Democratic Congressman Calls on Republicans to Repent – and You Won’t Believe Why

CleaverRecently a Democratic congressman went on television and made a public call for Republicans to repent. So what does he believe Republicans have done that is such a sin? They have criticized Barack Obama.

According to the Tea Party News Network:

On MSNBC, Cleaver demanded that Republicans “repent” from having criticized the great and powerful Obama.

In anticipation of the President’s State of the Union Address, Cleaver spoke with Al Sharpton on MSNBC and said,

“My hope is that [Republicans] will come out tomorrow and repent.”

Cleaver then briefly discussed the auto industry bailout that nationalized much of the American auto industry and claimed that, again, Republicans must “repent” for having criticized Obama’s decisions.

Representative Cleaver has been a Methodist minister in Kansas City, Missouri since 1977, so he is quite comfortable with the term “repent.” He may need a refresher course, however, and a little guidance about reserving repentance for offenses against the Lord, not a politician.

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  • Deborah G

    They need to repent for promoting Sodomites

    • pmbalele

      Well, think what you husband does to you at night. I am told same Sex is as violent as between man and woman. Leave people to do what they want. I have a woman and that is my choice.

  • Robert A Hirschmann

    Repent??? For criticizing Obama??? You must be kidding! He is destroying my country and you want ME to apologize to him?? NEVER!!!!

    • charlie Hall

      I would love to hear this guys comment about Dr Ben Carson… Oh my mistake I’m white and racist

      • Sandra

        Dr. Ben Carson is no. ONE in the poll for president among the conservatives. We are colorblind, unlike you liberals who are fixated on race.

        • conservative since 1962

          I think there was some sarcasm intended by charlie Hall. I doubt that he is a liberal.
          You are correct about liberals being fixated on race!

          • Sandra

            You are right. To be honest, I figured that out after a little while later. I edited it just now.

          • ron buice

            Remember Mike Savage’s “Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder”. How else can that many people ignore facts and indisputable evidence. Obama is a DICTATOR and hopes we don’t like it!!

          • charlie Hall

            Just saw this post my family has been TEA PARTY since the 1700’s My mother was DAR and if I want to I could join Sons Of The American Revolution thru at least 6 know ancestors on both sides. For what its worth I used to like John Birch but figure he is TO Liberal for me now. So no I am not a Liberal

          • conservative since 1962

            I never thought you were a liberal, in fact I was 99.?% sure that you were/are somewhere on the conservative side of the political spectrum.
            Thanks for the response!


      The only reason the treacherous dead beat hasn’t been impeached is because he is black- he belongs in prison

      • charlie

        no he nedds to be found guilty of his treasons and publicly executed per the law

        • John Keatts


      • GrizzMann

        I think it is because Biden would be in charge.

        • John Keatts

          Biden can also be sent packing.

          • GrizzMann

            Then a spineless Speaker?

          • Jackys

            Think about it….a “spinless” Speaker would be fantastically better than the anti-American….pro Iran…miscreant, who now occupies our once “free” “white house”….DUH!!!

          • GrizzMann

            OK you got that one.

          • denlee

            No, Biden would be acceptable – he is in LaLa land most of the time, when he’s not groping some gal that happens to get to close to him! He would be of little consequence while sitting in the Oval Office (but I would bet he does have enough sense to not put his feet up on the “People’s Desk” like O’Meathead does!

          • John Keatts

            Anyone who is president has to be wide awake and able to stand up for the American People. That is not Obama nor is it Biden.

          • John Keatts

            He would need to be a person who has a spine and a desire to defend the Nation and the Citizens of that nation. That leaves Biden out. It really is time for a Strong Woman to Step in and stand up against bad nations and bad leaders, including America’s Bad Leaders. She would have to push for a court to try Obama, Clinton, Biden and others and imprison them if they lost.

          • disqus_T64CRxVaUS

            I have discussed woman in office with many different people and most agree women are far more hummmm…think of a good adjective…would have no hesitation in getting things done.she might go home and cry at night alone about it,but women are quite vicious when they decide to fight.I fear the women in my life far more than the men.if we had a good woman for our current president the situation in the middle east would have been squashed finished before you could say would you like cream in your coffee ms.president.

          • John Keatts

            Biden is out of it and we ned someone who is not afraid to be a strong leader and that is not anywhere near to Biden.

        • Kent2012

          I honestly think that joe bitemine would be so overwhelmed at being prez that he would do absolutely nothing communist or to help the rags….or pootey over in rooosha…

        • podunk1

          We must imbed Webster’s definitions of insurrection, rebellion, and treason in the minds of America to save America!

          Our elected oath bound defenders have perverted their duty into protecting high offices of government from scandal, corruption, and treason… to the point where they will not aggressively prosecute and remove an infinitely corrupt and treasonous president and countless coconspirators because they believe such act will desecrate the office! As such, they cover up, deceive, aid, abet, and act as traitors to their own oath/duty, the Constitution, and the USA… which are being ruthlessly obliterated. The offices are already desecrated, mocked, and defiled. Truth requires admission and the light of day! Oath/duty defending Constitution and country means stopping the violations by immediate arrest, prosecution, and due process, which, involving sabotage and treason is with deadly force as necessary!!!

          Articles I-3, II-1&3&4, III-2&3, and Amendment 14-1&3&4&5 clearly define the duties and applicability of collusion, aiding, abetting, and giving comfort to enemies of the Constitution or Country! The Constitution applies equally to EVERY officer or judge within the USA, and none are empowered to infringe or change words or definitions therein!

          • disqus_T64CRxVaUS

            I don’t know if you could gather enough like thinking Americans to make that happen.many misinformed,many in supporting the corruption for a few dollars and many still clinging to their belief that anyone not in support of the traitors is racist. I am on your team,but the team is not big enough,loud enough,or demanding enough and not active enough.

          • podunk1

            There are many within government and outside who understand what they’re doing is criminal to treason, but they fear losing their job and professional status. Fear is a double edged sword where a felony or treason are infinitely more severe than losing jobs.

            The opportunity is congress and judges where both are 2nd oath takers, unconditionally equally empowered to defend the Constitution as supreme law with true faith and allegiance by Article 6. The Constitution is written and easily explainable by Webster’s dictionary. Amendment 1 “…shall make no law respecting religion, or prohibiting free exercise thereof…” backed up by the 14th “”No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges…” is the most violated! The legal question begins and ends with “did you make or enforce a law…”, and no lesser law or judicial opinion or act can trump it! The more the violator runs the mouth, the more conspirators are exposed… like a spider’s web… into the 14th section 3 barred from holding ANY OFFICE! An act of contempt launches it into insurrection or rebellion and into treason.

