Do This Before Obama Gets His Hands on Your IRA or 401k

Obama Proclaims “8 Years Is Just the Beginning”… He’s Already Seized Healthcare… Now He’s Targeting Your Retirement Accounts…

“Eight years is just the beginning.”

This is Obama’s new slogan for his post-presidency work. Not only is it shocking, it reveals his TOTAL COMMITMENT to ramrodding his policies down Americans’ throats.

It should now be clear that Obama will stop at nothing to impose his will on every American.

  • He has already seized healthcare, driving up the average annual cost of premiums by 22.5% in just four years.
  • He has issued executive orders to provide amnesty to illegals and give them benefits that “ordinary” legal Americans don’t get.
  • He has issued more than 200 executive orders – and his abuse of power shows no signs of letting up.

Yet Obama is not content with the power he’s already ripped from the hands of the American people. He’s hell-bent to use his presidency to grab as much power as possible. That’s why he’s now targeting retirement accounts.

Do This Before Obama Gets His Hands on Your IRA or 401(k)

Obama Can’t Wait to Get His Grubby Hands on Your Retirement

In 2014, Obama used an executive order to create MyRA accounts. These retirement accounts are administered by the U.S. Treasury, so by opening a MyRA, you’re actually turning your money over to the U.S. government.

Financial planner Scott Hanson is highly critical of MyRAs:

“The MyRA will actually have the working poor financing the government’s deficit spending. By creating accounts that invest in a government pool, it’s yet another way for the Treasury to raise funds without having to sell bonds in the public markets.”

Never mind that the government has been totally irresponsible with Social Security funds… the true hidden purpose of MyRAs is to squeeze more money out of hard-working Americans.

This isn’t enough for Obama. Now he’s criticizing Wall Street and calling for tougher standards for retirement accounts. In fact, he has already created a proposal that is filled with new regulations for the financial industry.

And if people don’t like it? Too bad. He’ll just use his pen to pass yet another executive order.

One of the major consequences of these “tougher regulations” is that Americans will have fewer investment options than they already do. Furthermore, this is Obama’s first big step toward gaining the power to dictate what a “safe” investment is, and what is not.

This is hardly a stretch of the imagination… Obama already dictates that you must buy health insurance plans of his choosing. Why stop there?

Do This Now So Obama Can’t Touch Your Retirement Savings

How to Protect Your Retirement from Obama’s Latest Power Grab

Retirement money invested in stocks and mutual funds will always be vulnerable to the ups and downs of the market… AND… unwelcome government meddling such as what Obama is engaging in right now.

On the other hand, Gold tends to do well during times of uncertainty; it usually protects from inflation and other economic shocks. Even better, it will NEVER go to zero – it will always be worth something.

Saving with Gold is one of the best ways to fight back against Obama’s reckless power grabs.

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Last Thing: Time is of the essence. With less than two years left, Obama will be using his executive power with abandon… and new regulations on retirement investments are clearly one of his highest priorities. Request Your FREE Info Kit on Gold Now.

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