Does Science Really Prove This Biblical Cure?

Does Science Really Prove This Biblical Cure?
By Doug Hill
What do health researchers know that you and I don’t?
That’s the question being asked by diabetes patients all across the country.
At a groundbreaking event in New Haven, Connecticut, researchers from Yale School of Medicine revealed a controversial new diabetes treatment we’re calling “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle.”
According to researchers, this unorthodox treatment requires no injections, dangerous drugs or expensive supplements…
Yet it’s been shown to alter diabetes in just 72 hours.
If this radical new protocol works, it could revolutionize everything we think we know about diabetes — from how it’s prevented to how it’s treated, and even cured.
But here’s what’s so unbelievable.
This new protocol was inspired straight from the pages of the King James Bible (Page 1,117).
There’s talk this treatment could cost the pharmaceutical industry billions of dollars in revenue when people stop needing diabetes medications.
Although there’s speculation both atheists and Big Pharma hate this… they can’t argue with the results. 
CEO Ronald Whitmore used this treatment and was off his oral diabetes meds after just 3 days!
And Ryan Washington from San Diego, who used this protocol to lose more than 74 pounds and get completely off his meds !
Doctor after doctor is raving about this treatment…
Dr. Andre Eenfeldt, MD, called “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle”…
The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss.
Dr. Michael Mosley, MD, said:
This is the beginning of something I think could be huge… if it takes off and heads in the direction I imagine it will… this could be genuinely revolutionary.
[Editor’s note: For exact instructions on “Daniel’s Diabetic Protocol” simply click here]
But will it work for you?
Health clinics and hospitals believe so. They’ve begun adopting this method because of its low cost and high success rate.
Researchers worry that Big Pharma will do anything to stop this new treatment to preserve their pharmaceutical profits. But for now, it’s clear “Daniel’s Diabetic Protocol” is about to hit its tipping point.
Natural Health Solutions — an independent organization focused on showing its members how to live healthier lives — has conducted its own months-long investigation into this remarkable new protocol.
They’ve just finalized everything in a special presentation that you can watch on their website for free.
Could this be the miracle that rewrites medical history? You can judge for yourself by watching the investigation.
[Editor’s note: To view Natural Health Solutions’ presentation, click here. Or click the picture below to learn all about “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle.”]

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  • apzzyk

    The term ‘Diabetes’ is not found in the Bible, but its symptoms seem to be described, but it was not identified as a separate diagnosis until the scientific tools necessary to analize blood chemistry were developed during the 20th century, and it was found, by experimentation, that the insulin recovered from the bodies of dead sheep would work to bring down high blood sugar in humans, with later pharmaceuticals to just control the symptoms to follow. Then it was found that there was a familial link to the early childhood onset type I, and that there was a high correlation between obsesity and adult onset (Type II) diabetes, and that some women, during pregnancy, developed it as a complication to pregnancy. During Biblical times, the people were at least trying to use what is found in nature to control the symptoms that they observed, but the problem was that they were hit and miss symptomatic control rather than actual ‘cures’. Diabetes, both in humans and other mamalls are now considered chronic, but treatable (up to a point) illnesses, just like many forms of cancer.
    Medical doctors in practice, are not really, for the most part actual scientists themselves, but, if they are willing to take the risk of violating the Hippocratic Oath, they may try alternatives to the pharmaceuticals that have been tested and found to be effective and as safe as possible, if they so choose. Aspirin is a very common symptomatic treatment for what ever ails you at the time, and has been found that when used in small doses to reduce the probability of coronary and vascular problems and as a blood thinner. But, on the packaging it also comes with warnings about possible adverse side effects including allergic reactions. Apparently, this is the case in what is described above, with only the good things reported in this article (as is fairly usual in Conservative advocacy articles). So that means that you may try them, at your own risk, and if they reduce the blood sugar to the safe level, that will be good for you, but without constant monitoring using the available technology, and thinking that you are ‘cured’ when the symptoms go into remission, may lead to your premature death or lasting disability which will make your life shorter, or just more difficult, would be a severe mistake on your part.
    For example, I have had PTSD from bad experiences in the USMC over 60 years ago, and am taking at least one medication that simply reduces one of the major symptoms that goes with the PTSD, but is sure not a cure, so I take it as ordered by my VA psychiatrist, knowing that at any time it may not produce this relief or that the dose that I have been taking for the last 5 years may actually make things worse or kill me. Each dose is a new trial, and I accept that, and others should do the same with all that is ingested or that to which we are exposed, including natural things such as polin and mold. This is allergy season!