          • disqus_T64CRxVaUS

            Sigh….what is going to happen you suppose?

          • podunk1

            Armageddon is the only word that won’t go away. Monopolist RINOS gathering up the wealth of the world and hiding it in Communist China is a marriage blessed in hell by a moon god mushrooming out of a pile of camel dung. The fattened calf deservedly will be the first to go, followed by maniacal idiots dedicated to killing one another until there is nothing left to fight over.

            On the other hand, due process of Constitutional law could entangle rats in nooses, like Obama or Holder in a noose of their own making, but…the other word keeps interfering with logic and reason to a point where all we can see is maoists, monopolists, mushrooms, and moonbeams.

        • 7papa7

          As bad as the court jester would be, it would still be an improvement over what we now have and it would only be for a couple of years. I don’t think he would defy the Constitution on a daily basis thinking he was an absolute dictator.

          • 454 casull

            Hell a talking cockateel would be a improvement over what we have now.

          • 7papa7

            A head of lettuce would be an improvement

          • 454 casull

            HAHAHAH YUP.

          • disqus_T64CRxVaUS

            Don’t insult poor unsuspecting vegetation. Lmao thax

        • simmss

          As crazy as it sounds, I would rather have Biden than a man who hates America, just like his father.

          • ron buice

            and mother! And wife! and brother! and czars! and everyone he appointed to authoritative positions.

        • RufusT1951

          The election was/is a FRAUD and Joke Biteme IS in on it and WILL be prosecuted and delivered his just punishment right along side obama and ALL members of ALL three branches of OUR government going back to 2007. If they were in office then and are not now…that’s too bad, you knew and did NOTHING. This also applies to ALL state, city and county elected officials who took an oath to uphold the Constitution. ALL government officials that took the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution from ALL ENEMIES, ALL ENEMIES FOREIGN and DOMESTIC have FAILED that oath and in so doing they have FAILED the Constitution, they have FAILED the American Citizens and they have FAILED the United States. They should ALL be arested and imprisoned to await trial for their part played in this crime of FRAUD, COVERUP and TREASON. IMO, punishment for ALL of them should range from a minimum of 10 years with no chance for early out up to a choice between 13 feet of rope off a platform at the top of 13 steps or a blindfold when being placed against a wall or tied to a post facing 13 soldiers each with a rifle holding 1 live round each. Now, to ALL you elected government officials who took the oat I have a proposition for you that I believe most of my fellow Citizens and Patriots will go along with. That would be, with the exception of some…OK, many who will NOT be given a break, you are now going to be given a chance to have your sentence reduced if you are willing to come forward NOW, again, that’s NOW if you do two things. First, you WILL tell the American Citizens ALL, again, that’s ALL that you know about this crime. Second, you WILL contact Sheriff Joe Arpaio and/or Mike Zulo and sign on to hear/see the evidence and join with them in getting this evidence out to the American Citizens. By NOW I also mean that the longer you take to come forward the less of a break you will get. You have NO time to think about it because the clock starts ticking NOW.

        • Mary

          I’m not so sure that would be any worse. It could even be a plus for the Republicans.

        • 454 casull

          no EVERYONE is so afraid of being labeled a RACIST ‘that’s why impeachment will never go anywhere.

        • disqus_T64CRxVaUS

          Charge biden as well as a willing conspirator.I think then the senate has a matter of time to find a proper sit in untell resolved.I can’t remember exactly how it works.biden is as big a failure as his associate.

          • PVH

            After the Vice president it is the Secretary of State and he also is worthless!

      • Kanawah

        The republicans remember what happened when they tried to impeach Bill Clinton for false charges. It blew up in their face. Clinton’s approval went up 20 points, and the republicans lost their ass in the next election.

        They do not want to go there again.

        • Robert A Hirschmann

          There are no false charges against obummer.

      • 454 casull


    • GrizzMann

      Democrats are liken to a Muslim practice of taqiyya and kitman — to lie
      and obfuscate in order to run cover for Obama and fellow Democrats. It is Bush’s fault..

    • podunk1


    • 7papa7

      Republicans do need to repent for not having him arrested for treason and allowing him to continue on while doing absolutely nothing to stop him, lip service doesn’t count. Like the old expression goes your actions are speaking so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying. They need to repent for not following the Constitution and removing him from office. So he is right they do need to repent.

      • ron buice

        Unfortunately, his race needs to repent and start being standup people. To many criminals and fearsome members in “their peoples”.

        • surrelam

          BULL’S EYE!!!

      • pmbalele

        I agree with Representative Cleaver that Repubs and TPs should repent. I know they are so stupid, racist and bigot. But I cannot understand why they are stupid, racist and bigot. May be they read the Sports Section and wait for liars to lie to them. This was reflected in the last mid-term elections. Scott Walker won in area where many people were Whites and uneducated. Walker lost in ares where mostly were college cities. Now Walker wants to close all 4-year colleges because he does not see benefit of having a 4 year education when he is now supervising professors but he is a college-drop out with 2.5 GPA. Even FoxNews people now repent why they voted republican.

        • Robert A Hirschmann

          HUH???? Stupid? Racist? Bigoted? I am a Rep and TP member and would vote for Dr. Ben Carson in a heartbeat. You talk of lies! Have you listened to our illustrious president lately? It seems that everything out of his mouth is a lie. As far as Walker is concerned, it appears that everyone who voted for him had common sense. That is not taught in college! In college they are taught (indoctrinated) that socialism is good and democracy is bad.

    • Oldvet

      What was the temperature in Hades today, it hasn’t got that cold yet !

    • pmbalele

      What -He is destroying my country! This country belongs to Native Indians. All of us are immigrants. And I see you as an old fart. Get over it. Enjoy your life with Obama as our President. I am enjoying my life every day.

    • Ken Trefaller


    • pmbalele

      Your country? It’s Obama’s too. You racist old fart.

  • David in MA
    • aschark

      David, I’m from MA, too, and I’ve been letting people know since 2011 about the DSA’s in MA. The list says that there are 70 REGISTERED DSA’s (Democratic Socialists of America) in Congress, but this list was made in 2010, and it’s the list of REGISTERED DSA’s – some Democrats are Socialists, but won’t register with the DSA. Up until 2012, MA had 10 US Representatives in Congress (now MA has 9 – MA’s population is shrinking), and 6 of them were DSA’s (Michael Capuano, Barney Frank, Ed Markey, James McGovern, John Olver, and John Tierney). On a ballot, they should be registered as Socialists, not Democrats, but the pols know that people vote for anyone with a “D” after their name (was Gruber right?).

      Just a footnote: in 1959, Nikita Khrushchev said that Socialism will slowly creep into our government, and before the public knows it, America’s Capitalism will be changed to Communism.

