Democratic Congressman Calls on Republicans to Repent – and You Won’t Believe Why

CleaverRecently a Democratic congressman went on television and made a public call for Republicans to repent. So what does he believe Republicans have done that is such a sin? They have criticized Barack Obama.

According to the Tea Party News Network:

On MSNBC, Cleaver demanded that Republicans “repent” from having criticized the great and powerful Obama.

In anticipation of the President’s State of the Union Address, Cleaver spoke with Al Sharpton on MSNBC and said,

“My hope is that [Republicans] will come out tomorrow and repent.”

Cleaver then briefly discussed the auto industry bailout that nationalized much of the American auto industry and claimed that, again, Republicans must “repent” for having criticized Obama’s decisions.

Representative Cleaver has been a Methodist minister in Kansas City, Missouri since 1977, so he is quite comfortable with the term “repent.” He may need a refresher course, however, and a little guidance about reserving repentance for offenses against the Lord, not a politician.

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