Christians Voters, This Is Why You Should Back Trump

13270685_mAlthough Trump has had a strong Evangelical support base throughout the election season, some Christians are still reluctant to vote for him because of his liberal past. They fear that he may still hold beliefs they do not agree with.

However, we can know with certainty that Hillary does not align herself with Christian-friendly policies.

The next President will appoint up to four or five Supreme Court justices. Either Trump or Hillary will tilt the court to one side or the other for the next generation.

Trump promises to fill the court with conservative justices. Speaking about a potential GOP third-party run, Trump said,

“If they want to embrace this, that’s great. And let me tell you, if they don’t win, they’re going to have probably four, and could even be five, Supreme Court justices approved that will never allow this country to be the same. It’ll take 100 years, but that won’t work. So they better be careful. And they certainly should be careful with third party stuff. A third party means that the Democrats are going to win almost certainly. You can’t be that spiteful. You can’t be that spiteful, because you’ll destroy the country. Third party will destroy the country.”

Whoever picks the next Supreme Court justices will change this country forever. The justices will either be pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-God, or staunchly against all of those things. As Christians, we need to vote. We need to make our voices heard and stand behind the candidate who will protect our rights and beliefs.


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