1st Amendment Shredded: Students Told They Can’t Talk about Religion During School Hours

PinecreekHSIn beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado, a legal battle is building between Christian students and the school district. Central to the lawsuit is the students’ rights to free speech and religious liberty, and the concerns of the school district about violating the separation of church and state.

For the past three years, Chase Windebank, now a senior at Pine Creek High School, has been meeting informally with fellow classmates, usually in an empty choir room, to discuss their Christian faith, pray for their classmates, and sing hymns. A favorite is “Amazing Grace.”

But on September 29 of this year, Chase was summoned to the office of Assistant Principal James Lucas. Jeremy Tedesco, the attorney representing Chase in his suit against the school district, says:

He was told that he could no longer pray with his fellow students during free time because of the separation of church and state. He was told that he could pray before the school day begins or after the school day ends, but he could not do it during the school day.

Tedesco’s law firm, Alliance Defending Freedom, specializes in religious liberty cases.

The next day Chase was called into the office of Principal Kolette Back. There, it was “reaffirmed that his religious speech could not take place during the open time” period called “Seminar.”

According to the lawsuit:

Defendants Back and Lucas stated that because of the separation of church and state and because they regarded the Seminar period as instructional time, they were banning students’ discussion of issues of the day from a religious perspective during the open time of Seminar period.

A spokesman for Academy School District Number 20 confirmed the high school’s actions in a written statement:

Students were told that, according to state law and district policy, they could meet during non-instructional time. That is before or after school.

Tedesco says the primary issue is one of free speech:

Public schools should encourage the free exchange of ideas. Instead, this school implemented an ill-conceived ban that singles out religious speech for censorship during free time.

The district’s attorney, Patricia Richardson, responded in a letter to Tedesco:

No non-curricular clubs are permitted to meet during that time period at Pine Creek High School. Therefore, Mr. Windebank may resume his prayer meetings at Pine Creek High School, but he must do so during non-instructional time, that is before 7:45 a.m. when classes begin, and after 2:45 p.m., when classes end for the day.

Chase and the other Christian students are continuing to meet, but are abiding by the school’s guidelines until the suit is settled.

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  • chilitom

    Hate to admit it but the district is right. NYC errs the other way. However, NYC picks and chooses who can and who cannot exercise their religion during normal school hours. For example the moslems (my preferred spelling) get prayer rooms and when that dude yells whatever he yells from the high ground, the moslems get to go to these rooms and pray. Also (and I don’t know whether this is unique to NYC and environs) when Jewish holidays arrive, NYC closes the schools. They don’t close the schools for most Christian holidays. This is truly secular behavior. It is better if the schools respect all peaceful religions and ban all secular exercises. This is not to say the schools don’t have to do the pledge correctly. They ought not allow kids to opt out of the pledge. Citizenship, responsibility and patriotism are the few values public schools should teach.
    I went to public school in NYC in the middle of the last century (God am I old!). Each Friday started with Assembly. Each Assembly started with the pledge of allegiance. Then the principle, Mr. Shapiro, read from the Old Testament. Then all sang a hymn carefully chosen to please both Jew and Christian. All the kids did this. None seemed to suffer any long-term damage to the psyche. Who’da known psyches have weakened so much in so short a time! Talk about rabid…oh, sorry! Rapid evolution! Those creationists don’t have a prayer! Come to think about, they do. Many!

    • Robert Pekarik

      The majority of Americans must favor the fundamental transformation of our nation. They all sit back and allow the far left to dictate and make the rules for all. There are exceptions though, like if you want to practice your Christian faith anywhere you choose, or wear an American flag T-shirt on Cinco-de-Mayo day in California, or wear an anti-abortion T-shirt or anti-abortion protest because if offends the tolerance of the far left, or refuse to bake a cake or hold a gay wedding in your facility because your religious beliefs are against counterfeit marriages, or not allowing Christmas celebrations in public areas because if offends the minority far lefts atheistic asinine feelings, or allowing radical minorities to run rampant through the streets of our cities under the guise of protesting so they can loot, burn and steal anything they want because after all they are upset, or allow a president of the United States to lie to every citizen in the nation and suffer no consequence other than being allowed to lie to all of us until his 2 more years of fundamental transformation are completed.
      The leadership in local, state and the House and Senate are scared to death to stand up for the truth. Afraid of putting these anarchists and far left incompetents in their place. Honestly chiltom, this nation would not miss any of these far left idiots, judges and supposed democratic politicians that are doing their best to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s just a shame that we no longer have anyone in Washington DC that we can count on to protect America and it values and laws. Perhaps someone will speak truth to we the people and with the help of all TRUE Americans start to rebuild our nation on its founding principles not on the corrupt ideology and transformation of the far left anarchists and incompetent democratic leadership.

      • chilitom

        I believe we have the numbers and are timid fools not to use them. It is our nation that is at stake.

