Clinton cramming her head with ‘microchips and binders’ for debate

Donald Trump won’t be winging his debate performance Monday, but the Republican presidential nominee also hasn’t been cramming his head with microchips and binders like Hillary Clinton, his campaign manager said Friday.

“Of course not. He need not wing it,” Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, told Fox Business. “There’s a difference between being spontaneous and just, you know, being yourself at the debate stage.”

Trump and Clinton will square off Monday in New York at Hofstra University for the first presidential debate. While Clinton has taken time off the trail for debate prep, Trump has largely eschewed the traditional debate prep process. His campaign, however, maintains that the real estate mogul will be prepared for Monday’s bout.

“I don’t think he’s locked up in a cabin for two weeks like other people have been — or currently are — cramming their heads with microchips and binders, but he’s a brilliant man,” Conway said, taking an obvious shot at Clinton’s preparation.

Conway said no one is playing Clinton in mock debate sessions because “we all know Hillary Clinton very well, so those of us who are intimately involved with this process feel confident that we understand Hillary Clinton’s record, we understand her vision — her lack thereof — for the country.”

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