Clinton’s Control In The Political Sphere Is Frightening

hillaryHillary Clinton referred to young millennials as “basement dwellers.” These people made up a large percentage of Bernie Sanders’s support base. He claimed to be on the side of millennials.

However, Bernie sold out to Hillary. After she rigged the election, he endorsed her. He claimed to be anti-establishment. He painted Hillary as the picture of the political establishment. Now, he agrees with anything she says.

When questioned about her comments on millennials, Sanders brushed them off and said,

“What Secretary Clinton and I have done since the election, since the primary nominating process, we have worked together in a number of areas.”

He went on to say that to an extent he agreed with her comments.

Sanders seemed fundamentally different from Hillary in the primary. Millennials supported him because they felt like he represented their interests. However, he became another supporter afterward, presumably because of Clinton threats.

Considering that Bernie bought a new house soon after the primary, this is probably the case.

The Clintons have controlled the political class for years. They always get their way, and anyone who openly disagrees with them seems to mysteriously disappear. Their power scares other politicians.

This is why we need Trump. We need someone who is not part of the political class and will not bow down to Hillary. Trump cannot be bought out, and we Americans need someone who will always stand up for us.

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