberals are such morons it is beyond pathetic. Wake Up America while we can still call it “The land of the free”.

  • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    I thought this was the GOOD OLD (U.S.A. ) and if you come to our country you accept our ways are you can go back out the same DAMN DOOR YOU ENTERED IN. You ILLEGALS don’t like our way of life get out period we don’t need you here.

  • Edward M Ritzmann Jr

    When is somebody going to tell these assholes to piss off?

  • John Keatts

    They also get upset at the mention of Illegal Speeds…….Nothing against The Pot being sold to the children…huh?

  • Jeffrey T

    Illegal Pete’s?? Was a friggin name in a book! These GD liberal whine asses piss me off to. No extent

  • Jack

    Libs eat shit, they don’t go to restaurants

  • blackwingA520

    F**king Libtards are totally out of control, screw them!

  • daveveselenak

    Liberals, fascists nowadays, are bullies that try to use their pseudo-intellectual superiority to bully but when push comes to shove they are nothing more than sissies of the utmost degree. They couldn’t punch their way out of a paper sack if their lives depended on it! I find it contemptible that we are allowing these punk-a$$es to destroy our country! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  • don lavrich

    these liberal assholes need to get a job and a life and cut out all this so called racist bullshit. its getting old and its time to ignore these idiots.

  • Lloyd W. Murphy

    These human debris political correct wackos need to move to Cube or China for a while or just leave America ere they destroy it! Whatever happened to freedom of speech, in the 1st Amendment?

  • phxgeo

    Those who cross the border without following the laws are just plain CRIMINALS ….. they broke our laws. This whole liberal word game is DISGUSTING! A skunk in sheep’s clothing still smell like a skunk!

  • rocky63

    What garbage! By that I mean the idea being voiced and the people voicing it. “Illegal” is a common English word, appearing in all dictionaries. Performing an act which violates the law is illegal. Period. Crossing our border without approval is violating a law, making the action illegal. Those of other nations who illegally cross our border are illegal aliens. PERIOD.

    Some time ago the political-correctness idiots started saying we must change our language to say “undocumented aliens”. How long before the retarded liberals take offense at “undocumented”. Must we stop using the word “criminal” too?

    Even American Indians don’t call themselves “native Americans”. Visit some Arizona reservations and take pictures of the signs reading “Indian Jewelry”, or “Indian Trading Post”, or “Indian blankets”.

    Politically correct speech is a way that liberals can make themselves feel superior without actually having to DO anything! If they say “Native American” they think they are virtuous — but they have done absolutely nothing to help a single member of a tribe, to help educate reservation kids, etc., etc. They are self-important idiots.

  • Thorgo

    RULE 12: Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
    Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go
    after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions.
    (This is cruel, but very effective. Direct, personalized criticism and
    ridicule works.)

    RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense.
    It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point
    to force the enemy into concessions. (Pretty crude, rude and mean, huh?
    They want to create anger and fear.)

  • SidSeven

    Much Ado About Nothing.

  • Glenn Sellers

    On what basis have these idiots used to decide that the word “illegal” is racist, because of illegal aliens? Maybe if the illegal aliens came here legally, they wouldn’t be called illegal aliens.


    I see zero relationship between “illegal” and racism. Did I miss some ridiculous definition of racism???

  • kim paulsen

    great name keep it along with redskins in dc send political correct idiots to the ER.

  • WVF

    Keep the name of the restaurant as it is! I am PI (Politically Incorrect), and I love it. You may be assured that if I’m in the area, I will be one of your patrons.

  • Dannie Poe

    I do not find it offensive. How can it be racist? Makes me wonder about the liberals. I do not see the name Washington Redskins as racist either. It’s name may refer to native americans but does it proclaim to be racist by its policies? In many ways it may just be keeping the native american heritage alive. The american indian may be this countries gravist miscarrage of justice. To this day many live in poverty on reservattions. We are now in the 21st Century and have not allowed the native americans the true title of fellow americans.

  • Kenneth May

    I would call the complainers idiots but I don’t want to denigrate the word.

  • EL

    The government does not know the definition of illegal. ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL. If we rob a bank it’s illegal. If we kill someone it’s illegal and what happens? We go to jail. We shouldn’t have to anymore. If some illegals get no punishment all illegals should get no punishment. It’s only fair.

  • Danny Postlewait

    I’ve been thinking and in this country today that could be considered dangerous by the left. Nevertheless that is the big difference between the right and the left. The left let’s themselves be led and are moulded by those that don’t know their left from their right

    Chaplain Dan Postlewait

  • vkbmvoter

    Please, when will this stupidity stop? Who do these people think they are? They think it is their job to force every one to think like them! (they act like Muslims).
    Bravo to the owner for telling them to suck wind!
    The word illegal is now racist? Well, I can understand the liberal thinking that way, since
    most criminals are of certain races. To the rest of us, it is a catchey name for a cool restaurant!
    FEED THE HOMELESS, HELP FIND HOUSING FOR THOSE LIVING ONTHE STREETS, TAKE IN AND CARE FOR ANIMALS who have been mistreated or abandoned. There are many things you could do that would be helpful to society.
    Complaining about the name of a successful restaurant is trivial, useless and not even smart. Find something to do with your worthless life and let this man grow his business! PLEASE.

  • JohnB

    Think they would go for changing the name to “Undocumented Pete’s”?

  • susan

    I am missing something….Why would the name “Illegal” indicate a bias against anyone of any nationality, etc?