Clinton odds have dropped 13%

The smart money is still on the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to win the election on Tuesday, but her chances have dropped 13%, according to the prediction market PredictIt.

Traders on the website are now paying 68 cents for a “Clinton win” share that would pay $1 if Clinton is elected. Just last week the same share on PredictIt cost 81 cents. Trump shares, on the other hand, cost 35 cents, up from 22 cents a week ago. The site slightly favors Clinton to win North Carolina, while giving an edge to Trump in Florida.

The traders on prediction markets like PredictIt buy the shares with real money, essentially gambling on the outcome of the political races across the globe. In the U.S., the players can even bet on the local races and ballot measures. As traders lose faith in a candidate, the value of the shares slip. As confidence in a given outcome or candidate grows, their shares become more expensive.

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  • DirtyDaveyDownEast

    Here is a prediction I bet Predictit will not give anyone odds on. I predict that if every eligible votah gets out ta vote in this election Donald Trump wins by tha greatest landslide in AMERICAN history.

    One hundred years of corrupt and cripplin’ Progressive politics have lulled AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, into a Long Apathetic Nap. Tha Founding Fathers nevah envisioned an apathetic citizenry which was not engaged, involved nor voted. Tha Founders instituted a public school system which taught our children from tha early grades on up our Constitution, government and history so they could grow up to take their rightful place as citizens of AMERICAN society who were engaged, involved and voted.

    Tha Progressives undahstand this Long Apathetic Nap as they are it’s designahs and guardians. They are bankin’ on ump-teen millions of votahs stayin’ home on Tuesday thus keepin’ them in powah. If ya stayin’ or thinkin’ about stayin’ home on election day please do not.

    Please get engaged, involved and vote.


  • jdbixii

    For all of the confusion, perversion, obviation and violation of the law which liberal progressives have brought to the country, there is no purpose for government under them except freedom in its most abusive forms. If the predictions should hold up, the poetic justice will be that liberal progressives will have to deal with the consequences of the problems which they, themselves, have allowed or created. The votes of “no confidence” have already been cast. Such a position will be most unenviable!

  • KWG

    HERE’S HILLARY CLINTON! Author: H.A. Goodman.” Hillary Clinton destroyed 13 blackberry phones with a hammer for convenience” BELIEVE ME! I AM INNOCENT. WHAM, BAM,BAM,BAM. SEE, NO EVIDENCE!

    In addition to Assange, add in all of this. How in the HELL was she allowed to run for the presidency?

    THE HORN NOV 1, 2016: “refugees out of control, German police warn.”


    ( Hidden Cam: Lovefest between top Clinton Aid Huma Abedin and Syrian Refugees.

    On November 8th we have the choice of Trump or Hillary. One will make us strong and prosperous the other will continue the weakness and laughable state we have become under Mohammed Obama.

    1. Trump: First and foremost, “The Supreme Court” and “Make America Great Again”.

    2. Hillary: More of this! Look at all of this crime and corruption listed below, over the last thirty years, DEPLORABLE, as Hillary would say. And, a vote for Hillary includes a second opportunity for Bill, the ray-pest, to take up where he left off. You, as an American citizen and proud of this country, surely you do not want a repeat of the crime and corruption of the Clinton’s past administration, and an extension of Mohammed Obama disaster.

    Sept. 8, Hillary was caught wearing a BLUE TOOTH EAR BUD in the debate and new allegation of the same cheating four week’s ago. Come on America! enough is enough. Will some one please stop this life long criminal. What is it going to take to tape her mouth shut for good? CHEATING IN THE DEBATE!!! Cheating and lying is what she does best. This time she was caught!

    2 day’s left, who will it be, the electorate have chosen two candidates, Trump or crooked Hillary, that’s it. I will vote for the candidate who will “Make America Great Again” not a self professed, devout left winger.

    I am voting for Trump. Trump’s colors do not run! Donald Trump’s colors are Red, White and Blue.

    For Hillary’s color you have to go here.…/23/hillary-clinton-is-a-communist

    Crooked Princess Hillary is so enthralled with this, now dead and gone Saul Alinsky guy, she was wearing his color in the first debate, RED!

    Muslim U.S. Army Officer Kills 13, Wounds 31 at Fort Hood.

    Do not apologize! The Muslim Brotherhood Khan started it, now you finish them off. When you become president, force them to leave this once great country with rest of the Muslim scum. Obama deposited 30,000 radical Muslim’s in this once great county and Hillary want’s a half a million more. Have you been following the Muslim mess Europe has created for itself? To see for your self what is coming to this country, look on the internet at the “Muslim Invasion of Europe”, [COPY AND PASTE] Is this what you want for this once great country? It is imperative we remove the barbaric Muslim’s from the U.S.A. They will NOT assimilate ever!

    The following covers all the reasons you do not want the Clinton crime family back in the White House. Crooked Hillary will give you a second helping without a doubt.

    Here is how crooked Bill and Hillary are going to make America Great Again, LOL

    If you do not vote for Mr. Trump, here is what BILLY BOY and HILLARY are going to give you next January and eight more year’s.

    Look at all of this DEPLORABLE crime and corruption trailing along behind the Clinton’s! This is the tip of the iceberg!

    0. Aryssa Damron: Hillary’s Foul Language Is Deplorable!
    1. Hillary Clinton Freed Child Rapist
    2. Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever.
    3. Exploring Hillary Clinton’s ties to Saul Alinsky & communist doctrine.
    4. Hillary: Children in hospital.
    5. Hillary: FJB.
    6. The Hillary letters, Saul Alinsky correspondence revealed.
    7. Hillary: She throws coffee in Marines face.
    8. Hillary hides her Panther fling.
    9. Hillary: We didn’t lose a single person in Libya.
    10. Dissing health care execs who offered solution.
    11. Why Hillary makes my wife scream.
    12. Clinton’s Loot White House.
    13. Hillary Clinton is a career criminal.
    14. Charles Krauthammer: What has Hillary Clinton done as Secretary of State?
    15. All the terrible things Hillary Clinton has done in one big list.
    16. Bill and Hillary Clinton: A life of violating people.
    17. Who is Chelsea’s father? Not crooked Bill, “DNA” Webb Hubble.
    18. The Benghazi shuffle.
    18. Five lies Clinton told in the debate.
    19. 3 big reasons Hillary Clinton should NEVER be president.
    20. The Clinton Crime Family Exposed.
    21. Stopping The Hillary Express.
    22. And Her Fans thought Hillary Was Smart.
    23. Beirut Lebanon Marine Barracks BILLY BOY’S WATCH
    25. The Twin Tower’s dynamite truck bomb BILLY BOY’S WATCH
    26. Hillary Clinton’s Pardon Scandal.
    27. Clinton Corruption Is Ongoing.
    28. Pardon gate: Clinton blocks Release Of Pardon Papers.
    29. Pardon gate Play-By-Play.
    30. Hillary’s Greed Is Destroying Her Presidential Campaign.
    31. Covering Bill’s dirty deeds.
    32. Filegate: FBI files on GOP enemies.
    33. Hillary’s ‘Muslim Brotherhood princess” Huma Abedin.
    34. Vince Foster’s 1993 death.
    35. Emailgate:’ She should go to prison for this
    36. Chinagate: Sale of high-tech secrets.
    37. Travelgate: Always room for friends.
    38. Whitewater: Jail for friends, but not Clinton’s.
    39.’Landing under sniper fire’ in Bosnia.

  • Thomas Contos

    How can anybody in their right mind destroy our country by appointing crooked Hillary Clinton and
    her group of underhanded, sneaky, lying, regime including our lying president Obama.