Libertarians, This Is Why You Should Not Be Voting For Gary Johnson

50651420 - book with words immigration law on a table.This has been a controversial election season. The main theme of it has been establishment v. anti-establishment. Bernie Sanders, an Independent, rocked the Democratic Party, although he did not win the nomination, and Donald Trump, a New York businessman, won the Republican Party’s nomination. Now, Trump is up against Hillary Clinton, who represents political establishment corruption in every way.

However, even though Hillary is such a terrible choice for President, some voters are still reluctant to vote for Donald Trump. They have different reasons for this ranging from the fact that he has never held office to thinking his opinions are too harsh. The voters stuck in the middle began looking for a candidate to support in Gary Johnson.

Gary Johnson is not what he appears to be, though. He is far more leftist than most Libertarians traditionally are. While Libertarians usually align with more conservative positions, Johnson does not.

Not only did he not know what Aleppo was, he also refuses to call illegal immigrants what they really are. For him, they are “undocumented.” In an interview, he was asked about his stance on illegal immigration, to which he replied,

“‘Undocumented,’ by the way. If you use the term ‘illegal immigrants’ that is very incendiary to our Hispanic population here in this country.

They came into this country because they couldn’t get in legally and the jobs existed! And you or I would have done the same thing.”

It is not “incendiary” to those who went through the proper channels and came here legally. Johnson should know firsthand the problems illegal immigration causes. He served as governor of a border state and had to deal with many of those effects.

Be aware, Libertarian, Independent, and just generally undecided voters. Gary Johnson is not the candidate you want, especially if you align yourself with more conservative values and ideas.

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