Liberal Activists Claim this Restaurant’s Name Is Racist, But Is It Really?

Peter Turner opened his first restaurant in Colorado, almost twenty years ago. He named it Illegal Pete’s, in part to honor his father and also because that was the name of a bar in a favorite novel. The first restaurant has been so successful it has become a chain. It’s not just customers who like the place – many of Turner’s employees have been with him since the beginning, and the average tenure is nine years.

Now Turner is attempting to open a seventh restaurant in Fort Collins, and he’s facing opposition. Liberal activists are demanding he eliminate the world “illegal” on the basis it is racist. In a response on his blog, Turner said he wouldn’t be making any changes. Instead, he told the complainers:

We welcome you, and all humans, to visit our restaurant; to get to know us, and to form your own opinion, and hopefully create a meaningful relationship with Illegal Pete’s.

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