Chaos Across America – Thanks to This Fed Agency

3184530981_56e12c45d4Is there a more inept, incompetent, useless Federal Agency?

Let’s admit it.

We over reacted.

The Transportation Security Administration has been a complete failure.

Check out these latest TSA screw ups and evidence of incompetence:

The clamor over long airport security lines is growing and may get even louder as the busy summer travel season looms just weeks away.

The story has been building for months, with airports and airlines increasingly sounding the alarm about the headaches awaiting travelers trying to make their flights. Now, headlines about nightmarish security lines are in the news again Monday.

From Atlanta to Chicago to Phoenix to Alaska – and nearly every place in between – stories are pouring in about long waits and other problems at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints.

Passenger numbers are approaching record numbers in the U.S., which has dovetailed with a 10% reduction of screening personnel. That was expected to be offset by travelers signing up for  the expedited PreCheck screening program, but the number of fliers registering has fallen far short of expectations. All that’s left passengers standing in hours-long lines at a growing number of U.S. airports. The TSA says it’s taking measures to mitigate the woes, but has nonetheless warned a difficult summer may lie ahead before a significant improvement is felt.

The TSA doesn’t work.

Shut it down.

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