Clinton Ran for President Because She Had “No Choice”

Success models often say that you can’t achieve the what, or even the how, until you know the why. Every goal needs a purpose greater than the goal itself.

It appears the Democrats are beginning to get some hindsight in that respect.

After a scorching election defeat for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and plenty of Monday morning quarterbacking, vice president Joe Biden is coming clean. Biden told the Los Angeles Times last week what he couldn’t say while he was campaigning for Hillary.

She didn’t have a burning ambition to be president and lead the country, and his gut told him it would cost her the election.

“I don’t think she ever really figured it out,” Biden said. “She thought she had no choice but to run. That, as the first woman who had an opportunity to win the presidency, I think it was a real burden on her.”

Hmm. “No choice” is not a reason to be the leader of the free world, even for so good a cause as gender equality. We need more than role models; we need bold and brave leaders.


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    Uncle Joe is so full of Chit his eyes are brown. HEY who put the C where the S is supposed to be?

    • The Redman

      C-fus, S-fus, Do-fus. hahahahahahahah

      • RUFUS

        u dummy

        • The Redman

          U dum-fus

  • Timothy

    Joe she was unworthy to be president. Dem .lost touch and wil not get back in touch they put there self first . They don’t even know why they lost. They got goofy people like E. Warren to speak . And rest the dumb dem. To talk for her. She can’ answer question with out ear peace .

  • Brady Harness

    Thus, Hitlery is Lost and the American Patriots WON !!!

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  • Rosech Levy

    Biden be quiet! She ran because she has always thought she was meant to be president via Bill Clinton. Unfortunately, her chutzpah led her down the road to losing.

    • truthseeker

      Her illegal E-mails that had cause our Nation Security to be jeopardized and now Obama wants to blame it on Russia. It does not matter she had all her dirty laundry for anyone to notice. It was all about her double dealing and selling us out to fund her ” Clinton Foundation “.

  • The Redman

    The klantons R like most of the 98% hater white-folks ruining america

  • Richard Moorer

    HA !! she has eyed and focused on the presidency for a long time…that’s one reason she was so devastated in losing the election.. if she had won the whole nation would have been devastated by the far left liberal edicts that Hellary the dictator would have demanded.. she would have been worse than Obummy…

    • mariluefunkhouser

      Right on!

  • sadnana

    I can’t agree with Biden. Hillary is a narcissist, convinced that she is entitled to whatever she wants no matter who has to get hurt (or killed) to satisfy her ambition. And her ambition has always been to be POTUS. That was her whole purpose for running, but of course she couldn’t admit that. So instead she attacked her opponent and those who didn’t agree with her.

  • Lisa Millar

    Wish these democrats would just shut up and accept the fact and learn to live with it. I’m tired of hearing all their bitching & complaining. The republicans apparently have more class than the low-class liberals. You didn’t see them acting like sore losers when a half-breed black who didn’t have much experi-ence in politics and had questionable background got elected. They excepted it and made the best of it so they should do the same for Trump.