Even If The FBI Investigation Fails, This Agency Could End Hillary


Hillary is no doubt feeling the full force and weight of the FBI investigation of the use of her private email server.

Sure she spins a good story when asked about the investigation, but the evidence is mounting against Hillary.

In addition to the FBI, Hillary made no friends while acting as Secretary of State with the NSA:

The FBI isn’t the only powerful federal agency that Hillary Clinton needs to worry about as she plots her path to the White House between scandals and leaks. For years, she has been on the bad side of the National Security Agency, America’s most important intelligence agency, as revealed by just-released State Department documents obtained by Judicial Watch under the Freedom of Information Act.

The documents, though redacted, detail a bureaucratic showdown between Ms. Clinton and NSA at the outset of her tenure at Foggy Bottom. The new secretary of state, who had gotten “hooked” on her Blackberry during her failed 2008 presidential bid, according to a top State Department security official, wanted to use that Blackberry anywhere she went.

That, however, was impossible, since Secretary Clinton’s main office space at Foggy Bottom was actually a Secure Compartment Information Facility, called a SCIF (pronounced “skiff”) by insiders. A SCIF is required for handling any Top Secret-plus information. In most Washington, D.C., offices with a SCIF, which has to be certified as fully secure from human or technical penetration, that’s where you check Top-Secret email, read intelligence reports and conduct classified meetings that must be held inside such protected spaces.

But personal electronic devices—your cellphone, your Blackberry—can never be brought into a SCIF. They represent a serious technical threat that is actually employed by many intelligence agencies worldwide.

Regardless of whether Hillary is indicted for charges or not, one big question must remain for voters who support Hillary:

How can a President govern and protect us from terrorism in today’s world when she has zero credibility and has made enemies with our own intelligence agencies?

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  • GrizzMann

    She is a Democrat you know. They seem to like outlaws.

    • rwp24382

      They like them, because most of them are outlaws, especially the Clintons.

      • Ribert Koonce

        That’s really dissing outlaws. lol

    • They like outlaws, perverts, Muslims and all other dregs of society.

      • JBM

        Birds of a feather flock together. Dregs of the earth for certain. Jail is the only House Hillary should occupy

        • tarheel61

          There are plenty of people in Washington that deserve to be in there with her. Really, they deserve a harsher punishment that jail.

          • JBM

            Totally agree with you. All the lawyers should be investigated and indicted for their part as well in ongoing corruption Obama as well, Clintons should have to repay all the people that invested in the Clinton Foundation that were looking for favors and added to the list of criminals at large. Wall Street, lobbyists, DC insiders,corrupt agencies within the govt…, the list goes on.

          • independent thinker

            Repay nothing. Confiscate the money and apply it to the national debt.

          • JBM

            OOPS… what was I thinking. Much better idea- could put a small dent into it. As long as the Foundation is. stripped dry and the Clintons are Broke for real.

          • mustang6984

            OOOOOOOOOooooooooooo…here’s a dream of immense pleasure…the three of them having to work at McDonalds…for minimum wage!

          • JBM

            Forget McDonalds and min wage…how about hard labor like Joe Apergio offers…chain gang type punishment – no computers, books, outside communications at all..just pure hard labor – especially for the Queen H and no parole possibilities Solitary confinement would be nice.

          • mustang6984

            Sorry…can only give you one thumb up…I tried!

            And I’d go along with that idea…as long as they ALL three stay in prison until AFTER my youngest son is dead and buried…which means at his age of 23…they’d be in there until that all died!

            And that solitary confinement…in a 6×4 room! With NO window!

          • Rap Scallion

            The solution to ther traitors of the French Revolution, comes to my mind! Just round them up and lead them to the public square……death by Guillotine by assosciation with treasonous traitors to the American people…..ALL OF THE PRESENT DAY LEFTISTS!

          • tarheel61

            I agree with you, this us and them justice system don’t cut it . These illegal’s literally getting away with murder by the Liberals. The President interjects himself on behalf of these multiple murder perpetrators, how legal is that ?

      • bobvelon

        They also love the malcontents and stem dead which are Hillary supporters… They will never get a clue on who or what she is.

        • JBM

          Maybe they will get a clue if Trump wins the POTUS and he strips them down to size not just Hillary but the entire lame-brain lot in DC

  • game50

    Nail the mother…..she nothing but and evil *itch. We know nothing positive (or anything) she did as SoS…she belong in JAIL for TREASON.

