Court rejects pipeline project on climate concerns

An appeals court on Tuesday rejected the federal government’s approval of a natural gas pipeline project in the southeastern U.S., citing concerns about its impact on climate change.

In a 2-1 ruling, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit found that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) did not properly analyze the climate impact from burning the natural gas that the project would deliver to power plants.

The ruling is significant because it adds to environmentalists’ arguments that analyses under the National Environmental Policy Act — the law governing all environmental reviews of federal decisions — must consider climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • William Merrell

    Are these leftovers from o-abysmal?

  • regmgr

    The DC circuit is nothing more than a collection of Leftist jurists! Can’t expect any other results!

  • Howard Quinn

    Get rid of these asshole liberal Judges . They are like the judges of the Hitler Nazi regime. Next they will condone US citizens wearing politically correct badges on their clothing like The poor Jews of Europe. Get them the hell out of our lives.Or we will all be forced to wear pc/badges.

  • Freedom

    There is no tangible proof that climate change even exists. How the hell could they base a court decision on a myth?


    More garbage from environmentalists and we continue to pay more and more for gas to make other countries rich! This has got to be the most idiotic idea, typically brought up by people who spend their lives protesting, living off of others money and telling us we cannot use nature’s resources! Sick of it! No thanks!

  • Taz

    Just what scientific training do these “judges” possess? This should not even be allowed into the court system.

  • Don in Ohio

    Global warming is a hoax. Even if the climate is getting a little warmer, it’s like the stock market ads, “past performance is no guarantee of future performance!”
    The liberal courts are our worst enemy, not climate change!

  • Kenneth Blair

    The only proof of ‘climate change’ is observed in our weather patterns every day. So in essence, these bastard, s.o.b. be-atch liberal, Neanderthal, power-grabbing, lunatical wanna be’s are saying that because there are changing weather patterns, barometric pressure changes, etc. on a daily basis, we don’t dare construct a gas pipeline because it might rain, hail or snow on it. You can be certain that if & when the pipeline is finally built, these same liberal, donkey-kissing, tic-licking Old bench-warming smudges will blame every weather event on the pipeline. Although this is about as logical as blaming tomorrow’s impending hurricane on the Texas governor, this is exactly how insanely irrational these libtards are.