      Oh, here’s another footnote, while I’m at it: Vladimir Putin is none other than Nikita Khrushchev’s great grandson.

    • Barrustio

      Waxman??? wow

  • BBBud

    This guy must be a Muslim and not a Christian or he would be worshiping
    God and not Obama.

    • AttMore

      Spot On,and an Amen!!!


      Obama is Satan’s vicar carrying out aatans wishes

      • John Keatts

        I believe that Obama is The Son of Satan. Obama needs to face an enemy on the battle field like we did in Vietnam…come to think of it, we had LBJ as President and he was nothing to send Blessing to. Agent Orange got his approval and look how many of us suffered, not to forget those children who were born to Veterans from not only Vietnam but to Korea as well.

        • kali

          My brother fought in Vietnam and he got sprayed with agent orange and he is suffering terribly. Obummer is the son of Satan. LBJ was a rotten man like Bill Clinton, Carter and this Fraud Obummer

          • Jackys

            Don’t forget….now proven….V. Jarrett controls all of them and us. There are no real Agency Heads (Holder, Johnson, et al)…all directed by her and the hand picked anti-American/Muslim…CZARS! Anyone know who or what they are?…or where they are located….how much WE are paying them to destroy us??? LMSM….probably know the answers….will not tell us to protect their Masia!!!

          • pmbalele

            You have been blinded by TPs and Repubs lying to you. Obama will leave his officer better than he came in. Jobs are now available, gas prices down; nobody has been killed by foreign terrorists, and Obamacare is working for me. Why should send our soldiers to Iraq and other countries when Bush messed up. Not us.

          • kali

            Wait until you have to pay your insurance premium. And Bush did get the votes from congress to take out Hussain. I am not a GOP or a dem. Just sayimng

  • Sharpshooter

    The sad part of this “repentance” is it makes a laughing stock out of religion and the Democratic party, (of course they’re used to it).



  • Bobtrhn

    This guy must be smoking some new $hit. I cannot believe anyone would think like this unless he’s a muslim.

    • charlie

      mus-slime is better

      • Gordon

        Now I wish I’d thought of that. Congrats

    • Chuck

      He doesn’t have to be a Muslim to be brain damaged which he apparently is.

  • jdbixii

    Repent? What ever happened to the right’s right to choose? Is that only reserved for people who can’t seem to make a right choice until the consequence of raising a baby is too great for the government to bear, so, failing to make the right choice BEFORE sex, BEFORE conception and BEFORE abortion should even need to be an option, they go for the nuclear option? Repent? From what sin are we supposed to be repenting? A lack of compassion for the national debt? The rejection of Democratic absolution for illegal trespass? Seeing obedience to the law as equal justice
    before its violation is justification for an act of executive mercy? Exactly, from WHAT are we supposed to repent?

    • paulrph1

      We are to repent for the trying to expose the lies of Benghazi. The fact that we want to own a gun to be able to defend ourselves. The fact that we love our freedoms. The fact that we love the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. This just goes to show you, you cannot fix stupid.

    • pmbalele

      Yes Repubs should repent. I believe people should have two types of brains: One is to enable them get good grades in school and do well at work; and the other brain is for wisdom. Some people have both brains. But TPs and Repubs have only one type and not the other. For instance we should assume TPs and Repubs scored high in college and at work; but you will wonder why Repubs are still racists and bigots. This is despite these morons took 101 psychology which exposed them to come to terms that people of all races –Blacks or White have the same intelligence and talents. The deference is in exposure and interests as people go through life. Thank God, I am on this web-site to awaken TPs and Repubs stem-brain cells to enable think like humans. At the moment most TPs and Repubs are dumb.

      • Robert A Hirschmann

        I think you are a total jerk. Why don’t you just crawl back in the hole you came out of?

        • pmbalele

          I know and I love to be a jerk. In fact my wife calls me “Jerk.” She knows what I do whenver we are in bed. We are lucky we have Obama as our President. I am enjoying life now and every minute. Please join me, work and enjoy like like all Americans now working and finding gas prices the lowest in 6 years.

      • obama

        Amen, pmbalele. I am embarrassed to see the kind of evil that fills these blogs and calls themselves patriots and Americans. The TP and Repubs claim that the Dems are racist and stupid. Anybody with a lick of education can see that they must be looking in the mirror when they say these things. What they call patriotism is terrorism. It is as anti-American as one could possibly imagine. You indicated that these people have one kind of brain. I seriously don’t believe that they have any kind of brain – other than one that breeds hate and disgust. It is too bad that there isn’t some lower limit on intelligence placed on voting in this country. If there were, there would be no TP and very few conservative Republicans.

        • pmbalele

          Thanks. I am on this site to ensure Repubs and TPs come to terms-people
          are people. They call me all kinds of names, but I am a grown-up and therefore can put up with all trash thrown onto me. I hope your name is for real Obama. But thanks.

        • kali

          Just watch MSNBC and you will see the real racists. Are you one of the entillists that is leaching off us real tax payers that works for a living?

      • kali

        My God ..what the hell are you being indoctrinated from? The repubs are in no way racists.They want smaller government and want people to prosper. And live in peace. Look at the dems they keep people in poverty, lie every time they open their mouths, just look at our society since Obama took office. This country is being destroyed.OMG…

        • pmbalele

          Who shipped money and jobs to Switzerland, China, Japan, Malysia, Mexico and Eqypt. Not Demos, It was during the Bush Admin. Even GOP candidate -Romney had invested in China and in Swiss banks. They guy would not release his tax return. Shame on you being in GOP or in TP!

          • kali

            Get you facts straight. Clinton out sourced our economy to India and China. He had the interest rate at 12 to 18% just to by a home.This is a fact. I was living in DC when he did it. The liberal media didn’t tell the bumb down democrap voters. Romney created thousands of jobs. Shame on the dumbed down liberal voters. Don’t believe me do some research. How is that Muslim in the wh doing for you and our once great country?

  • Fraginals5

    This person shows how delusional Demorats are. Should the Muslim in Chief apologize for defamation of past President Bush?

  • Christopher Tabin

    obviously this guy needs to have a boot up his ass, or better yet, a rocket launcher aimed directly at his head just for being black!

  • jwmiller

    Wow! What a Talent. Latter 2nd nature to so-called Dems-Speaking while lips are firmly attached to Obama&Co’s Ass.

    • Dysfunctional Vet

      It’s more like their amazing ability to have their foot in their mouth while their head is planted firmly in their posterior! Wow, what incredible flexibility!

    • GrizzMann

      It is NEWSPEAK as described in the book 1984

  • CaptTurbo

    My hope is that democrats all leave the dying republic and go infest some communist country where they can all be equally miserable.


