Eric Trumps opinion on Hillary’s criminal record

Trump Organization Executive Vice President Eric Trump said Wednesday night that the idea of a presidential candidate being under FBI investigation was “unthinkable.”

“We have so many problems as a nation. The last thing that we need is this distraction,” Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on “Hannity.”

Eric Trump, the second son of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, added that the release of hacked emails by Wikileaks had exposed “how corrupt our government truly is.”

“You see these games going on – You see Donna Brazile giving Hillary Clinton the debate questions. You see these people behind the scenes making fun of Christians and evangelicals,” Trump said. “You see the president emailing back and forth on a private server to Hillary and the cover-ups … You really see the corruption of the Clinton campaign.”

Trump also said the hacked emails exposed a lack of attention to cybersecurity in the U.S. government.

“Cybersecurity … is something that plagues every single major company. You see them hit Home Depot. You see them hit Target,” Trump said. “The first time the president ever talks about cyber security is when the DNC is hacked. I find that deplorable.”


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