Clinton’s Horrible Comments About Trump Supporters

Clinton TrumpAt a fundraiser in New York City, Hillary Clinton called all Trump supporters racists, sexists, and homophobes. She said they belong in a “basket of deplorables.” But how dare Donald Trump make generalizing statements about illegal immigrants or Syrian refugees. Many of them HAVE proven themselves to be dangerous, but she does not care. Most of Trump’s supporters are good people who care about the future of the country.

Wanting to deport those who have already broken the law and come here illegally is not racism. Wanting secure borders is not racist. The belief that every baby has a right to life is not sexism; these voters do not want to destroy women’s rights but preserve the unborn babies’ ┬álives. The Biblical definition of marriage is not homophobic; marriage is between a man and woman, but these voters do not hate homosexual people.

Trump has hired women and minorities for years. Not only has he brought them onto his team, but he has given them authoritative positions. Trump hired the first woman to ever be in charge of building a New York City skyscraper. He allowed blacks and Jews into Mar a Lago when no other club in the area would. After the Orlando attacks, he made it clear that as President he will protect homosexuals as he would anyone.

Clinton has resorted to vile, personal attacks on Trump and his supporters. She has criticized him for his harsh words about his opponents this election season, but she is worse than he could ever be.

Look at Clinton’s track record compared to Trump. She and Bill have paid men more than women, both at the Clinton Foundation, and on their personal staffs. She has referred to black men as “super predators” and now is pandering for their votes.

Clinton is attacking Trump and his supporters to detract from her own hypocrisy and lies.

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