Dem Sen Insults Trump, So Trump Fires Back

President Donald Trump may be on a 17-day vacation, but that’s not going to stop him from using his power on social media to call out Democrats peddling fake news.

Trump slammed Democrat Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal on Monday after he incompetently suggested on CNN that the president’s administration has “weaponized” the investigations into the leaks of classified information against the Trump White House.

Blumenthal suggested to CNN’s Brianna Keilar that the Trump administration’s determination to identify officials leaking classified information to the media wasn’t smart given it “politicized” the Justice Department.

The Hillary Clinton supporter also suggested that special counselor Robert Mueller may be on to crimes committed during the 2016 presidential election given his decision to impanel a grand jury last week.

“Impaneling the grand jury shows that Bob Mueller is pursuing this potential wrongdoing by the Russians, the attack on our democracy, seriously and diligently — and there is no minimizing or underestimating that attack by the Russians,” Blumenthal said.

“It was purposeful and relentless, and it involved propaganda and hacking into our voting machines or at least an attempt to do it and potential collusion by the Trump campaign and then obstruction of justice. That investigation must be pursued.”


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  • HDMania

    Getting sick of the Russia Russia Russia..its all demorats can dream up while wasting american tax payers money ?

    • The Redman

      white-folks have ruin america while in denial. hahahahahahahaha.

      • Beverly Seymour

        So why are you still in a “ruined” country? You deserve better! Leave for something great, like a country great that black men have built. Somalia comes to mind.

        • The Redman

          “So, Y” even a soggy bottom tramp like U

  • HDMania are the one in denial..its your kind who f***ed up america..your kind are the stupid MoFos..

    • The Redman


  • J. Ernst

    Wanna SEE what MUELLER is really all about; HIS history in the CIA and as “advisers” to the Oval Office? IT’S ALL PUBLIC RECORD!!!
    MUELLER is a globalist criminal the likes of Comey couldn’t touch!