CNN Says Republican Women Are Trapped

Recently on CNN’s “Newsroom,” Anushay Hossain called President Trump the abuser that female Republicans are trapped with.

Hossain claims, “We are at a point now this goes beyond partisan politics. Violence against women is a human rights issue, and I want to reiterate my call to GOP and Republican women that it is time to get out. I feel like GOP women are trapped with their abuser, which is Trump. You guys have stood by him through pedophilia, through sexual assault.”

“I want to say enough is enough. We are at a pivotal moment in this country right now. The culture is shifting. This is a turning point for women’s rights and for violence against women. And you know what, the president just made clear to us, not that we needed him to stipulate this, is that he doesn’t back this movement, that a man’s denial – a white man’s denial – is worth more than a woman’s word, than a woman’s experience. I don’t want to pull this card, but I think in this situation I have to. As a mother, what is the message that we are sending to little girls? What is the message that is coming from this White House? Why is it so complicated and difficult for this president to say, no, this was wrong. Violence against women, domestic violence is wrong. He can’t even say it.”

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  • David Atherton

    She is nuts look what party is getting nailed by sex scandals

    • The Redman

      Yep, mostly white-folks, huh, d-b. hahaahhahahahahaha

  • OnlyTruthFirst

    What happened to the $17M of taxpayer funds used to cover up politicians sexual misconduct, harassment, and/or abuse? Why haven’t they released all their names? I would assume the majority of offenders are Democrats.

  • ggrdr05

    Republican women have a brain and can think for themselves, unlike demoncrat women

  • JoAnn Graham

    CNN is trapped in their own rhetoric..Masters of deception

  • The Redman

    Stupid white-folks ruined america. ahahahahahahahhaahhaahha

  • eeagar

    Hussain needs to get over her insecurities. If she were a stable minded, strong independent thinking woman she would not be falling for the rhetoric that CNN is feeding her. She is being manipulated into this program of dividing our nation, our genders, our races, our beliefs, in order to split us apart as a nation. We are strong because we are a free nation under God. We are strong when we are one nation. My only question is, what is Miss Hussain’s purpose in trying to make women feel less than what they are?

  • Luisa

    Ms, ANUS HAY Hossein or Anus, F***S***HOLE Anus Dossian,

    Wash your mouth with Democrats Diarrhoea, or a horse manures before opening up, because we a very conservative. And, Republicans women are very clean, and have so much experience, and smart also. Ms, Anus, are you talking at yourself or talking about the Drag Queen Story. President trump, did not create all you S***HOLES, why don’t go cry for Obama that he is the F**KLIARHOLES to help you, and blame him for his own crapped on America, and including you F***HOLE?. I am a mother also, but I am not blaming President for anything, because he did not make America F**KS***HOLES, but Obama, and Democrats. F**K your ASS, and shut you damn whiner’s HOLES***MOUTH. Why don’t you call your ASS as an abuser, or call all Democrats as an abusers S***HOLES. It depends what kinds of women’s right against women. Why don’t you pull the card from your ASS if you want too. Oh, you are finally realize the culture is shifting today? President Trump, is trying so hard to shift the F**KS***HOLES culture to something that could make America great again, because Obama S**TS all over America, and all American, and he left his undocumented F**K illegals for President Trump to clean it up. Who the F**K Obama thinks who the F**K he is?. My wish for Obama, Hillary, FBI, and most Democrats to go to Guantanamo for life, and put the Law & Order to make them suffer and be a dead fish, or raw eggs for decade.
    Ms, Anus Hussein, I want to say also, it is enough for me also to hear your god damn S***HOLE from You as a Democrat’s idiot, and no brain, before you talk. You are so filthy, and your ANUS id S***HOLE funky. Democrat’s women want to joins the ring of sex, and they are funky disgusting filthy, and never clean themselves, and left s**THOLES on the street for WHO to clean up their filthy under-wears. Shut up, and think before your ASS do the thinking for you.

  • Wolfbandit77

    Dear Anushay Hossain – As a Republican woman, you offend me, yet I don’t need a safe place, need to wear a pink hat or a #metoo label nor become a nasty woman. You are off your liberal rocker and need serious emotional counseling. I hope you get it. You point a finger at Trump yet Dems stood by Bill Clinton who violated a 21 year old intern in the oval office, you supported his wife who threatened his victims. The list as you very well know is quite long. We all know that anything the Dems point an accusing finger at toward our president and Republicans, is what they themselves are actually very guilty of. We are not trapped, you are.

  • David F Lanphere

    This is all very interesting. The idea that somehow, any woman who has chosen to believe in the sanctity of all life, is being tricked into becoming a republican. The idea that an unborn child is somehow not a human being, until it “is wanted” by the mother, while the people at planned parenthood will happily charge her for an abortion and then sell that child to a research facility, for embryonic study. And this Private company will happily accept funding from the federal government, on the premise that they are providing “health care” to poor desperate girls and women, who couldn’t possibly get it anywhere else. Any intelligent person can see that all planned parenthood wants to do is make a profit off the misery of poor people. Margaret Sanger was one of their icons, and her main focus was the elimination of all people of color, and unworthy white people as well. The democrats, the KKK and the progressives, have always thought highly of this woman, as a visionary of progressive ideals! When Adolf Hitler needed help developing a program to eliminate the unworthy people in his midst, he went to the progressives and the democrats for guidance. The democrats had successfully installed the “Jim Crow” laws in the South, and the Nazi’s just adapted the same kind of regulations on their Jewish population. Bill Clinton is only the most recent example of a fine democrat gentleman, who considers all women from the vantage point of a ruling sovereign lord practicing the idea that he can “sample” any woman in his kingdom, that he desires, with no repercussions. Oh yes, the only “safe” and reasonable place for an intelligent woman, would be in the democrat/progressive party! I don’t think so.

  • 50william

    What about being trapped by hilLIARy?

    I aided my husband in going after his EXTRA MARITAL CONQUESTS. I remained loyal to him for MY POLITICAL FUTURE. 9 Years ago, DURING MY FIRST FAILED PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN, I took the ‘word’ of my male spiritual advisor OVER my female chief of staff that a female campaign volunteer WAS SEXUALLY HARASSED by him.


  • Randy Patton

    Republican want to be liberal, but their heads could not fit up their ASS.