Dems flip two seats in state special elections

Democrats flipped state House seats in New Hampshire and Oklahoma on Tuesday, replacing Republicans in two districts ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

Democratic school teacher Jacob Rosecrants garnered 60 percent of the vote in the race of for Oklahoma’s House District 46, defeating Republican Darin Chambers, who had 40 percent, according to unofficial counts.

Rosecrants, who lost in the last election by the same margin, is the first Democrat to win the district since 2012.

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    These 2 elections don’t mean much. OK is red state but has pockets of coons and kikes. An incumbent who pissed off his voters in 1 district is no national trend. NH is a blue state, little better than it’s neighbors VT & MA.

  • M. Wilk

    I still wonder if they stole these elections. You can bet the Democrats are going to try to steal as many of the seats in Congress 2018 election as they can. We have to really watch these elections with a fine eye. They can’t be allowed to get away with this atrocious crime against the American citizens!

    • Kathy Hinds Estevez

      They cheated big time with the 2016 election that’s why the wouldn’t turn over there server and Wikileaks’s told us all about thei dirty tricks

  • Kathy Hinds Estevez

    Yes there they go again cheating, they are so desperate they will do anything!!!