    • Frank Talaber

      The school district is NOT right when it ignores basic student rights and wastes precious resources defending an unnecessary lawsuit!

      • Richard Olsen

        You don’t understand. The students have no rights, and neither do you, or me. We ourselves, our children, and their children, if any, are now the chattel property of the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We are nearly all victims of a form of identity theft that gave us all an identity as a fictional corporate person whose official documents like birth certificates spell our names in all capital letters. Check them, marriage licenses, social security cards, driver’s licenses, property deeds and other court documents. We were made citizens of the UNITED STATES, by the unlawfully passed and ratified 14th amendment. We were inhabitants of the states in which we resided before that amendment was ratified at the point of Union Army guns. The government under the organic constitution (1789 & 1791) ceased to exist on March 27, 1861, and has never been restored. We have been governed by a private corporation, lawfully only entitled to operate in the District of Columbia and the territories of the united states since 1871, If you want a shock, read Rep. James Traficant’s (D- Ohio) March 17, 1993 speech in the House of Representatives, Then follow up reading other original documents. You wil discover that NOTHING is what you were taught to believe.

    • Leo Degrandmaison

      Your right when I was in school back in the 60s and 70s we had morning prayer and the pledge all so and it did
      not kill us one bit

    • patriot 86

      That’s why my kids go to catholic school where prayer is encouraged .Pull your kids out of these jokes we call schools people and give them a good christian education centered on God and prayer .


    • Richard Olsen

      The problem lies in the institution that most believe is public “free” education itself. The problem, in part, arises from two facts that are always totally ignored. They are: 1. It is not public education, and never was. 2. It is not “free”. Government schools are in fact indoctrination centers solely intended to train their attendees to be obedient servants of the corporate government and government’s companion corporation’s who may someday employ them. (If they haven’t been rendered too stupid to be useful.) We seem to all know that these places aren’t “free”, but almost never fail to keep voting more money to build, staff, and operate the prison like institutions in spite of overwhelming evidence that those we sentence to incarceration there emerge less literate and more ignorant with each passing year. We tolerate having a “Department of Health, Education, and Welfare” in the federal government in spite of the clear fact that of those three only welfare is mentioned in the constitution; and that only in the preamble, not in the powers granted to the federal government as enumerated in the constitution body. The 10th amendment clearly states. ‘The Powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people”. Why do we no longer understand that “compulsory” (as in compulsory school attendance) and “freedom” are contradictory conditions? The plain fact is, WE over the last hundred years, have allowed ourselves to be effectively conditioned to be insane. Almost 80% of the American people neither know nor care that the constitutional government (the organic constitution circa 1789 amended 1791) no longer exists. So the school can do whatever it wishes as the current de facto corporate government has no connection to that constitution, and “The King can do no wrong.” (It’s also why the police can do whatever they choose with impunity. And do.)

      • conductor1

        Yes, government “can do no wrong” certainly is the mentality of liberals, who are the most likely to be in government jobs. I would think it difficult for a conservative, constitutionally-minded person to be part of a government agency that continues to aggrandize power through administrative rules, regardless of cost, efficiency, or relevance. Yet that is what a “tribe”, most tribes, do. Conservatives, by nature, are less likely to share this mentality, and it often leads to their ideas being drowned out or ignored.

        Liberals know that government can make stupid decisions and bad mistakes, but as you mention, they’re willing to overlook things, time and time again. It is a compliant personality (they might call an evolved global awareness) that continues to love and need government regardless of its failures, like a mother loves a child who behaves worse with age.

        The idea that working for government is somehow noble, selfless service, is insulting. It is a job, a generally more lucrative one than its equivalent in the private sector, without most of the risks. Performance standards are lower and more based in seniority than merit. That breeds a mentality for socialist thinking, and undoubtedly factors into laws and regulations. The job is not likely to be phased out, the employer not likely to go out of business, or reduce the budget, or furlough or layoff during down times, or pare expenses, or have audits to cut waste and improve efficiency. And if an employee sees waste or fraud, the “owner” is hard to communicate with and likely to whitewash or conceal problems from the public. On top of all that, it is a large union with layers of rules to insure its power and privilege regardless of the best interests of its constituents. That is what we often see from teachers, who spend as much time complaining they are underpaid as they do teaching. They chose what they do. I was in small business for much of my life. I can’t imagine sitting around complaining about my income in front of others, and it was rare that I’d hear other small businesspeople do so. If they did, their colleagues would typically say “do something about it and stop complaining”. Usually, that would mean taking a risk, which not everyone is willing to do. That is a cultural problem that is getting worse.