      Not as Long as there’s a Penny to Steal from the Working Man the profess to Represent………………………………………………….

    • paulrph1

      They have tried it and made many others miserable as well. History has shown us this and they want to continue the process.

  • Sue4477

    Go to this site below to see the names of the Democratic Socialist Party. There are more now than when this list was published. Then go to the bottom of that page and click on the picture of the hand. This will take you to the philosophy of gov’t this party had just a few years ago. Amazing what they thought then compared to now! This has information that you can use with trolls to prove how misguided they are: communists

    • Barrustio

      I clicked on the link and an error comes up

      • Sue4477

        Thanks for telling me. I checked it out and it worked. Strange.

        • Barrustio

          It doesn’t surprise me that blocks are put up. The libs would love for us to be equally uninformed. I get all kinds of blocks sometimes right in the middle of reading an article…an “oops” message from AOL “an error ocurred whilie browsing” whatever. Oddly it doesn’t happen with any pro-lib content.

          • Sue4477

            I know what you mean. Even videos are damaged so we can’t get the whole message. The 2nd page I mention to go to gives a philosophy of lying and making suckers of people who believe their lies.

          • Barrustio

            The philosophy is certainly consistent with their actions…or the other way around

          • Sue4477

            Yes, some of it is. But many parts aren’t. Did you read those? It’s amazing how much they’ve morphed into something more awful than recognizing we have to obey the Constitution and we don’t want Marxism/socialism/communism etc. Nowadays that’s all changed.

            But the lies and rejection of philosophies mentioned above show the Dems/progressives what they’re falling for. I’m going to use just 1 or 2 quotes in answer to dumb dem statements and then tell them about the link to their party philosophy. Hopefully it will create some doubt and have some of them questioning the party philosophy. I pray that works.

          • Barrustio

            I send all these links to my lib friends and it’s amazing how they are changing their thinking…I have one diehard Obamabot I just can’t reach

          • Sue4477

            What you did is fantastic! You sure work fast! That made it all worth the trouble. I hope you keep sharing wherever it seems appropriate. Attaboy! to you.

          • Barrustio

            Actually it has been a slow process…I send them similar links and stories from different sources on all the wishy-washy “beliefs” of Obama and his ilk PRIOR to his election on everything from gun reform to marriage to abortion to immigration to the DEMOCRATIC PROCESS ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION. (that’s the one that gets them)

          • Sue4477

            Very wise. I’ll have to remember your terminology. I save all good material on an email draft that I can reference any time. I also bookmark certain articles. Otherwise I would forget the details that make the difference. Thank you.

          • pmbalele

            Do you want me to rehash President Obama accomplishments? Here they are:President Obama accomplished what he promised us
            ON DAY-ONE. Right wing media accused Obama of being Muslim; but he went and got Bin Laden, the Yemen and Benghazi guys. Obama is now winning the war against ISIS morons. Jordan has joined forces with US. Nobody has died in this country as result of foreign Jihads, ISIS. The children crossing the border into Texas are harmless. We are now told some Latina girls are getting married to White males once stopped them at the border-a win-win deal. Obama economic policies are working. On the day he took office in 2009 unemployment was 8.9%. As of writing this posting unemployment is down to 5.5% which is almost full employment. People who want to work can now get good paying jobs. In fact in my home town employers are bidding for workers. Therefore wages are going up. Obama made it easier for small business to borrow to refurbish their businesses. Of course TPs and Repubs are lazy. TPs and Repubs want government contracts and handouts. Gas prices are now $1.78 per gallon compared to $3.40 in 2008. Obamacare is working for me and many people in my neighborhood. We can now go to hospitals and clinics of our choices. We have more doctors, nurses, engineers and other professionals graduating from colleges than during the Bushes and Reagan combined. These GOPers wanted only kids of the rich to have
            college degrees. That is why we had shortages of processionals. This country had recruited processionals from England, Germany, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Holland, Poland, Mexico, China and even Russia. TP and Repubs did not know it is dangerous to have a country run by foreign professionals. It is these right wing-media that were pumping trash in people mind to hate Blacks and Democrats. Well their tricks are not working with me and in my Black neighborhood. We love people of all races. And above all we love our President and Obamacare.

          • pmbalele

            I have never seen dumb people like TPs and Repubs. Do you know up this time they want to bully Blacks? These morons forget that all people in this country are protected by the 14th Amendment. But because TPs and Repubs read the Sports Section only, they remain illiterate and primitive.

          • Sue4477

            It works for me….strange. I took off the word “communists” that began the address. Let me investigate for you.

      • Sue4477

        OK, now it works….at least it does for me.

        • Barrustio

          I even typed it into my browser and still an error comes up

        • Barrustio

          Does it have those three dot after Depts and the forward slash?

          • Sue4477

            Yes, without the word “communists” before “http”.

          • Barrustio

            got it

      • GrizzMann

        Worked for me.


    Barry Soetoro (A.K.A. Obama) is the BIGGEST F R A U D in the History of Man. Respect a Illegal Alien who is in a Job he does not belong in as POTUS? The Truth will Come Forward. One cannot Hide from God or the TRUTH!

  • lrn2play

    Repent? Why, because they are pointing out what an racist American hating idiot Obama is. Hay Rev you have already shown how low a Congressmen can sink by being on MSNBC. You as well as that other person who calls himself a minister, sharpton, have proved how racist you both are. I can remember when people went around and said ‘I’m black and proud” You two and the likes of you are living proof just how low someone can sink. And to latch on to a half black muslim extremist loving american hating idiot is all the proof I need.

  • A_Nobody

    You should repent for being such a hypocrite, Cleaver. You and your whole party of communists fro lying tot eh American people for 8 years. What? Is this another Dem game where all your pals are getting their names in the news so you want to also? Nothing but whiny children in the democratic party.

  • The_Frog_Prince

    The guy is full of sh*t. Maybe he should repent about his attitude toward Republicans.

  • J. Ernst

    There are Christians and there are cristians.
    One enjoys, expresses and DEMONSTRATES Christianity per Christ’s teachings. OH yeah, and is EDUCATED!
    The other is submissive, recalcitrant, arrogant in their ignorance, and are BULLIES by how THEY demand AND attempt to SHAME OTHERS into the oppressors beliefs!!!! I don’t care how “well-meaning” this stooge is!!! He is still a MINION!!!
    AND, It doesn’t take much to be a licensed “minister” of stupidity!!!
    Remember when CARTER went on national TV to tell the AMERICAN PEOPLE to repent!!!????? We sent him away for HIS stupidity and ANTI-AMERICAN actions!!!
    I doubt the citizens this fool “represents” are any the wiser either!
    IG-NORANCE is what it is!!!

