Check Out How the Liberal Media Twists The Nice Terror Attack

liberalmediaCertainly the Nice, France terror attack was a horrific tragedy.

Likewise the multiple recent mass shootings involving Islamic extremists frighten all Americans.

Yet, the liberal media outlets have their script they must follow to report these events.

It’s not the radical Islamists.

It’s the gun.

Check out the headlines at the CNN website and the New York Times.

Now, a truck is to blame for the Nice attack.

Leftist media outlets reacted to the devastating attack in Nice not by blaming Islam or even terrorists, but by suggesting that an inanimate object – the truck – was responsible for the carnage.

Instead of pointing the finger at Islamists, CNN, CBC and the New York Times all published headlines that served to hide the true nature of the attack.

CBC reported, “Children feared killed in Nice as truck attacks family event”. Presumably, the truck was somehow able to manifest artificial intelligence and plough itself through dozens of victims.

Here’s the thing…

When CNN and the New York Times pin the blame of the Nice, France terror attack on a truck, doesn’t it completely destroy the liberal argument for gun control to prevent these Islamic terror attacks?


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