It Is Clearly Open Season on Trump Supporters

“It is clearly open season on prominent Trump supporters,” talk radio star Michael Savage told Breitbart News one day after he was reportedly allegedly assaulted at a restaurant in Tiburon, California.

Savage, who has been credited with aiding President Donald Trump’s election, said that he was not able to comment on the specific alleged incident. His attorney told the news media that Savage was verbally taunted and then assaulted by a restaurant patron.

Speaking generally, Savage told Breitbart News on Thursday:

It is clearly open season on prominent Trump supporters. The fascist left has been empowered by their own false narrative that those who support borders, language and culture – my motto – are evil fascists!  This is how Hitler came to power.  He used his brown shirts to beat any opponents. The media and police are almost wholly driven by this lie.

The Daily Mail reported on the alleged incident, citing Savage’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz:

Michael Savage, the 74-year-old host of the nationally syndicated talk radio show Savage Nation, was dining solo at Servino Ristorante in Tiburon, with his toy poodle, Teddy, keeping him company, when another patron allegedly began taunting him by saying, ‘weener, weener.’

The heckler was apparently referring to Savage’s legal name, Michael Alan Weiner.

As Savage was heading out the door, the verbal abuse allegedly turned physical when the jeerer knocked the septuagenarian to the ground, according to the talk show host’s attorney, Daniel Horowitz.

Mercury News further reported:

A Tiburon police spokeswoman said officers arrived on the scene on Tiburon’s Main Street at about 8:25 p.m. Both men involved in the fight claimed the other started it, according to an incident log. Spokeswoman Laurie Nilsen said the two men placed each other under citizen’s arrest and were released at the scene. A follow-up police report will be sent to the District Attorney’s Office for review to see if any charges will be filed.


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  • G.E.O.

    Oh the ills of the poor liberals and Dumbocrats who just can’t get their way and rather than act like an adult they must sling schoolyard barbs like the childish brains they are. Please hold your mouth until you can explain to the world who and what Obummer really is and was.

    • pappy450

      When you got the likes of SOROS,the DNC,HITLERY and OSCUMBAG actually encouraging and PAYING people to do these things, what do you expect? These SCUM will not be satisfied until people get tired of the childish antics and start REALLY defending themselves and there is blood running in the streets. These so-called “protests are organized ahead of time to cause “problems” (hence the professionally made “signs” that are carried.) It IS TIME to nip this CRAP in the bud. (Please tell me where the HELL is “Law enforcement?” They seem to always look the “other way” when the crap goes down.


    That’s all the democrats know is violence, that’s why they protect criminals in sanctuary cities.

    • Richard

      and don’t forget – they need ‘ safe zones ‘ & dog therapy .

    • Strawboss


  • Lycanroc

    Breitbart News is not a reliable news source.
    How is this any different than what Ashley Judd is claiming.
    Both sides will raise the red flag just to bring supporters to their cause. Bunch of immature children that can’t compromise and communicate like adults.

  • Bozo.

    Just more big Idiot kids. That need to grow the hell up..
    And people really wonder why I carry. S & W 9 MM ends things real fast..
    Know your rights & use them…
    And if you must use your gun… NEVER. never talk with the police with out a lawyer with.
    Just give your name & ask for a lawyer. And then shut the hell up.. Until you have one with you.

    • Lycanroc

      Great advice. However, if you discharge your firearm may as well end them otherwise you’re in it deep financially with medical bills, lawyers fees, long-term injury settlement, blah, blah, blah.
      Criminal defense attorney here.
      This is not legal advice. Do not get legal advice on Reddit.
      Do not talk to anyone about what happened as you wait for the police to get there. Shut up.
      Before the police get there, if you have dogs, lock them up, so the police do not shoot them.
      Holster your weapon and prepare to have your hands out where they can be seen. If people are around, ask them to stay (without saying anything about what is going on) so there are witnesses and it is less likely that the police will shoot you because you were “reaching for something” or “making a threatening move.”
      Once the police get there, comply with orders, but do not answer questions. Say you wish to speak with your attorney. Say that no matter how many times they try to get you to talk. Ideally say it clearly in front of witnesses. They are not your friends. SHUT UP AND DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE. Yes, that means you might be taken into custody until they sort things out. That’s better than them (1) taking something you said out of context, (2) lying about what you said, or (3) reporting something that you said that sounds incriminating because you were upset and agitated and not thinking clearly.
      Get a lawyer. Follow the lawyer’s advice. (How to choose a lawyer is a topic too long for this comment.)