  • J. Ernst

    WOW, My post of 5 minutes ago was….is where?
    David in MA: THANKS for the link
    Sue4477: Thanks also for your link
    EVERYONE should check these links out!!!
    KNOW what YOUR REPS REALLY REPRESENT in your area!!!
    It’s essential!!!
    BE INVOLVED by emailing YOUR REPS to let them know how angry you are at THEIR MISREPRESENTATION of your needs!!!!!

  • J. Ernst

    I’ll post a different “slant”: Let’s see if this one sticks.
    Christianity is very different from cristianity.
    CHRISTIANS enjoy, share and DEMONSTRATE the teachings and precepts of Christ’s teachings.
    cristians flow with the times, accept ANYTHING and believe in NOTHING, are arrogant in their ignorance, and are bullies because they attempt to SHAME ANYONE that doesn’t believe in what they believe in.
    AND, you can be easily licensed as a “minister” of stupidity. Look up in your state how easy it is to become a licensed minister.
    This guy is nothing more than a Minion Stooge. And I doubt very much if his district citizens are any the wiser.
    REMEMBER when CARTER got on national TV and told U.S. to repent for our “selfish” actions!!!???
    I DO!!! Carter trashed our economy in 18 MONTHS!!! And WE the PEOPLE sent him on his way.
    Barry is still piling sh’t on top of U.S. EVERY DAY to keep U.S. DOWN!!!
    The reason there is NO move to IMPEACH is because SOCIALISM is rampant in our House and Senate!!!

  • paulrph1

    Well, he is black. So what does that tell us? He is also a Democrat so what does that tell us? I won’t apologize and I won’t repent. It goes to show you how some minister mis-represent the Lord.


    if the repub congressmen were doing their job the Muslim jihadist Obama would be impeached & facing a charge of treason__Impeach the traitor now


      He can Only be arrested for Murder.

      • charlie

        well he has done that too

    • pmbalele

      Do you really want to send our soldiers back to Iraq? Now telll me what will happen when they win the war there. You must be dumb like Repubs and TPs.

  • teaman

    I am a 72 year old hard nosed Christian from my teenage days and I can tell you, without knowing this man, he is no Godly called minister! He maybe a Mama called, wife called, or self called but not a God called! Here’s why, if he cannot see the damage the Obambulating Manure Spreader has done to black people across our Nation, or to our Nation in general, it makes him just about as stupid as dirt!
    If there is any repenting to be done, it is “HE”, the Manure Spreader and the communist controlled perverted left embedded dummycratic party and all of it’s totally mentally ill brain dead followers! I would remind him that it was the dummycratic party that started the KKK and supported it’s actions for years….I know, for I was there! I would also remind him that the first person to legally own slaves on this continent was a black man named Anthony Johnson in 1654 granted by the Northampton Court! The dummycratic party for the last two hundred years has done everything possible to enslave blacks to the Gooberment and calling it just! This so called Minister is, like Sharpton, a disgrace not only to black Christians but to the human race and along with the Manure Spreader, they are shameful representatives!
    Our Nation has made many mistakes, “AT THE GOOBERMENT LEVEL” but the biggest, made by the people, thus far, has been putting the Manure Spreader in the White House along with his American hating wife Michelle!

    • kali

      Perfectly said you are a true patriot!!!!

  • kali

    Obama is the Antichrist. He is NOT a CHRISTIAN.. I have said this when he lied his way into the White House. If the republicans don’t Impeach this pos now America will go down in flames. Omama does hate this country. My solution is when he comes back from one of his many to many vacations flying back from camp David the secret service should open the door and just push him out and make it look like a suicide.

    • Riggs2500

      What makes you think that our Secret Service is still made up of Americans?

      • kali

        I just hope they are and not the Muslim Brotherhood. Thanks for the good question

    • pmbalele

      I am told KKK are Christians who want to kill all Blacks and enslave white women. Am I wrong?

  • Buckindaburg

    The really ignorant blacks in this country cry out racism every time something does not turn out the way they perceive it to be. If they had any concept of common sense of right and wrong, they would look in the mirror and tell themselves the truth. The only way that Cleaver got elected is because he is a brother and the brothers are owed by the good old white boys that been running this country from the time they brought the first slaves here.
    The only way that educated idiot in the white house got elected is via 95% of the black vote…and a lot of socialist college professors that continue to brainwash the youngster that pay money to be misinformed. Repent? Heck…half of these people should be in a far away prison.

  • Buckindaburg

    We have a pretender to the office in the white house who has determined that he knows more about this country than the framers. He is nothing but a mouthpiece for the people like Geo. Soros that want our republic done away with and replaced by a socialist group.

    I agree with Mayor Rudy….Obama despises the United States and all that it stands for. He has demonstrated that many times. As for Cleaver….anyone that share a philosophy with Al Sharpton is a phony and race baiter and deserves anything bad that happens to them.

  • eastedie33510

    Obama is a criminal and is destroying this country. Why in the hell, would anyone repent or apologize. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then its Obama….Obama is the Muslim Trojan Horse in the WH, period.
    Apparently, this buffoon doesn’t know about the First Amendment.

  • ADR

    We are supposed to repent for the Dems destroying America? We are to just bow down and allow the far left to take away our Liberty, Freedom, Constitutional Republic, our Rights?
    These are not negotiable because they are given to us by God, not men as the far left would have you think. Obama and his minions are determined to remake America in to a third world country. The only answer comes through our nation turning to God who gave men the power to become His instruments of change for a free people.

  • Donna Mohler

    Fupid sucker

  • jim scofield

    Congressman perhaps You should consider a change in vocations
    when You are retired from congress like being a used car salesman
    because You are obviously not a minister of the word of God.

  • charlie

    repent for telling the truth about adolph half back the mus-slime illegal alien in the WH. NEVER. Time to remove this scumbag. wake up gutless rino repubs and do something about this intruder.

  • Michael

    He needs to be executed by beheading just like his ISIS posse who continues to do as far as I’m concerned the Satanic bastard..

  • Gordon

    Are ALL democrats and liberals brain dead? Looks that way.

  • Riggs2500

    Repent and support our treasonous president; i don’t think so. He and the Democrats have done more damage to our country than all enemies combined since our founding. They are all criminal scum that would all have been arrested, found guilty and hanged for their crimes 50 years ago. They have sworn to uphold our Constitution and work for the tax payers but they do not. They are actively working against us to destroy our country and rule over us.

