Clinton’s Refugee Plan – An Economic Disaster For America

sternhillaryDemocratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has proposed a plan for refugees that will allow 620,000 of them in during a four-year term. It is fairly obvious that this would open the United States up to an increased risk of terror attacks. According to Senator Jeff Sessions, this would also be an economic disaster for the United States.

“Assuming Clinton’s desire to bring in 65,000 Syrian refugees is in addition to the Obama Administration’s current goal of admitting 10,000 this fiscal year (out of 85,000 total refugees), that would amount to an increase of 55,000 refugees. ‎55,000 on top of 85,000 totals 140,000 refugees. The Obama Administration’s target for FY 2017 is actually 100,000 refugees, meaning that adding 55,000 refugees to that would result in 155,000 refugees each year.  Due to statutory flaws in our Refugee Admissions Program, the number could be as high as Hillary Clinton desires. Assuming her goal is to admit 155,000 refugees each year during a hypothetical first term in office, a Clinton Administration would admit at least 620,000 refugees in just four years – a population roughly the size of Baltimore.

Undoubtedly, the resulting costs of admitting the refugees under Clinton’s plan will be enormous. Robert Rector at the Heritage Foundation has estimated that the total lifetime cost of admitting 10,000 refugees is $6.5 billion. This estimate encompasses costs to taxpayers at the federal, state, and local levels. ‎Using Mr. Rector’s numbers as a baseline, admitting 155,000 refugees in one year would result in a total lifetime cost to the taxpayers of $100,750,000,000. If those levels were sustained over the course of four years – a hypothetical first term in office – the lifetime cost to the taxpayers according to Mr. Rector’s analysis would be $403 billion.”

This is just another way Hillary has planned to destroy America from inside out, and she needs to be stopped.

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  • June

    Millionaires and/or billionaires don’t care what costs are passed on to the rest of us (the majority of Americans).

  • Bob Mac

    It’s not just “terror attacks”, it is actually the overthrow of our society, as a free Christian nation, a sovereign nation. There are Russian SPEZNAZ training in Ft. Polk, training since the Cold War, to disarm you and me and subject us to whatever amount of force the traitors wish to use, to destroy our rights and break up America. What do the conspirators call you TV-watchers, especially the more brainwashed ones? “Useful idiots”. Think about it.

  • bill sexton

    Brain dead Hillary and the Demo rat party lost to a nobody because of this immigration stupidity. I am soooooo glad she lost and Trump won. He saved America from these criminals.