  • Ackerman

    Oh for wishing for the good ole days, when treasonous traitors were hung..

    • tarheel61

      I think that the 93 million unemployed and everyone in between has had just about enough of this horses–t. If you read all the statements that the Founding Fathers made it’s all most as prophetic as the Bible. The reason for the 2nd amendment , all the possibilities that could and would arise. The problem is that this problem was not stopped , it should have been addressed from the get go. And people if the government , Senate and House aren’t going to stop it that leaves us . I don’t have a death wish but when I think of how our Vets are treated now it makes me sick. All the lives that have been lost from the beginning to now can’t be for nothing. Its time to man up .

  • Pete

    Voters are so ignorant, they do not know that Obama has destroyed our economy ,military, doubled our national debt in 7 years and inturn are going to vote for this psychopath….

    • He has also, aided and abetted by Congress, the Courts and the Republicans, destroyed the Office of the presidency by ignoring the Constitutional requirement of being a natural born citizen to be president or vice-president. They have also twisted and changed the Founders original meaning and intent of natural born citizen, in their program of dumbing down the American citizens. Now, according to the leftists and the GOP/RNC insiders, any one, no matter what their citizenship status, can be president, like Obama and the fraud Cruz, see”


      • Pete

        Cruz is a disaster ! Had a Republlcan poll auto-call last night. Push telephone buttons on reply to questions. Number One was “Best”, number Five was worst. Clicked number Two for Trump and Kashick, Number 5 for Cruz..The Worst. The RNC/GOP have stopped being Republicans, That is why Trump is doing so well.

      • JBM

        Insiders on both sides are corrupt. Trump is a threat to their continuing this corruption and lining their pockets that is why they are playing games as usual. Time for a change – We need a business mind to run the country not sleezy lawyers.

    • tarheel61

      When the parties over they now know it, when all the freebies are gone and their children are crying from hunger and their living in FEMA camps they will have a moment of clarity like never before.

      • JBM

        For clarity now…..go to this website it says it all……. http://www.ntrc.info/doorbell.html

        • tarheel61

          Yep , that works to. Anyway you look at it its gonna get worse before it gets better.

  • Edd USN Ret.

    Hillary is a Washington INSIDER thru both Bill Clinton and the DemoCRAP Party and our neutered Republican’Ts will not upset their money filled APPLE CART so nothing will come of all this BS that would normally get a non-insider thrown in jail at the very least if not stood up in front of a firing squad for HIGH TREASON.
    We will most likely either see Hitlery or another non-natural born AMERICAN in the so called WHITE (LYING) HOUSE to help put the final NAIL into former CHRISTIAN AMERICA’s coffin. I’m glad I’m pushing 80 and do not expect to be around too much longer but I do hate having kids and grand kids the will have to suffer the new ANTI-AMERICAN non freedom loving slave state we are headed for at a faster pace since muSLIME oBOMBa took control of our destruction.

    • JBM

      sound familiar – Lying Clintons second round.and the BUM supports this type of behavior.

  • John Gagne

    It seems like today many seem to like the lie that the government is capable of giving them all they need. Where as the truth is the reliance on the government will disable them, and it will tear down this entire economy as we know it.They are truly brain washed but the Liberal media consistently arming this down their throat and are not intelligent enough to see the smoke screens.

  • The Fox

    Throw the Demon-rat Hillary Dillary Dike under the prison and never to be heard from again, she is a witch and a liar from hell and would feel right at home.

  • Ribert Koonce


  • Don Dunn

    all you people need to study 7 stages of democracy..good to see brainwashing hasnt worked on all

  • leisureal-


  • Tony

    Lawyers—the new synonym for corruption, or prevaricating, or stonewalling. All you require to be a lawyer is a room temperature IQ and a larcenous soul. The good, honest lawyers are outnumbered by the dishonest ones 1,000 to 1. Most of our Congressmen/women and US Senators are lawyers. You wonder why congress is corrupt, inefficient, and useless? Look no further to learn about this mockery than our liberal law colleges. That’s why the Clintons, the Obamas, the Bushes, the Browns, the Kennedys, and others like them get away with all their crimes and treason.

  • mustang6984

    I’d like to see her put out to pasture…permanently…with no more access to the rest of the world.