Dishonest Democrats at Work Prove They Have Something to Hide

31221913_lDuring the week of May 18th, Hillary Clinton is finally scheduled to testify before Trey Gowdy and the House committee on Benghazi and her email practices. But wait, the Democrats tactics of delay, failure to deliver requested documents, erased emails, and unwillingness to cooperate with the House investigation seems to confirm a practice of corruption, dishonesty, and failure to speak the truth.

And once again, the Obama Administration is proving cover for Clinton. The Obama administration continues to ignore subpoena requests for relevant Clinton documents during her tenure as Secretary of State and the Benghazi incident.

Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy, the chairman of the House Committee on Benghazi, signaled in an interim report that the panel is not yet ready to question Clinton because it has not been given access to documents from her tenure as secretary. The South Carolina Republican previously asked Clinton to testify the week of May 18.

But a hearing that week appears unlikely based on the language in the report. “The Committee will call Secretary Clinton to testify once it is satisfied that all the relevant information has been provided by both the State Department and her,” it stated.

In the report, Gowdy criticized the Obama administration for the slow pace of turning over documents to the panel. He noted that dozens of subpoena requests have not been answered — making it hard, Gowdy argued, to effectively question Clinton.

Are we really surprised that the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton continue to delay answering the House committee on Benghazi? What are they hiding?

Come on Barack and Hillary… the truth will set you free.

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