      • Richard

        wow – it sounds like you have had experience in this . I agree totally with your post . I think the one point you made has to be made clear – do not talk to the police no matter how many times they try to get you to talk – extremely important point . I have been in similar situations and , as you said , the police will distort you comments and it is extremely hard to change that .

  • JDW

    I do not understand! A 74 year old is assulted verbally and physically knocked to the floor and all the police do is put each one under citizens arrest? What! An assult on a senior citizen! And so the DA is to review the incident and recommend what? If a senior citizen is knocked to the floor there was an assult! There should have been an arrest made for that assult. Tell me I an wrong.

    • Strawboss

      And if Conservatives didn’t hesitate to DEFEND themselves, each and EVERYTIME a childish act just like this took place. Then I really doubt if these trouble makers on the “Trotskyist Left”,
      Would be in such a big hurry to confront ANYONE, especially if they were taught a lesson in MANNERS, politeness, and the correct way to confront others.
      Especially if said persons were just simply NOT in the mood to here, LIES, CHILDISH POLITICS THAT DO NOT WORK, ARE JUST STUPID, and most off all this “FAKE NEWS”! One more time (N. Korean wanna be’s) GROW UP, the un-Godly Heathen you supported for POTUS,” L.O.S.T.”

  • The Redman

    white-folks-98%-of em ruined america from ever becoming a u.s.

    • Richard

      because , these days , white people are taught to feel ‘ guilty ‘ about being white . White people must realize this and not feed into it . Also – white people must stop this trend of
      ‘ transfer of wealth ‘ to ‘ minorities ‘ . You can’t just give money to people that have not earned it – they will waste it and will be broke within a year . I remember ‘ affirmative action ‘ where businesses had to hire blacks even though they were unqualified for the job . I think that was the start of the dumbing down of America . The music that came out of the mid 60’s to mid 70’ was fantastic – but the politics was horrible .

      • The Redman

        All white privilege, huh. po-richie

        • Richard

          white people are the minority today , but no matter how much cash is
          ‘ given ‘ to other racial groups – white people will always control monetary systems and because of that will always be in control ……..

          • The Redman

            Nah, tick-dick. U pinkies have lost ya grip. hahahahahahhahha. go pick yo lice

          • Strawboss

            From yer (Mickey Mouse” (Lame Duck) so-called answers you come up with, the deduction is this C.Y.M.,

          • The Redman

            Nah dog-breath boss. U pinkies ruined america

        • Strawboss

          Sounds like a Ghost Story!

          • The Redman

            Green-“ghost”, huh. hahahahhahahah

    • Strawboss

      JUST SIMPLY “Cowardly, Yellowman Wishful thinkin on yer part!
      You got about as much of a chance of winning your “Mickey Mouse” COMMIE, NORTH KOREAN ARGUMENTS, AS A ONE LEGGED MAN IN AN A** KICKIN CONTEST!!!
      Get yer Marxist Mind, OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!

      • The Redman

        Yo inbreeding is showing dog-breath boss. hahahahhahahahahah

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Leftists must HANG.

  • Strawboss

    These “LITTLE LEFTIST CHILDREN”, need to do some “Growing Up”, and real Quick Like.
    You radical, Marxist, anarchist, anti-American ,trouble making back stabbers really and truly, need to get Over Yourselves, and simply get off yer high horse.
    And just knock it off about thinking yer “idiotic ignorant agenda, is the only one that is out there!
    Since you CAN’T Fix Stupid, by all means, GET YER “WEAK MINDED” heads, OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!! After All, you Commies LOST THE ELECTION!!!! GET OVER IT!!!!