Check Out How This News Network Plants Anti-Trump Messages

Cnn.svgDo you watch the Main Stream Media news?

Do you visit the websites of the major United States news outlets?

If so, keep your eyes and ears wide open.


Because liberal news outlets are doing everything possible, including some sneaky psychological message manipulation, to change the narrative.

Check out how CNN reports the Nice, France terrorist attack and the recent shootings.

Are these simply broadcast blunders, or are they done on purpose to prop up Hillary and damage Trump?

For a second time in three days, CNN — the so-called “Clinton News Network” — made a highly suspicious blunder.
Today, the network was covering the terrorist attack in Nice, France and while interviewing a survivor, instead of calling him a “truck rampage survivor,” “Legal View” instead referred to him as a “Trump rampage survivor.”

On Wednesday, as reporter Brianna Keilar was appearing live from Hillary’s speech in Springfield, Illinois — and critiquing her record — the feed was mysteriously lost.
“Largely Hillary Clinton’s comments here today, John, were based around the recent violence that we have seen,” Keilar reported.
“The police-involved shootings of black men in Minnesota, in Louisiana, and the killing of white police officers by a black gunman in Dallas. That was really what she based her comments on around today.

“And remember Hillary Clinton has some vulnerabilities herself.
“Even as she calls for criminal justice reform because of her support in the 1990s for anti-crime legislation that ultimately helped contribute to this era of mass incarceration that she now speaks out again–,” Keilar was saying.
The screen suddenly went black with only the graphics — referring to Donald Trump as “dangerous” — remaining.
“We just lost Brianna Keilar who was in Springfield, Illinois where Hillary Clinton just spoke,” anchor John Berman said, before moving on.

The CNN screen going black with no graphics or reporting.

Now that would be a good thing, no?


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