        Part of the conditioning you spoke of is that corporations are necessarily evil because their only mission is to make money. Of course, people who worked for government, people who worked in small business, relatives, or friends all may at times be part of a corporation. It never dawns on the liberal that people in government are around as much or more money, and under the same human nature are just as prone to misappropriate it. Unfortunately, businesses don’t have a comparable budget and watchdog force to police government activities, or overcome its carefully constructed bulwark of immunity. We are certainly getting a lesson in that from the Obama administration. To me, there is no difference between business and government…both want to increase demand for their products and services. Government has more power and resources to compel that to happen.

        I constantly hear teachers say “I could have done x or y or z if I wanted to earn more money”. Fine. Then stop complaining. Try to meet or exceed expectations if your employer will allow, and instead of inoculating our kids with political correctness and envy for the rich, help make them more self-reliant and competitive. That is how to make a great impact.

  • 10isace2

    more propoganda….

  • Susan Misa

    This is so wrong. But I guess according to this school’s regulations it would be okay for the children to discuss other things such as sex, drugs, beer, homosexual, anti-American belief and of course the Muslim religion. Just do NOT discuss either Christian or Jewish faith, right?

    • Bobtrhn

      That is so right Susan. I think it’s time we take this country back and put it the way it was before. Who gives that school the right to do this?

      • USACITIZEN97

        they took upon themselves, as with all libs, to make it suit themselves. They do not care about the constitution. TIME FOR A BIG CHANGE

        • patriot 86

          Yup big and permanent.

        • vkbmvoter

          Teachers are under the gun more today than any other time.. Any slight infraction and they can be fired. Our schools have become political hotbeds. Teachers have little freedom in the classrooms anymore. OF COURSE THEY CANNOT UPSET THE MUSLIMS. WHO ARE ONLY VISITORS HERE! They are special, We must change everything to keep their whining mouths shut! BUT OUR KIDS ARE CONSTANTLY
          CENSORED! What is wrong with picture?

          • conductor1

            Under the gun? Perhaps in the area of political correctness. Superintendents and principals usually come from teaching ranks. It is a closed society where the inmates run the institution. They are usually Democrats, and their unions have made it very difficult to fire lousy teachers. When a liberal doesn’t agree with a particular example of political correctness, some squirm a bit, but they continue on that general path. Such is the appeal of their utopian dream.

          • Larry Brown

            Don’t you mean “UTOPIAN “WET” DREAMS??

          • conductor1

            Yeah. I suppose so. They can be informed of one dumb, excessive, corrupt event after another, and keep marching straight to the utopia of good intentions — feeling everyone can be trusted or rehabilitated, and refusing to acknowledge aspects of human nature that don’t meet expectations. The unrealistic expectations undermine self-reliance and allow demagogues and dictators to grow.

  • Barrustio

    It’s alright to discuss Beyonce’s big butt and association with the illuminati (and that’s a “religious perspective”

  • DrRGP

    The answer is a painful lawsuit naming the principal and the larger school district. “We,” including errant school principals and school boards, “learn by the hard things we suffer.”

  • gooojooo1

    Here we go again “Show me where in the Constitution” the phrase “Separation of Church and State”. I can show you The Establishment Clause(1st amendment) is a limitation placed upon the United States Congress preventing it from PASSING LEGISLATION respecting an establishment of religion. The second prohibition inherent from this specified prohibition is no preference by the U.S. government of one religion over another. No where no way is there separation of church and state except for a state sponsored endorsement of a specific religion.

    • WhiteFalcon

      Democraps lack the intellectual capacity to figure that out. In fact, from what I’ve seen of them over the past many years, they don’t have intellectual capacity at all.

      • Tonto

        I think you are probably correct about the “intellectually challenged” comment about democrats….I think they have an “upper limit” IQ requirement of about 90. However, the war on religion is about the socialist agenda. No entity higher than the state can be recognized, at least from their viewpoint. GOD as the Highest Power overshadows the state, and they can’t have that. Note, they want to convince us peons, kulaks, or peasants (or comrade serfs) that all rights, privileges and permissions must emanate from the state and ONLY the state. Our Bill of Rights is about GOD GIVEN RIGHTS that no one needs permission for.

        • JohnB

          Awfully generous with that 90, don’t you think? Haven’t you heard the new spelling for God is O-B-A-M-A. The next ultra important executive order. Because he knows what’s best for you and me and everyone else. Don’t forget he is keeping the oceans from rising.

          • Karen Naylor

            There are even grade schools where the teacher has the little darlings singing a song of praise to Mr. Obama. I am glad I read the posts today.

          • podunk1

            The Supreme law is as simple as Amendment 1 WORDS: “Congress shall make no law respecting religion, or prohibiting free exercise thereof”…(as well as speech and press (writing). That obviously dictates there is NO AUTHORITY TO ENFORCE ANYTHING! I hope they sue the individual offenders in a local court with unlimited punitive damage to be determined by a jury. All courts and judges are equally bound to enforce the Constitution (Article 6). Let nothing else enter to the Supreme law suit, especially any judicial opinions & precedence (they’re all oath/duty subservient to the Constitution! Read it!

