Why Did The Cops Arrest a Former Gun Store Owner for Refusing to Cough Up His Facebook Password?

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.00.14 PMIt’s come to this…

If you’re the owner of a popular gun store, and have a popular Facebook personality used to promote the store, you can be arrested for refusing to turn over the password to your Facebook page.

Jeremey Alcede used to own Tactical Firearms. He lost the store after he declared bankruptcy. The store was then purchased by new owners.

When he still owned the store, Alcede posted politically charged Facebook updates. These were posted on his own personal Facebook profile. The updates would link to the store, but the posts were entirely his own.

Well, when the store was purchased by new owners, they wanted access to Alcede’s Facebook page. When Alcede appeared in court and the judge ordered him to turn the password over, he refused.

He was then arrested for contempt of court. That’s right, he was arrested for refusing to turn over the password to his personal social media account.

As Alcede told KTRK-TV, “When they said they wanted the Facebook, I explained to the attorney who was representing the company that there is no company Facebook page and there’s just my personal page. And I asked her to convey that to the judge, and obviously it wasn’t conveyed.”

Alcede believes his success using Facebook to promote his business is why the new owners are going after his profile.

The store’s new owner, John Boyert, contends that at the time of the posts he was still working for the shop, and so anything done to build the business should be his property. As he said, “At the point in time, he was an employee of the company and he was building that for the company regardless of who is owner or not.”

It’s an odd story, for sure. But it’s one that brings up a very important discussion about privacy rights.

Surprisingly, the government has deemed the privacy of U.S. citizens as inconsequential.

The recent house vote on Intelligence Authorization Act for FY 2015 allowed the executive branch sweeping powers to view all your private communications.

Password or not.

You need to see how to protect yourself.

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