Chuck Norris Delivers “Roundhouse Kick” to Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

chuck_norris_vs_godzilla_bliss__windows_xp_hills__by_dancar_deviantart-d7udxdpChuck Norris just may have delivered the knock out blow to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign.

While the liberal media gives Hillary a pass from asking the tough questions about her three decades of scandals, the Clinton corruption machine keeps marching along.

But famous actor and conservative icon, Chuck Norris, recently pointed out the flaws in Hillary Clinton.

Norris warns about the danger of a possible Hillary Clinton Presidency in 21 words:

Not only would her presidency be “Obama, the Sequel,” but she would be an unbridled, more powerful, mega-wealthy, powder-keg Obama personality.

Chuck Norris nails the danger of Hillary as President. It wouldn’t be Obama Lite, or Obama- 8 More Years of Community Leader Incompetence.

It would be Obama at the most evil, backed with corruption and unlimited wealth. Hillary is far more experienced, vicious, and a vindictive political beast.

She must be put down.

And Chuck Norris is the guy to do it — the guy who made a Happy Meal cry and has Waldo hiding.

Be afraid Hillary…

The only time Chuck Norris was wrong was when he thought he made a mistake.

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