        • Larry Brown

          “Better to ask for forgiveness NOT permission !!”

      • pmbalele

        You make me puke. Just 4 months ago Congress voted not endorse Pope Francis
        as a friend. Boehner and his friends in Congress labeled the pope as too cozy
        in philosophy with President Obama. Pope Francis will alienate Repubs and TPs even more when he tell them the
        truth-that they are liars, greedy, bullies of women and racial minorities and
        most of them adulterers and therefore sinners. But I don’t know what FoxNews people like Bill
        O’rielly and Ingraham will do. They are racist and bigots.

    • dmbunce

      Good answer.

    • joão cezar

      Careful, Sir! Liberal heads will explode if they hear the truth, don’t you know…

    • RobertLaity

      BTW, Islam is NOT a “Religion”. Sharia law is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution. See: Marbury v Madison (1803) U.S. Supreme Court.

      • Rosech Levy

        Islam is a cult, just like the Mormons are a cult, so neither is a religion and if they think they keep repeating that it is, for sure we know it is not! Treating us like Grubers won’t win their battle but it will ours! This is OUR America and you liberals and Demos and Obama better remember that!

    • rocky63

      Yes, you’re right. The second clause of the first amendment says that the Congress may not prohibit FREE EXERCISE THEREOF. The “thereof”, of course, refers to religion, mentioned earlier. To quote:

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
      prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
      speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
      assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

      So the government may not establish a favorite religion nor prohibit the free exercise of religion.

    • Lester Peoples

      Obama should be told about the No preference of one religion over another! But Islam isn’t a religion–but an ideology of hatred and blasphemy toward anyone not Muslim or brainwashed Quran followers who have no idea what s in the book! Contradictions and changes to suit the false prophets lies and made up Allah his God!

  • J_R_K

    Like it or not, the school has to be concerned about lawsuits. Looks like they get one either way they go. That’s the country we live in these days. I remember when the “Great American Dream” was to own your own home. Then it became to own your own business.. now it’s to sue somebody. Having said that, the students are right to sue because it is an issue of freedom that has to be decided in favor of freedom.. but to give them a nod, if the school did not do what they did, no doubt there would be atheists screaming bloody murder to sue the school into oblivion. These days you can’t even say a man is a man and a woman is a woman without someone wanting to sue you into the stone age, take your business and send you to sensitivity classes and put your name all over the country as a hater and bigot.

    • chilitom

      Never shrink from a lawsuit you will win. Never shrink from a principle because of money. God gave us tools. Use them.

  • Armando Lopez

    There’s absolutely no room for prayer or any other religious observances in a public, tax supported institution. Amen!

    • James D

      Would you walk up to a muslim and say that? Or just to a Christian who probably won’t decapitate you. Didn’t think so.

    • chilitom

      Sure there is! Just watch and see!

    • Frank Talaber

      What an ignorant comment Armando. Please don’t write any more comments until you are sober!

      • patriot 86

        Or at least off her meds.

    • patriot 86

      Get behind me satan.

      • dmbunce

        Good answer.

  • Peggy Sortino

    I think it is time for all of the parents to have a meeting and go to the School Board and tell them that they should be thankful that the students want to pray instead of joining gangs and to teach them reading, writing, arithmatick and leave religion alone

    • patriot 86

      Threaten to pull your kids out of that district and watch them squirm when they feel it in their pocketbooks.

  • Marv

    Where is the legal separation??

  • Lester Peoples

    There is no separation between Church and state!! God created his Church long before the State existed and God still rules from the hightest vestage that he created Himself! Who is man to believe he has the omnipotence or wisdom of the one that created him? Is a candle smarter than the candle maker? Ignoramuses have infiltrated the educational establishments without any iota from where their coming from, but following political agendas from the likes of Bozo’ the Islam uramus or worse! They All need to go– as soon as Jesus appears on center stage!!

    • patriot 86

      Well said friend and it won’t be much longer that we have to wait for his return.

  • James D

    These little weasel liberal school dictators just love to go after Christians any time they can, but they don’t have the courage to stand up to the muslims. Spineless cowards.

    • dmbunce

      Good answer again.

  • Jj Doodah

    How about a new School Board & superintendent…..Christians hopefully….

    • homegirl

      Please clarify the legal obligation for taxpayers, many of whom are secular, to provide a publicly supported location for this young person to lead his congregation (yes, it is a congregation and he is acting as a lay minister). If the school was providing a location for Muslim or Jewish students to meet and pray you would be screaming from the rooftops. Even worse if it were atheists. .

  • Evil and great anti-American conflict come our way. If mankind’s court can over-rule our guaranteed freedoms then, there is government anarchy, state and/or Federal.
    “There is a reason why we have the Statue of Liberty and not the Statue of Equality.” – Charles Krauthammer

    But, equality is what the anti-Constitutional Socialist and Islam demand, with special interest given considerations over other American established traditions, heritage and values.
    These people, do not share our American heritage, traditions, “American religious” freedoms nor values. Hence, it is anti-American indeed!..
    It has been our heritage and history for 239 years already now, they demand us to change or stop!..