  • Maggietish

    This congressmen, and other Democrats in office like him, shoukd apologize to America and we the people for his unending support of Obama and the destructive policies that he’s implemented in this nation. This congressman needs to apologize to every American citizen. We are free people and live in a free country. One of our rights is freedom of speech. The fact that this congressman doesn’t understand that we have those rights simply proves and justifies why we need term limits and get fools out of office. The people are repeatedly speaking up as in the last election it with the boat against Pres. Obama and his supporters overseas for the destructive policies that they tried to implement in our nation. The Democrats lost the house, the Senate and most governors offices. One of the Democrats going to have a reality check actually start listening to the will of the people and stop playing partisan politics.

  • rivahmitch

    Sieg Heil! Lock and load. EIEI&O!

  • Jean Witte

    We can call attention to failures and wrong moves in a person without being judgmental. It is the duty of a Christian to do so, and should the offender refuse to accept criticism and make the necessary changes in his wrong doing, the blood is on his hands, not the one who warned him!

  • Cindy

    Cleaver, who ever you are…don’t insult the people of this country by saying we should apologize to that liar, muslim, terrorist, creep we are stuck with for a president. This idiot thinks we are going to defeat isis by getting them jobs and trying to reform them.!! O really. You need to shut your mouth and just wait…as we will find a way to impeach this traitor that is trying to flood this country with immigrants and allow isis to destroy us. Get back in your cave and don’t be talking stupid stuff like this.

  • Dysfunctional Vet

    “The great and powerful Obama”???
    Are you freaking kidding me? This so-called minister is a bona-fide idiot! Take away Obama’s pen, phone and Secret Service protection and he’d see just how great and powerful he really is!

  • PB92

    I guess I know who cleavers god is.

  • White & Proud

    typical liberal clown. Cleaver the Clown!!!

  • CTH

    He is obviously just another damn fool obutthead worshiper. He is about as reverend as sharpton and jesse jackson, like none at all.

  • calhar

    Repent you sinners for you have sinned in though ,word and deed,but on the other hand the truth only hurts for a little while.This circus goes on and on with this African clown riding a Zebra.

  • Bill

    Ignorance runs wild ranting idiotic blurts that have no basis in fact!
    The Republican Cartel has a following of lemmings!

  • tom2

    Cleaver’s just another old irrelevant liar and democrat race baiter. He keeps his office for the same reason that this nation elected a Marxist fanatic as its boy king.

  • 5555555

    Kiss my a$$ !!!

  • Roy Clingenpeel

    When hell freezes over! Oh! I forgot, Washington is already covered with ice. For give me God, I confess, I am a conservative.

  • snowyriver

    Repent – Resmendt- Who crammed obama care down the throats of the pubic when they had control of both houses of Congress?

  • wildeagleone


  • daveveselenak

    FUK him and the Muslim-Marxist jihadist too! So this is how twisted AMERIKA has become: The demonic psychopath never tells the truth and skates; Rudy tells the trurh and is crucified – something very wrong with this picture! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  • John Keatts

    There are lots of other Idiots in the DNC and Congress. Look at Harry, No Vote Reid as an example of a waste of Human Flesh.

  • runnindeer

    This isn’t even simple minded it is beyond belief. Apparently they believe that because he is their black guy we must apologize or face their wrath or the wrath of GOD or something. Unbelievable. Sad really. I never thought any people in this country could prove to be no narrow, uninformed , and simply downright stupid.

  • Linda Lee

    Here is another dumber than a boxc of rocks moron . He is an embarrassment to his race.

    • Patriot47

      YEAH – the human race.

  • Sean Rickmin

    Why would a democrat say something like this,let me count the ways,they want to change America’s way that has worked very well for a very long time,the person that said this was a person of COLOR,they are much more racist than the people that they blame for being racist,they may really believe that beezleobama really loves this country,OR,maybe they don’t care,or love this country either.There are a lot of beezleobama’s friends that are ALWAYS badmouthing our country,slippery al,jerky jesse,and many,many,MANY more (OR MOORE).Get over it patriotism WILL prevail

  • RaymondSmith

    I am sure Republicans will agree as soon as the Obama administration, and liberals nation wide cease the precisely same practice of criticizing, and personally attacking conservatives of all types. What total BS-who elects these idiots that haven’t ever once considered anything other than their own power, enrichment, and what pork they can get for their constituents to keep getting re-elected.

  • cherieloren

    The only ones who need to repent are odama, democrats and the idiots that voted this muslim in. He is a traitor and squatter in Our White House. I have nothing to apologize to him for and anyone who thinks that they do are either muslim or garden variety idiots. He has almost ruined our great nation and some of the things he needs to repent for are: Benghazi, Fast and Furious, NSA Snooping, Foreign invasion that he caused, IRS scandal, releasing 5 top level terrorist for the Bergdahl deserter, disrespecting and cutting our military, aiding terrorists, increasing welfare rolls, decreasing jobs and cutting the work hour work week, Obamacare, Using the Piven Cloward Strategy to overwhelm welfare system to collapse and make a One World Order, bowing down to Arab leaders and foreign flags, refusing to salute OUR FLAG, Race Baiting, failing to prosecute or acknowledge hate crimes against whites, Racist hiring, contracting and college admission policies, Mass Amnesty to increase Democratic voter base, War on Christianity, Abandoning Israel, War on Traditional American Values including Heterosexual Marriage. Supporting gay rights and abortion and same sex “marriage”, Open Borders which have caused increased violence and diseases brought over by the illegal aliens, giving them government benefits and tax credits they are not eligible for, Mocking the Constitution, consistently using “Executive Orders”, causing the US to lose our AAA credit rating, increasing the National Debt into the trillions, armed and trained ISIS when they were in Syria (arms, weapons and tanks), Increased Taxes, New Regs on businesses that cost 46 Billion each year, Taxpayers lost 25 Billion on Obama’s bailout of GM & Chrysler, Veterans died because of incompetence and cover up of Obama’s VA, illegally try to force Christians to pay for abortifacients via obamacare, millions have lost their insurance while healthcare cost spirals, Took 700 Billion from Medicare to put into obamacare, inserting himself into Trayvon Martin and Ferguson cases, he attacked police in Henry Louis Gates case and had a beer summit to try and undo the damage, DOJ failed to pursue voter intimidation case against New Black Panthers and former DOJ official quit because of this, through June of 2014 he increased his golf games to 177 rounds, twice as much as in 2nd term as 1st, (Bush quit golf in 2003 because it sent wrong message to America), Common Core which is indoctrinating our children with muslim ideology and dumbing them down, Engaged in illegal war in Libya without permission of Congress that helped unstabalize them and is now run by radical islamist, premature pull out of Iraq and refusal to get status of forces agreement in Iraq and left them vulnerable and led to ISIS, Unilaterally implemented the “Dream Act” that Congress didn’t pass, illegally handed out work permits to illegal aliens, deliberately caused crisis on border by refusing to deport illegals, Using 3rd party agreements whose terms violate the Constitution thereby violating his duty to protect the US from enemies foreign and domestic as well as his duty to protect our borders, He and EEOC made treaties with Mexico to give illegals protection under our civil rights laws (memorandum of understanding), going around Congress on climate calling the action an update instead of the treaty revision it is, he had a settlement made to allow IRS to censor church sermons, brought Ebola over along with other diseases from illegals, Siding with Jihadist Islamics instead of acting against terrorism, supply Mexican drug cartels with weapons, supports radical Islamic groups with millions in cash and billions in weapons, Voter fraud (which is how he won his second term), Counterfeit birth certificate and using dead man’s social security number, selective services card, student loan and identity fraud, questions about murdered gay lovers and assistying Syrian rebels to kill 300,000 Christians, allowing muslims to hide behind our laws to destroy our laws.
    And this idiot wants Republicans to apologize to this lying sos? NEVER!!!

