Disgraced Corrupt Banker “Invests” in Clinton Foundation – What Did He Earn in Return?


15314161246_bd45fdb6be_bHillary Clinton claims her $675,000 speaking fees from Goldman Sachs have no impact on her willingness to fight Wall Street.

Yet, she’s unwilling to release the transcripts of these speeches?

Madam Secretary, if you made no promises to protect Wall Street during these speeches, what’s the big deal?

Well, there is this little quid pro quo arrangement you orchestrated while serving as Secretary of State:

Hillary Clinton’s Department of State awarded at least $13 million in grants, contracts and loans to her longtime friend and Clinton Foundation donor Muhammad Yunus, despite his being ousted in 2011 as managing director of the Bangladesh-based Grameen Bank amid charges of corruption, according to an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The tax funds were given to Yunus through 18 separate U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) award transactions listed by the federal contracting site USAspending.gov.

They highlight how Clinton mixed official government business with Clinton Foundation donors. Yunus gave between $100,000 to $300,000 to the foundation, according to the Clinton Foundation website.

So considering Goldman shelled out $675,000 to Hillary, they no doubt got at least $50 -60 million knocked off their mortgage scam fine.

Or, perhaps Goldman CEO, and Hillary BFF, Lloyd Blankfein, got a stay out of jail card thanks to Hillary?


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  • David~~

    The Bitch could not tell the truth if her life depended on it~~~Very sad case to be the next leader! We have heard enough lies for the last 7+ years from the HMIC!!

    • don lavrich

      she wont be able to lie when she stands before the Almighty!

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        do you want to bet on that

        • don lavrich

          no, because the Almighty will see right through her and know.

  • gene smiith

    It is truly amazing the sheer gall of her to have all this obviously damming evidence being thrown at her for her to just act lily white and pure as the driven snow is amazing. Furthermore, or even more astounding, are those who unabashedly support her as if she were the perfect candidate.
    I just do not get it, not at all.

    • Maxine Smith

      Gene Smith I agree 100% with you. It makes you also wonder about the people that turn a blind eye to all her evil, demented murderous acts. Where are their morals? Nothing that Trump has done even comes near to what Killary and Slick Willie have done throughout their political careers. This woman has broke more laws and committed treason against the American people and America. Killary would hang every one of them out to dry if she had to. The only reason she even acknowledges them is for their votes. Once the election is over she won’t even acknowledge them because they will have no use to her just as she left our men in Benghazi to die an awful death. The only thing I want from this POS is to see her reap what she has sown. Her day will come.

      • gene smiith

        Yes Maxine……she will fade into the bad side of history and the Liberal Schools will start rewriting her “Contributions” to History….sort of like a Cat in a Litter box.

        • used_to_be_a_liberal

          or a pig in a pig pen

    • Paul Fowler

      Follow the money,, they pay for riots to right people,, promise all the rich they’ll get richer,,, She does anything for money except sleep with Bill

      • independent thinker

        Oh, she probably does that for money. Bet she won’t sleep with him without a big payoff though.

        • Fedup

          He’s probably paying her so he doesn’t have to sleep with her. He can’t wait to get in the WH and start interviewing young interns.

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      but she is the perfect candidate, perfect for two postings, one at a federal penitentiary, the other at an insane asylum

      • gene smiith


    • Fedup

      There are a bunch of women who can’t think for themselves who will vote for hillary just because she is a female. There are some folks who will vote for her just because they are Dems. and can’t think for themselves and just do as they are told by the leaders of their party no matter how many lies she tells or how corrupt she is. There are some folks who will vote for her because they don’t want to lose the free ride they have under a democratic administration.

      • gene smiith

        And therein Mr. Fedup, lies our challenge. We know the problem, now we must face it head-on and do all in our power to overcome the problem and counter it with a
        concerted effort to instruct the non-believers and convert as many as we can to

  • Howleyesque

    NOTHING that arrogant old bundle of unprincipled ambition might do would surprise me!

    • used_to_be_a_liberal

      I bet there is something that she could do that would really surprise you. She could tell the truth for a change, but then again maybe not, as she has lied so much and so often, many wouldn’t believe her.

      • Howleyesque

        How in the Hell would anyone KNOW?

        • theicecube

          Does anyone honestly know if Hillary is really her name?

          • Howleyesque

            I STILL think it’s SWILLARY Rottenwhore.

  • Dan

    What do we do with treasonous traitors? I miss the good ol’ days of public hangings! Begin corporal punishment with that politi-whore.

    • Rocky Scott

      The answer is: either Hang them to death or shoot them until dead.

      • Dan

        IMHO, they both are too fast.

  • The Fox

    Can’t believe idiots would vote for Hillary Dillary Dike and all her crimes and murders? Must have been born brain dead and love evil and need more of it to get by.

  • carl

    Someone needs to step up and create a gold backed currency. A State could do it, a rich individual, a corporation or a gofundme site. Once people start using the new currency the Federal Reserve and the big banks are dead in the water.

  • freethinker4

    She is no doubt a true piece of shit. but where were the so called conservatives in our government. That’s why Trump must win.

  • Karole Conaway

    Please share this with all of your conservative, republican friends who refuse to vote for Trump or plan on writing Cruz in. Be certain they know that failing to vote for whoever is on the republican ticket is the same as voting for this bitch!

  • ralph

    FBI is not going to do any thing except suck Obama’s butt

  • mofaki

    The devil don’t care nothing about anything other than greed and power.

  • epauls

    This is the results of Government Experience……..TERM LIMITS

  • kcwas

    helleru has a high level narcissism personality that is dangerous but seems no one cares because she is in a position where they can gain from her illness at everyone else’s expense … means the American Citizens … and all the politicians gain coin wise…racketeers …