Chinese Gov Bans Iconic Children Character

“One of the advantages of being disorganized is that one is always having surprising discoveries.” That humorous quote belongs to Winnie the Pooh, or at least his creator, A. A. Milne.

Much to its chagrin, the Chinese government recently had a surprising discovery of its own: Its leader is being teased online and compared to none other than Pooh himself.

Unable to take a joke, the intrusive government in that country has now banned the iconic character, after “memes” of President Xi Jinping as Pooh went viral.

According to BBC News, online users in China began satirically comparing the communist leader to the famous cartoon bear. Now, those funny images and text descriptions of the comparison are being actively blocked by the Orwellian government.

“The Chinese name for and images of the plump, cute cartoon character are being blocked on social media sites here because bloggers have been comparing him to China’s president,” the BBC stated.

“It is not only that China’s censors will not tolerate ridicule of the country’s leader, they do not want this beloved children’s character becoming a kind of online euphemism for the Communist Party’s general secretary,” the report continued.


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