  • pmbalele

    Repubs and TPs are causes of all these problems. So is their mouth piece FoxNews and especially the following; Eric Bolling, Bill O’rielly, Sean Hannity now Andrea Tantaros who is a daughter of an immigrant.

    • dmbunce

      You are so ignorant of the truth everyone laughs at your responses.

      • pmbalele

        Of course people laughed at Jesus, labeling him as traitor. When I write
        I am always sober. That is why you respond because you’re ashamed of your past behavior

        • Dynamicdave

          You may be sober, but that does not prevent your post from being any less wrong/ignorant. You blame Republicans and TP when it is clearly the work of Liberals? I’m an Independent, so I vote for common sense. I suppose that it would be hard for you to do that, seeing as to vote for common sense, you first must have some of your own. You didn’t approve of the way that he had spoke to you, earlier? Get over it. As Denis Leary once said, “life sucks, get a helmet.”

          • Pamela Rather Powell

            Hi Dynamicdave – that pmbalele is a muslim. He was on different discussion topic and didn’t like what I had to say and told me I would be taken care of by his Sharia law so ignore the dumbass muslime he is not worth your time.

        • dmbunce

          Ignorance is bliss.

          • pmbalele

            And you think you’re Christian to lash out such insults to me who is trying to help you understand yourself. Dummy.

          • dmbunce

            You keep on your worship of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and you will never know truth, never own your own home or have a nice retirement because whitey owes you those things. You will never be happy living in squaller taking handouts from the government and thinking whitey owes you. I feel sorry for you because you are blind.

          • pmbalele

            Would believe I am happy as I am now? So if you’re dreaming that I will never be happy -you’re lying yourself. Good luck.

          • dmbunce

            Yeah. Sucking on the government teat. Why don’t you get a job? Accomplish something? Be an example to your kids? Go to college? Learn a trade? Make more than what the government pays you? I know why. You are lazy! You would rather let others take care of you! You don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your brothers! They will make fun of you, call you cracker or uncle Tom! Poor excuse for a human being!

          • pmbalele

            I have all that you mentioned. That is why I counselling you to turn around your perception if life to treat people of all races as smart as you are. As a Black person I am not intellectually inferior to you a TP or Repubs.

          • dmbunce

            I know you are not inferior, just misinformed.

    • patriot 86

      How are they the cause you retard ‘ the libs are the ones saying no to prayer not the republicans you dipshit.

      • Dynamicdave

        If his IQ was 2 points lower, he’d be a tree.

        • patriot 86

          Hey that’s insulting to the tree ‘ even a tree has worth .HAHAHA

      • Pamela Rather Powell

        Hi patriot 86 – that pmbalele is a muslim. He was on different discussion topic and didn’t like what I had to say and told me I would be taken care of by his “sharia law” so ignore the dumbass muslime he is not worth your time.

        • patriot 86

          Thanks pam ‘glad to know there are some people out there with brains .No ‘ i’ve quit responding to that asshole .He’s so full of shit it’s coming out his ears .

    • Dynamicdave

      Man, if you’re going to speak of politics, at least know what you’re talking about? Liberals are the cause of the downfall of the American values, not the Republicans. Now I can see why America is failing, what; when we have morons like you who don’t know a thing about what you’re talking about, casting votes. You might just as well close your eyes when you’re at the polling booth and push buttons, because the outcome is about the same. Do your homework before you come to these blogs. Your post was a joke.


      Muzlums are the cauase of the problems

      • pmbalele

        Those I have mentioned above do not believe Blacks are people to live in this Country. You can tell that from their eyes. They think it is funny.

  • Frank Talaber

    Kolette Back and James Lucas should be replaced as high school administrators. People like this give others in public education a bad name.
    Using their personal bias to intimidate a student is inexcusable.

  • hizgem

    What they are doing is unlawful. There is no constitutional mandate that states separation of church and state. It is a phrase taken from a letter by Thomas Jefferson. There is no such thing a separation of church and state. The principal, superintendent and school board need a history lesson.

    • Phyllis

      What the forefathers did was to block the government from making a forced state religion and was never intended to be used as is being done..for example, China allows christians to worship there under a state supervised church. No freedom involved in it. These people that are changing the meaning are doing so deliberately, they know what was meant by the founding fathers but the people are ignorant today about the constitution and government period and THAT is what we have allowed and this has been going on for quite some time.The schools do not teach cursive writing and we have a generation now that can’t even read it. I gave a birthday card to the grandson of a friend of mine where i had written Happy Birthday and many more to come.The boy couldn’t even read it and I was shocked. We will never again have statesmen or great leaders because of this. And it is going to take a lot more effort than just participating in these comments pages. Our own grandchildren at some point will despise us for not fighting for their rights.

