Father of The Patriot Act Pays $3.5 Million to Hush Sex Scandal

Dennis_Hastert_2Dennis Hastert, the former U.S. House Speaker who pushed through The Patriot Act in 2001 was recently indicted on charges related to paying over $3,5 million in hush money to keep an old sex scandal under wraps.

It seems that the very purpose of The Patriot Act is what led to Hastert’s indictment.

Here’s the press wire report revealing Hastert’s banking law violations:

Former U.S. House Speaker Dennis Hastert allegedly violated banking laws to obtain money to hide a sexual relationship he had while teaching high school in Illinois, officials said.

Two federal law enforcement officials told the Los Angeles Times on Friday that Hastert agreed to pay $3.5 million to a man he allegedly had a sexual relationship with when he taught at a Yorkville, Ill., high school. The alleged sexual misconduct happened prior to Hastert’s time in Congress.

“It goes back a long way, back to then,” one of the sources said. “It has nothing to do with public corruption or a corruption scandal. Or to his time in office.”

While Big Government statists like President Obama and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell currently battle to keep The Patriot Act as the law of the land, isn’t it sweet irony… and fitting justice… that one of the few indictments The Patriot Act actually nails is one of their own?

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  • Kenneth Clark

    Kind of like his own Guillotine. But even that machine of death was destroyed and rendered illegal, just as the Patriot Act should be.

  • used_to_be_a_liberal

    Ironic isn’t it. Karma, yup. But what a convoluted, up-side down messed up society that we live in. If this guy was a homo-sexual “liberal” tranny, pervert. He would have been portrayed as a victim, his black-mailer would have been exposed, news media would have shed tears for him. He would not be facing any charges.
    What is even more Ironic is that the Patriot Act is actually a piece of “liberal” type of legislation, that has been enhanced by Obama, if it wasn’t, then Obama and his minions would have changed it.
    So, you may say wait, “liberal” legislation?? Yup, most certainly. There is nothing Liberal about anything “liberal”, it is an oxymoron, it now denotes, socialism, Marxism, communism, fascism. Funny how “liberals” were against it when it first came out, and now??? Laws like the Patriot Act are foisted upon us with the idea of good intentions, but any law that gives, or could give further power to a government, is then really a “tool” that can be and will be easily used by the “liberal” minded. A socialist, Marxist, communist, fascist type government needs this type of legislation to maintain control of the people it “rules”.

    • Kenneth Clark

      100% Spot on!!!!

    • jsnh

      Now that they have exposed Hastert, will they look into the black-mailer’s role to see what laws he may have also broken?

      • Joseph Koziar

        “…what laws he may have broken…” Come on now. Black mail is a felony! So he has clearly broken the law.

        • jsnh

          That would be my line of thinking, but the person receiving the money is not being investigated, neither are they accusing him of extortion or blackmail, are they?

          • Joseph Koziar

            If you don’t accuse the recipient of extortion, you can’t accuse the congressman of paying the blackmail. otherwise the 3.5 M may have been a gift which is not against the law

    • jamesowens

      glad hes caught but now your trying to foist the patriot act of the bush/cheney riech on obama LOL you work for fox???

      • Kenneth Clark

        If you will look at the original law v/s Obama’s enhancement to the law, you will find the original is quite tame to what it is now. Yes, Bush signed it and made it law to expire after a certain amount of time. Obama has turned it into “The Matrix” and wants it to remain permanent. It should have never became law in the first place and should never be made permanent.

        • jamesowens

          and the republicans would have shut down the government AGAIN if he hadnt signed it read the real news

          • Kenneth Clark

            You tend to forget it was Obama and Reid that shut it down.

      • used_to_be_a_liberal

        Well James, I don’t have to try. As I said in my post. If it didn’t suit Obama, he could have eliminated it or changed it. Instead Obama enhanced it, so yes Obama does wear it.

      • William Dinwiddie

        caught for something that happened in the 90 slick willie lied to congress over getting blowed big deal And I do agree with you about fox news being a nest of liars.

    • Apolloone

      You’re correct on all you stated. Those that call themselves Progressives I’ve yet to see one who has ideas, or stands for things that would lead to progress, it’s always regress; so a more fitting name would be Regressives.

    • clara

      Used to be I think you have 100% nailed the whole situation perfectly.

    • freddawes

      Real world

    • Joseph Koziar

      Cummunists and facists are not the same thing. In fact they usually hate each other. Sounds like you’re just looking for bad words to string together. And the Patriot act was the child of conservatives not liberals. And you would probably still support it if a Republican were president and Hastert hadn’t been caught. And it sounds like you support Hastert who is a child molester…his homosexuality is not the issue!

