Ex-General Leads NYC Rally to Stop Obama’s Iran Deal

Edit Post ‹ Raise The Flag Report — WordPressOn July 22nd, thousands of patriot demonstrators gathered in Times Square, New York City to protest the recent nuclear deal with Iran.

As evidence of Obama’s weak leadership, this speaker reminded the audience of Obama’s recent actions:

Five American military people lost their lives on American soil to an Islamic terrorist.

Obama decides to go to a Broadway play.

Headlining the event and speaking with passion to the crowd of over 12,ooo was Allen West, ex-Congressman and General

Here’s the video where he rips into Obama:


When Iran Chants “Death to America”.

“You first.”

This deal is a surrender.

We gave them billions of dollars.

Yet, failed to negotiate the release of four hostages.

Yes it is sad.

If only we had a leader like General West sitting in The White House.

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