  • ginger

    There is no Separation of Church and State in out Constitution. As I understand the meaning of separation etc. each person has the right to their own beliefs and can not be ruled by the State but each State has laws to govern their State. I hope this makes sense. The Church governs themselves and the State governs themselves but neither can govern the other.

  • Bobtrhn

    I would tell that school to kiss where the sun don’t shine. This is all bs brought upon us but a muslem that we have in office at the White House.

    • patriot 86

      Spot on man ‘they could go jump in a lake ‘these kids should keep assembling and get the town behind them and then see how much guts the school board has to enforce this crap.

      • Bobtrhn

        A lot of things happened when that muslem got in office. I wonder when Americans are going to wake up. He’s getting all he wants now. Causing all kinds of trouble all over our great land. I’m sure you are aware why.

        • patriot 86

          Yup and i’M just as disgusted with him as you are .

  • Dynamicdave

    It just seems to me that Satan has his way of infiltrating even the teachers minds because what they’re doing is warped. Liberals, like Obama, feel that they can merely not like something, state their objections, then rewrite the Constitution. They have realized that the minority now outweighs the majority. when will people finally learn that all they have to do is home school their children, let them get their GED and press on from there? I grew up in Colorado Springs and went to Widefield High School back in the 70’s. Back then, we didn’t have any silly, idiotic, ideals that these liberals seem to try to force upon us. The particular brand of liberal that we’re talking about now is obviously a group of atheist. I will say it one more time pull the kids out of the high school and homeschool them. Schools can’t stay funded if there’s nobody going to them. Do not feed the snake and the snake eventually crawls off and dies.

    • Bob Link

      Yep, California Demo Sen. Diane Feinstein explained the socialist attitude best: “We can’t have people doing whatever they want.”


        She, Boxer, and Pelosi are all rats from the SF Bay Area

  • Vernon Freeck

    can’t the ACLJ OR AMERICAN CENTER FOR LAW & JUSTICE do anything to help? I think this Law of separation isn’t really a law Pres. Johnson need it at the time for his agenda. But what can you expect from a state that OK’s POT

  • StarWish

    Churches are given tax-exempt status, which means that the portion of taxes that they SHOULD be paying, is transferred to the public. Now, since churches are supported by the community, and since churches have space for such activities, church is the place for them to meet. Those churches exist to serve the RELIGIOUS community. School serve EVERYBODY! Churches need to earn their keep – and NOT, basically, just on Sundays.

  • captainmvh

    What ever happened to Colorado/ Used to consider it a place I might like to live, but recent issues make it a clone of California, not good…

    • patriot 86

      Yeah I used to hear only good things about her too ‘ now she is one of the last places i’d move my family to.

  • Camotim

    Did the school district apply the same rules to muzzies?

    • patriot 86

      You’re kidding right .LOL

  • madmemere

    To the remaining “sane” residents of Colorado Springs, I would say change your school board the fire the admins at Pine Creek; elect Christian, Constitutional board members and make certain they “hire” administrative personnel that are not liberal/progressive/commies OR gays.

    • Bob Link

      Yes, or close the school and give the parents vouchers for schools of their choice. That is freedom at it’s best.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Vile Liberal SCUM are EVIL thinking they are GOD. Jesus Christ our Lord and Master is a real GOD. Liberals followers of CAIN worship SATAN. Liberals are NAZIS in the way they behave

  • Sam W

    Seems strange that after obamy and the demoncraps got into office; we are NO LONGER allowed to pray on school grounds. What would OUR forefathers think of this? Kinda sounds like a King George decree. Or is it a King Obamy decree?

  • Ricarrdo estavans

    Are all religions banned? Or just Christianity.

    • patriot 86

      Exactly friend .

  • Finder1009

    its a fair statement, as long as no discussion of muslim faith or sharia law is discussed either. this recent Horsecrap with pushing Islam instead of the wide variety of Christian Faiths that make up a very large percentage of Faiths in America MUST STOP.

  • bigbillofwyandotte

    My Uncle retired to Colorado, and all was well, until a masive influx of Liberals from California decided to invade the state and change things to suit them. He now lives in Montana.

    • patriot 86

      Good for him .At least he was smart enough not to live in a state where shit like this happens.

      • bigbillofwyandotte

        How sad it is that Colorado has changed as it has. I used to like going there. Now, I find that Montana is a pretty nice place, for now at least.

        • MORGAN SMITH

          Montana is my favorite state

          • bigbillofwyandotte

            I just had to get used to other drivers passing me on the shoulder of the road.

  • jrogersp

    I don’t know about a club meeting to Pray and do all these young Warriors are but those who do not belong to a club cannot be forced to keep quiet! What would they do hire someone to tag along with them every minute of the day? What is this separation of Church and State anyway? The School is not putting on this show of solidarity, doesn’t anyone know how to read the Constitution?