  • wannahug

    You have it backwards Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, for Obama should repent and apologize to America for destroying her Liberties and Freedoms and really messing up everything that is good for America by wanting to fundamentally transform America – oh yes, those were his words “Fundamentally Transform America” in 2008. No way!

  • TimothyOnealGlover

    If our president can not take a little bad talk? What did he expect? MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY? It does not work that way? Where would any choice of FREE SPEECH fall into this? I don’t care what you call each other but you need to do more than WORRY about what someone has said about or against you? You are running a country not a local store where you can throw out all who disagree with your SALES TACTICS?

  • practicedcynic

    More proof that liberalism is a religion, besides a mental desease.

  • rickf178

    Big Al-Nobodys pal has led this poor soul, with a promise of, oh let’s say 50 virgins, I can see why the not truly enlighten have gone down this path.

  • Mys77

    The “D” in democrat stands for disgusting, deceptive, demented, demeaning, demanding, derrogative, detached and in denial! Feel free to add any other apt and descriptive word!

    • 7papa7

      You left out the most important one, demonic

    • Mys77

      Yes, and demonic.

    • pmbalele

      Are you talking about our Wisconsin governor who wants to close all 4-year universities because he does not see benefits of college education when he dropped-out from college and now supervising professors and doctors? Our governor says he will import doctors, engineers, nurses etc from foreign countries. Thanks for encouraging Walker to close our universities.

      • Mys77

        Seems to me there are too many college educated idiots in all our government offices making decision after decision making chaos out of our economy, costitution, foreign policy ect… those college degrees did not exactly do our country any good, now have they? A few college credits shy of graduating and you think the governor is doing a bad job? Lol yep, what the country needs is another lawyer in Congress to argue and debate but have NO problem solving experience whatsoever! I love Walker, obviously those in the state do as well…got things done and solved some problems, all without a college degree….imagine that?

        • pmbalele

          Well, we will import NASA materials from Japan, Russia, Iran, Saudi
          Arabia, Tanzania, Kenya, China, Canada, Mexico, German, and England. These are the areas we will get experts for research of cancer, Ebola and train our soldiers. I am told Walker, like Perry, is still in investigation. Walker wants to acquire DPI and DOJ as his executive departments or else he will defend them. That is exactly what got Perry into trouble. Humans never learn from mistakes of others until caught.

          • Mys77

            Sounds like to me, you got ripped off by your education. Can we export you? Any takers out ther? Lol bet you are a union dem, whoops, not feeling the love for your socialist party? No hand outs this week? No investigation for Perry or Walker..but no mention of the demoncrat party scandal of the IRS? You want me to list all the educated men and women in government that are under investigation or should be? Including those in the medical profession!

          • pmbalele

            You do not know Perry is in trouble for the same offense Walker is getting into- Defunding agencies that oversee well being of Wisconsin people.

          • Tony

            They are all crooks, anyone who claims one side or another is better than the other is hopelessly stupid. If you think the government, or private businesses are looking out for your interests, you’re all in for a very rude wake up call.


        “Go to college; learn to riot!”

  • simmss

    This man has lied cheated and brought America to its knees in front of our enemies and he wants us to repent? This so called minister should get into the scriptures and see who should repent. I picked out iin the first six months of this administration that this man hates America and the guys at the coffee table now call me “The Great Karnak.) I predict things will soon get worse. I didn’t make this up, I’m just quoting from Revelation.

  • PPTA

    Rep. Cleaver, Obama follows Islam that is Satan’s religion, He is a Muslim, not only a Muslim, he is a Muslim Brotherhood Member. Muslim Brotherhood Members stood with Hitler in WW2, they still think like Nazis. Just check out their Sharia Law. (Look up Hitler and Islam with your search engine) Repent? The Muslim Brotherhood is also listed as a Terrorist group through out Europe and many Mideast countries. Maybe you yourself should repent for preaching false doctrine. And if you want a factual List Comparing the Lord Jesus to Muhammad, just ask.

  • runing


  • jwright673

    Let us all prostrate ourselves at the feet of the most righteous, holy, divine reverend cleaver and beg forgiveness for criticizing he who NEEDS to be criticized. The rev needs to get out of politics and spend more time reading scripture before passing judgement on anyone.

  • Galveston1

    Blind leader of blind people! Jesus said they would all die.

  • Ron

    when really dumb asses are remembered,this fool will be on the top of the list,you do not repent for saying obama is a moron and a traitor,you repent to your sins to God and ask for forgiveness,if you say obama is a traitor and a fool,you are merely stating facts,and there is no problem with that

  • sherri palmer

    All politicians are stirring the same ship pot…we can stop writing about impeaching Obama, it isn’t going to happen , DC is going to allow Obama to continue on the path of destruction of our country, I am not signing anymore petitions, they are a distraction and gives us false hope, it has been admitted that impeachment in not on the table…we will never survive this crap, infiltrated by illegals , infiltrated by Syrians and other muslims, tired of this deception, Obama might as well come out of the muslim closet and fess up, we all know that it is true and that he is evil to the core

  • Harold

    IF? this guy is a minister, I wouldn’t want to listen to him. Anyone this ignorant about repentance has absolutely no conception of what repentance is. As far as having to repent for criticizing Obama, He has to be kidding, Why would I for one want to repent to an anti-American communist, homo and a pathological liar?

  • johnny r

    Its all about Marxism, many people have been exposed to it and don’t even know it, its called Dialectic Marxism, it is a sickness of the mind eventually and usually reflects in political correctness and a particular speech pattern… I recently had a Public gas man explaining in his company the had sensitivity training for agenda 21, where we Americans are to give our wealth to other commie poor country’s, this Marxist group is Common Purpose of the U.K. now dragged in by Obama and in D.C. and so its time to raise so much hell that congress vacates office or removes the criminal from office…Everyone should call your senator and reps every freaking day….


