Did Bernie Really Win New Hampshire? Dirty Democrat Games

bernieBernie cleaned Hillary’s clock in New Hampshire.

His win was the largest margin of vitory for a non-incumbent candidate in any state primary since JFK…

But he still basically lost to Hillary.

Here’s how Bernie won New Hampshire, basically tied Hillary in Iowa, yet is getting killed in the race to secure delegates to win the Democratic nomination:

Bernie Sanders’ win in the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night came with some pretty impressive footnotes:

1. His margin of victory was the highest for a non-incumbent candidate in any state since JFK.

2. He won almost every demographic group—male, female, young, old, moderate, liberal, college educated, high school-educated—with the exception of voters making more than $200,000 per year.

3. He became the first Jewish candidate to win a state primary in U.S. history.

4. He became the first non-Christian candidate to win a state primary in U.S. history.

The fix is in.

The Democrats don’t want some independent old Jewish socialist guy raining on Hillary’s parade.

Good luck the rest of the way Bernie.

P.S. Why should Conservatives even care about the Democrats nomination games?


If the Republicans can’t put up a candidate that can trounce a socialist, they don’t deserve to win The White House.

On the other hand, battling Hillary and The Clinton Machine is going to be a tougher battle.

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