  • tom2

    Hickenlooper’s reelection signals a majority that approves of Colorado’s vector. That includes gun control, amnesty with many state benefits, opposition to voter ID, more funding for public education and opposition to any suggestion of a voucher system. Colorado’s brand of socialism has no intention of allowing any public school information that compromises democrat objectives. Time to abandon the state for a couple of decades and speed the economic collapse. The worms always turn.

  • RobertLaity

    This is a Christian nation. The establishment clause prevents the Government from establishing a particular Christian denomination as a national religion. it does NOT prevent students from praying.

  • icemancold


  • MegaMouseGW

    The first amendment to the US Constitution states “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” The two parts, known as the “establishment clause” and the “free exercise clause” respectively, form the textual basis for the Supreme Court’s interpretations of the “separation of church and state” doctrine. Three central concepts were derived from the 1st Amendment which became America’s doctrine for church-state separation: no coercion in religious matters, no expectation to support a religion against one’s will, and religious liberty encompasses all religions. In sum, citizens are free to embrace or reject a faith, any support for religion – financial or physical – must be voluntary, and all religions are equal in the eyes of the law with no special preference or favoritism.

  • vkbmvoter

    I am amazed at how stupid people can be anymore. The asst.and the principal of this school must not believe in the Lord. I WOULD THINK THESE PEOPLE WOULD BE ENCOURAGING THESE STUDENTS INSTEAD OF SHUTTING THEM DOWN.
    With so many young people causing problem in SCHOOLS it should be refreshing to see a group of students sharing their lives in such a special way.Shame on these teachers!

  • Maggietish

    Our country was founded on the Constitution and anyone who infringes on our rights is breaking the law. What the school districts fail or refuse to realize is that they work for us. The buildings, their salaries, utilities, supplies, buses, etc are all paid by our tax dollars. How dare they assume they have the right to dictate to us and our children and take away our Constitutional rights and freedoms.

  • fxr60

    The DemocRAT party has been taken over by the Radical Marxist Saul Alinsky type of people with a Muslim raised Kenya leading them backed by Soros and others of that ilk. God help us all !!! They have all these Liberal Professors teaching in our schools now and there has to be some GOOD teachers and professors stand up to these Progressive types!!

  • Leo Sebastian

    This is all old liberal crap . “Separations of Church and State ” means state has no business to tell us How , When and Where we worship God .

  • jeeper97

    The constitution intended to keep the government out of religion; not religion out of the government. Only the idiots in government and our school authorities believe otherwise. Actually they know what is meant but a handful of attorneys for the ACLU and other organizations have threatened lawsuits if they act otherwise. These attorneys and organizational leaders should be in jail for treason.

  • Pamela Rather Powell

    I just want to give everyone on this discussion a heads up that the user ID pmbalele is a muslim. He was on different discussion topic and didn’t like what I had to say and told me I would be taken care of by his “sharia law”. He is a muslime troll who gets a kick out of threatening women. In one post he told me all American women are going to be sorry come January. So we have an extremist in our midst and there is no telling what he is really up to.

  • J Ernst

    These students NEED to VOICE their faith in and adherence to THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS! It doesn’t matter where they are! HOWEVER, if they have set up or assembled a physical structure to “preach” then they are in a different category of “assembly”. Of course, I don’t live in CO.

    And, if they are “assembling” in an “unauthorized” room, well, they haven’t received “permission” to be in there. Tough call.

    They, STUDENTS, ALSO need to show their capability in DEBATING while standing on their feet; with calm logic and foresight. This is what the “administraitors” DON’T WANT TO DEAL WITH!!! It’s ALWAYS difficult to keep teenagers calm and rational when they are expressing their passionate beliefs!!!

    I always stressed to my growing son that the U.S. Constitution is a LIVING DOCUMENT as long as he understood how EASILY IT COULD BE IGNORED or SUBVERTED! Thank you Supreme Court for legislating since Carter.

    The “battle” between the faiths has ALWAYS been present in the “human” experience.

    CHRISTIANITY has ALWAYS been “put upon” because it is a poor business model. The other religions ARE BUSINESS MODELS!

    When peoples see others joy and shared spiritual strength as demonstrated through Christianity, the observers are either perplexed or disenfranchised and usually envious. They “hurt” because they are NOT FULFILLED! That emptiness they feel is because they do not know what GOD, through Christly DEMONSTRATION, wants of and for them. CHRISTIANITY IS a shared, NOT FORCED, endeavor/life!!! NOT LIFESTYLE or a POLITICAL PARTY!!! Christianity is for ALL PEOPLES.

