Eric Trump: This One Thing Obama Did Drove My Father to Run for President

Donald_Eric_TrumpWhat motivated Donald Trump to run for President?

Think about it…

Why would this guy choose to do this?

He’s a billionaire.

He has multiple successful businesses all over the world.

He’s married to a beautiful woman. He has great, successful kids who are running the business empire he created.

Yes, Trump has a huge ego. Yes, he loves the spotlight.

But he doesn’t need the Presidency to scratch those itches.

No, according to Trump’s son, Eric, one think drove Donald Trump to run for President:

The U.S.-led nuclear agreement with Iran last year was a deciding factor that compelled Donald Trump to jump into the race for president, the billionaire’s son, Eric Trump, said in a radio interview on Sunday.

“I think, honestly, the Iran nuclear deal was one of the things that made him jump into the race,” Trump told New York’s AM 970 The Answer radio. “I think that was a game changer for him.”

“That is when he finally said, ‘Kids, I am going to it. I am going to give this a real shot,’” Trump continued.

Donald Trump has been a vocal opponent of the Iran nuclear deal. At a February speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), Trump strongly criticized against the agreement and stated that his “number one priority” if he takes office will be to nix “the disastrous deal with Iran.”

Donald Trump loves America.

That’s why he’s running for President.

He believes Washington is a mess.

He’s right.

With the Iran deal, Obama sold out our security.

Trump wants to fix it.

It’s that simple.

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