Clinton Campaign Thugs to Reporter: “No Access to Hillary for You”

banned-46789_640Warning: If you write ANYTHING unfavorable about our Hillary, or dare to ask her a question she doesn’t want to answer, the Clinton Campaign will ban your access to Hillary.

In New Hampshire, it seems that print pool reporter, David Martosko of the Daily Mail, previously wrote some less than flattering reports of the “above the law” shenanigans of the Clinton Campaign. Martosko no doubt has the potential to ask some uncomfortable questions at the scheduled Hillary Clinton events in New Hampshire.

So, what’s the solution for the heavy-handed Clinton Campaign thugs?

Shut this Martosko guy out.

Here’s the report from Media Equalizer of the Martosko ban:

A source close to the situation told the Media Equalizer earlier that when Martosko was informed last night of the rescinded credential, the consensus among others in the media pool was to decline to send a replacement at all, leaving at least one event without anyone to report on it. The position normally rotates each day, as the campaign only allows one print reporter at a time inside many of her events.

When he attempted to gain access this morning anyway, it was denied. The event, in Rochester, was a forum on the subject of early childhood education. Later, there was a campaign kickoff in Concord.

While Martosko is left wondering whether this will continue throughout Clinton’s schedule for today, some in the media are asking whether the Democratic presidential frontrunner is taking an unusually heavy-handed approach to controlling coverage. There are other events on Clinton’s calendar for today, including a 5:45pm Flag Day event in Manchester sponsored by the city’s Democratic Party organization, where she will be the keynote speaker.

So rather than risking uncomfortable questions that Hillary doesn’t want to answer, the Clinton Machine decides a strong-armed shut out of the press is a better way to go.

If Hillary decides during her campaign not to answer questions and ban the press, what will she do as President?

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