Everything You Need to Know About the Vast Criminal Conspiracy of The Clinton Foundation

19790618916_9ece64efd0_bWe’ve all had our suspicions.

The stories of high-level manipulation.

Secret behind closed door deals.

Insider trading of power for cash from countries.

Now the evidence is in.

A report that finally blows the lid off The Clinton Foundation.

In a new report, Wall Street analyst and investor Charles Ortel charges the Clintons and their associates have been engaged in a “vast criminal conspiracy to defraud the general public, enrich themselves and entrench their political influence.”

Ortel believes the evidence calls for a criminal investigation by the FBI as well as by attorneys general in four states where the Clinton Foundation is registered, maintains offices and/or has aggressively solicited individual donations: Arkansas, Massachusetts, California and New York.

He published on his website a new executive summary of his “First Foundation Report” of his continuing investigation into the operations of the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation.

Make no mistake.

This is much more than a private email server, Benghazi, and classified information.

The Clintons sold us all out to put Hillary in The White House.

Hillary, there is no hiding.

At some point, the truth will be revealed.

Let’s hope you’re not serving as President when it happens.

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  • Charles Bittle

    From the looks of it all even the FBI and all are in on this whole rotten deal.

  • Austinniceguy

    These deals have many, many many D.C. fingerprints all over them. The Clowntons know which palms to grease and just how to do so. They’ve spent a lifetime honing those skills. To put her into office as POTUS would be absolutely criminal on the part of the voters. That’s just a fact of life. This was made just prior to her 2008 run. Watch, you’ll be more informed as to who we’re dealing with here.


  • mannasage

    Hilary is as bad as Obama or worse! Is it rumor or factual that she has cancer or worse?

    • Austinniceguy

      The FACT is that she IS a cancer!!! Watch this video…

      • USAForever48

        Austinniceguy, this is extraordinary!!!! It was well worth the hour and a half to watch it!!! There are things in this movie that we have never heard of or would have ever had any inkling about. Thank you so much for passing along this link. As I said, it was time well spent. Hillary has never had my support – and she STILL doesn’t have my support. I cannot stand the sight of her. She’s almost as good a liar and cheat as Slick Willie or BHO. Best wishes from Nebraska!!!!

  • DonRS

    There is nothing about the Clintons, no matter how EVIL, that is a surprise nor beneath them. They are WICKED, THROUGH AND THROUGH! Hillary, “the most admired, the smartest woman in the world” – maybe among the Mafia, with her charming Consigliere, Bill! What a pair – the smooth talking whore monger and the BITCH!

    • Hopefull1

      Yes she should be on the mob- wives show. Her and bubba make Bonnie & Clyde look like jack & jill .

    • cutterguy

      should not pick on female dogs comparing them to ms evilness