Clinton’s homestretch cash advantage: $99 million

Hillary Clinton’s forces had nearly 2 ½ times more cash to burn than Donald Trump’s team over the campaign’s final three weeks, according to a POLITICO analysis of reports filed Thursday night with the Federal Election Commission.

The reports, which cover the period from Oct. 1 to Oct. 19, show that Clinton’s campaign committee, its joint committees with the Democratic Party and the super PACs devoted to her finished the period with $172 million in the bank, compared to $73 million for Trump’s campaign, joint committees with the GOP and super PACs.

POLITICO analysis found that Clinton’s cash advantage expanded during the first three weeks of the month, when her campaign and its allies brought in $120 million compared to only $65 million for Trump’s.

That commanding financial lead figures to grow even further in the final three weeks before Election Day, since Clinton’s campaign and its joint committee had dozens of fundraisers planned with high-profile surrogates including Cher, Jay Z and Jennifer Lopez.

Trump, on the other hand, had not scheduled any fundraisers after Oct. 19 for his joint committees with the Republican National Committee, with which Trump’s campaign has had a fraught relationship.

All of it adds up to a massive financial and infrastructure advantage for Clinton and her allied committees, which had dramatically outspent Trump and his forces over the course of the campaign on everything from television advertising to swing state field offices and staffing.

Notably, Trump, a billionaire real estate showman who largely self-funded his GOP primary campaign and has taken to boasting that he would spend $100 million on his campaign before Election Day, was nowhere near that mark as of the period covered by Thursday’s reports. He donated $31,000 to his campaign during the first three weeks of this month to bring his self-funding total to $56.1 million for the campaign.


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