  • jolene

    Don’t hold your breath Rev…..

  • BrooklynJoJo

    I will never apologize for telling the truth and if any repub does, then they belong with obummer. how dare these dems think they can tell us what to do. NEVER APOLOGIZE TO EVIL EVIL PREVAILS WHEN GOOD STAYS QUIET. I am not a quiet one. hey cleaver, you better look in the mirror and then maybe go to your knees

  • srmopiper

    Let’s get something straight, there is no such thing as a “Democratic” democrat! I plan to start a new movement declaring this. I am fed up with people calling them Democratic… read your dictionary if you understand what I am talking abuout.

  • Linda

    Obama is his god. Bet he has his children praying to the big O.

    • pmbalele

      You’re brain-washed by your neighbors and parents. You were raised to despise Blacks whatever good they did. Most of people against Obama are Whites. In my neighborhood President Obama is our Savior.


        Obama is the worst president ever. He is worse than Clinton, Carter, and Johnson. The last two good Democrat presidents were John F. Kennedy and Harry S Truman.

  • Don

    Have I ever not heard one party criticizing the other one for something at sometime. Don’t think so.

  • Kanawah

    They should repent for criticizing one of the best presidents we have ever had.
    The republicans hatred of Obama is based on racist bigotry, not on any legitimate wrong doing of Obama.

    the congressman was 100% correct in his demand.


      No; you are wrong~!

  • ADRoberts

    A false person. This man, not minister of God, is just as self serving as Joseph Smith, Mary Baker Eddy, Joel Olsteen, Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggert, Benny Hinn, James Robertson and Charles Stanley.(he divorced his wife. There is NO excuse)
    Do not look for any of them in heaven. They may get in but most don’t expect it.
    Question? What is harder than a rich man entering the kingdom of heaven? ANSWER: A rich lawyer or a rich preacher getting in.

  • Finder1009

    Repent for calling a Racist Muslim Traitor what he is? pardon me while i laugh myself silly. That ignorant POS needs to be in prison for his Lies among other things.

  • Michael Valgos

    When you have Cleaver and Sharpton talking, you know it will not possibly make any sense to normal thinking people. It is a very idiotic statement by an idiotic man. It is very clear that he only sees what he wants to see. It tells the story of how some single minded people are making laws in congress. Discussing things with Al Sharpton. Does somebody think toad frog Al has the capacity to think of anything intelligent? So if this is the cavalry to come to save Obama’s honor (like he has any), then they should all fall on their swords now, so we can put an end to the stupidity, ignorance, and lies in this administration, and buddy All too.


    Maybe Mr Cleaver should repent for the sins of his past prior to accusing anyone else of sinning.

  • sue lenhart

    The Constitution guarantees every American the right to speak his mind, even if it is against the President. There is no sin committed, therefore, no need for repentance. This, incidentally, includes the free speech that Rudy Giuliani gave recently (in which, by the way, he was absolutely right. I applaud his courage!). What the Democrats and Progressives are really saying is that they are intolerant of anyone who does not agree with them, or who would dare to call them out.

  • Branwen

    Repentence is unto the Lord God and this is not President Obama, though he may feel somewhat otherwise. Representative Cleaver being a minister, seems to have forgotten some of the basic tenents and definitions and stands in need of a seminary refresher course. Representative Cleaver also seems to have forgotten the United States Constitution’s Freedom of Speech and appears to need a refresher course regarding Constitutional Rights as well.

  • Ken Trefaller

    How many os Isis’s strtegic targets have been hit under OBAMA’S AIR WAR? AMMO DUMPS, REFINERYS, TRAINING AREASois storage areas . Why don’t we know. Wake up America

  • Victor P. Bundy

    Just because he wants to kiss muslim obama’s a** don’t mean we are going too. Looks like another fool to get out of office.

  • Kathy H

    What a nut case. Never heard of him!

  • Frank

    Another Dumb N—er


    This is so sickening reading the bulls some of you despicable assholes that is making the president a hated man! You GOP’s are so freaking sick, and atrocious, that you can’t see good not even if it hit your ass in the face” I am sure you’re living much better now that Obama is president. He has restored the bad econonmy that he inherited, and has brought home men, and women to their family, that even their dogs can rejoice” he is doing much more than the SOB that stole the election, and f–k the country in every possible way. Some of you who came here to Ellis Island, and pretend that this country is yours needs to reflect for a while. This country belonged to the Native Indians that you SOB’s drove away in the death of winter,along with old men, and women, sick, and tired, and acting like you own this country” As for you, (Robert Hirschman,) I am sure with that name, you apparently came here to Ellis Island to claim something that is not yours, or anyone period. You will all be leaving this country the same way as the others that have passed away. Try, and live accordingly, and try and get along with others as best as possible. The day will come when you will meet your master, and I am sure most of you will burn in hell for your sins. Bigotry, and racism is a terrible disease, and you are all allowing it to consume you. Pray for your sins before it’s too late!!!

  • Jonathan

    You should repent when you have wronged someone, not just the Lord, but I don’t believe criticizing someone’s evil actions is a sin.

  • disqus_T64CRxVaUS

    A person can get a online ordination to be a minister and apparently the congressman did get his in a online ten minute course.

  • James in Texas

    WoW!! A Race Pimp and a Congress Pimp getting religion, together! Oh Yeah, Right after both of you apologize to former President Bush for criticizing him! Afterall, you are both Black and Mr. Bush was White, therefor……………………..

  • Howleyesque

    Here’s a thought you racist pile of monkey crap! How about YOU REPENT? For joining WITH BLM, Sharpton and Obama to drain your bladders all over MLK’s DREAM! He dreamt of HARMONY and instead you LICE have helped that race hatred peddler Sharpton set race relations back by more than a generation! We don’t criticize him because he’s black you pimple brained jerk. We criticize him for the same reasons that HONEST, INTELLIGENT black people do (and btw I’m not even Republican but I find you to be insulting beyond belief!)

    And those reasons are? BECAUSE LIKE YOU HE IS A BLATANT RACIST, who has NEVER honored the oath of office he took and instead has put the interests of foreign nationals above those of ALL ACTUAL US CITIZENS, primarily? THE BLACKS of this nation, whom he has stabbed in the back! (The VAST MAJORITY of the jobs the illegal aliens steal are opportunities stolen FROM BLACKS!) Nor, does his insistence upon RUSHING potential terrorists through the immigration process serve ANY interests OTHER than those of those very foreign nationals! Lastly, the manner in which he has degraded our nation’s military while squandering funds that COULD have been used to repair our infrastructure and DOUBLED our national debt to roll out “the red carpet” for those same foreign nationals is not only DISGRACEFUL but DANGEROUS!