    That’s not to say that there aren’t restrictive forms or dilutions of “Christianity”. After all, what better way to dilute/take away the true LIBERTY & FREEDOM of TRUE CHRISTIANITY then to add “this and that religion” or WORSE, profess that there is an opposite “force” opposed to GOD’S omnipotence! But, that’s NOT real Christianity is it!!??? Christ didn’t teach tolerance…he HEALED people of their illusions, illnesses, … and death…but ONLY if they WANTED IT! Christ did not force GOD on anyone. Christ knew and taught of GOD’S OMNIPRESENCE. Therefore how could Christ FORCE anything upon people that wasn’t ALREADY PRESENT.

    Living as a true Christian IS DIFFICULT!!! Christians have had to go “underground” MANY TIMES throughout man’s RECORDED HISTORY. I try not to “fly in the face” of other peoples “faiths”. BUT, I DO KNOW FROM WHENCE MY TRUE FREEDOM AND LIBERTY COME FROM!!!

    So how do students profess/demonstrate THEIR strength in Christian understanding? Unceasing prayer. Not just five times a day, not just on Wednesday and Sunday, not when we need a revitalization, but ALWAYS. How else are ya gonna be able to listen to what GOD want of and for you…U.S.?

    Stand tall and with grace students.

  • Ron

    In case of earthquake, fire, flooding, shooting, terrorist attack or other disaster, is the rule against prayer suspended? Or do we have to break the law to contact God?

  • akoby

    Public Schools are government entities. The First Amendment states that governments cannot infringe uponor restrict free speech or religious expression. The school district should not be restricitng these kids rights to meet during “seminar” periods.

  • daveveselenak

    What a country, they took God out of the classroom and put the Devil in the “Outhouse” – bye bye America! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  • Rosech Levy

    I am really getting tired of school officials, who are OUR employees, making ridiculous regulations, such as this one. Non-instructional time is just that and students should be able to use that time for their uses. Fire the teachers and Board of Education and get rid of Common Core and brainwashing in the public school system NOW!

  • Lester Peoples

    When I was in grade school, I remember a lady who came once a week and read the bible to us teaching about Jesus and his love for us. I’m sure she made some difference in some lives as she did mine and wonder what they are doing without her today? She has gone to receive her reward but her testimony remains with her dedication and desire, but judgement awaits them who harm Gods little children!

  • Karen Naylor

    Let me see if I have this right. It is okay to talk about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING on this planet Earth EXCEPT anything to do with Christian values, feelings, or the Bible and God of the Christian people. Hmm. Who exactly are the haters here?

  • bill

    how about muslims praying during those hours.?? does the school allow that??

  • Larry Brown

    Why do you folks think “home schooling” has started to gain ground like it has over the past 10-20 years?
    It is because folks have started to recognize that “PUBLIC” schools are nothing more than indoctrination facilities for the current political systems.
    Just ask the KGB operatives brought into our country by the government (our) after the USSR went bankrupt and collapsed ( IF you can find one)?
    Why did the KGB people disappear form public sight and where were they placed after being re-indoctrinated? School teachers? Principals? State officials? Cops? NSA operatives? FBI investigators?
    Does make one wonder doesn’t it?

  • Rex Duane Shipman

    By GOD’S Law we are allowed to talk about him anytime we feel the need or are led by his Holy Spirit to do so AND no person on earth can stop or nut allow us to do that

  • WhiteFalcon

    I guess I POed pmbalele. I just love it when I get under a liberal’s skin. They always get all frothing at the mouth and say things that make no sense. He is trying to run the Pope into the conversation and he isn’t even mentioned in my post. I was talking about the absence in the Constitution of this idea of separation of church and state. Nothing was said about the Pope.

  • doug

    Anti Americans, liberals and idiots at it again, let’s just shut down these so called
    schools of learning and take our tax dollars and send our kids to private schools
    it would be a lot cheaper with our children learning more

  • billdeserthills

    Is it still ok to talk about pot?

  • Missy

    The Eagles won’t be getting any Bibles and Amazing Grace isn’t for all races sitting in their places getting an education in silence doesn’t make us all golden!

  • Penny Fuentes

    Colorado has let all the liberals from California and other states move on in and wow look at them now.

  • GHY1

    I wonder how the people supporting Chase would feel if he was doing the same thing for the Muslim religion

  • 0331Tap

    There are some students allowed to wear head coverings, hijabs, which is a belief in there religion…Therefore I submit that every student that believes in God be allowed to wear a cross in school …Federal law is being broken by allowing Colorado to allow the use of marijuana but looking the other way…Christians should carry signs and protest just of the property of this or any school…They also should write letters and mail them to vote out any school board person that doesn’t allow these kids to discuss religion in school on Free Time….Protest in this country has won favor by being loud, boisterous , and in your face…It’s time to do that now and demand equal protection under the law for our religious belief’s …If we are the bible thumping nut cases they try to make us out, then so be it…Especially now as the minority they are making us out to be…Stand up and fight for God…He died for us it’s time we live for him…