  • Mike Heath

    Hello good concerned Americans! Although it is my most personal “official duty” to constantly monitor & evaluate our society, i rarely come forward on public platforms such as this. I am One of those who largely exists & operates from “behind the curtain” that few even know exists within their own society. I just wanted to say how much i do admire the good & decent Americans here and elsewhere, who do actually see the most deadly trajectory that “we” are all on as a society. I also greatly admire the common sense “analysis” that i have seen in many American citizens over the decades, and i wish only to point out one small possibility that “we” as a society seem to have unfortunately collectively eliminated. I speak of comments such as; “….’They’… had good intentions”. Intent is an extremely difficult thing to determine, and i strongly suggest that “we” all also consider that “evil intentions” (AKA; “UnConstitutional Intentions”, “Treason”, etc.), are every bit as likely as “good intentions” when it comes to government and citizens alike. The legitimate study of criminal law does not, nor can it, eliminate “Intent of an individual or individuals” automatically. It would do well for us to stop “automatically” providing any excuses to The Powers That Be in any situation, and at any time, as we have all been conditioned to do our entire lives. The future will be incredibly disappointing and devastating for those who generally believe “that They would not do that”, and the time is overdue for a most serious conversation concerning America. Make no mistake, “Obamacare” is completely UnConstitutional and extraordinarily deadly serious to Americans, well beyond the simple yet clever healthcare optics. While the media is overloading us with useless nonsense, i strongly suggest that every concerned American do their due diligence homework on “Obamatrade” ASAP! America must remain a sovereign power if the citizens are to enjoy self determination, and if the citizens ever wish to be free. There is a real and provable reason that history repeats. With a little determined research on the paternal & maternal side of the families, the concerned citizen should be able to see that it is more likely than not that ALL past Presidents of America, are of direct Royal Bloodlines to either or both English & French Blood Royal. For instance FDR when he was alive was related to at least 11 previous presidents, and today FDR (a man long dead) is currently related to at least 22 past presidents). Obama is no exception, just for the record, and it is very interesting to see who he is actually related to (for those interested). This information alone should be reason for extreme concern.

    I wish all freedom with peace!

    P.S. The Age of Enlightenment has yet to conclude! ;-]


  • Alan Warrick

    Another example of Republican hypocrisy. This reminds me of the Preacher who railed against gays in Colorado then was caught in a gay relationship. Have they no shame?

    • Kenneth Clark

      Also very reminiscent of the hypocrisy of the Progressive Liberals as they will attack a Republican Candidate for a less than perfect driving record when their own royal pick is guilty of the most serious of felonies and they choose to ignore it. But that’s ok. We the people will not forget in 2016.

      • Alan Warrick

        I know people aren’t perfect. What gets me is when they demonize people for doing the same thing they are doing in secret. We the people will not forget how you unfairly treated this President either in 2016.

        • Kenneth Clark

          It’s not unfair to call anyone on their lies, especially someone in his position.

          • Mike Heath

            An American Constitutionalist is not a member of any specific party, nor could they be, since their loyalty is strictly for The Constitution and the intended social contract between “reasonable people” that it so eloquently outlines. The Constitutionalist simply has a working understanding of The American Constitution, the world history leading up to The Declaration of Independence, and the individual freedoms that it & The Constitution acknowledges (AKA; Your natural guaranteed rights as American Citizens). American Constitutionalists also have the common experience of studying the years of debate prior to the actual execution of that most amazing document (social contract) ever created by humans. Throughout all of mankind’s history it is the only time that citizens of any nation had such an opportunity for unlimited individual freedom and sustainable strength as one nation state. Because of America, many citizens of other countries not only enjoy some measure of individual freedom that their immediate ancestors never knew, but it has also resulted in a far higher standard of living in many parts of the world as well. In fact, many other countries have adopted “national constitutions” of their own that, on first glance, now mimic much that is in The American Constitution. They still do not come even close however. Unfortunately, this can and does lead to many legal & social misunderstandings among the average American citizen regarding their own individual rights, freedoms, and responsibilities, especially as the attack upon our country (from within) has had so many decades now to evolve. As i believe that recent wide media coverage has been given to the fact that America is not the “most free” country in which to be a citizen today, i believe that is solid evidence proving the case is most urgent. America has recently been rated, by legal analysis of the overwhelming weight of laws, restrictions and guidelines, to be somewhere in the high teens to the 20th++ or so most free country in which to live. We of course as a country are continuing to decline and will do so until the government changes direction towards the Socialist state. It is an outrage to blame The Constitution when it has always been the flawed human (political) interpretation that has perverted The Constitution and freedoms it states, however the Constitutionalist is painfully well aware that The Constitution is in reality more of a warning to American Citizens of their own government and the historic abuses of mans inhumanity to man. That rare opportunity that we have all been entrusted with has all but evaporated now, and time is growing short for those who cherish their freedom. I encourage citizens to enjoy every day and make the most of their lives. That is why “we” are here and what is most important. Much in the media is lies & half truths, but recent reports of increased violence through America are true. Lastly, i will add that the issue of “gun control” (gun ban/s) is the last line of defense for Americans and will, without doubt, be a “flash point” when it is realized by the average American that it has come to pass and the reality of an out of control government sinks in. The absolute right to self defense is not granted by government, nor is it the business of any other citizen. Thanks to those who have had the patience & understanding to read my words and the best of luck to you and yours! M

            P.S. After an amazing life of experience and learning i do understand that may different people & “opinions” exist. This is absolutely Constitutional and something i and many defend, however it is also a most serious responsibility to be a “reasonable person” as a citizen of America. I would like to mention that people are welcome to their freedoms, however i have never met any human really capable of “judging others”. Many do, but that is a slightly higher pay grade than anyone i have ever met or heard of in our society. Constitutionalists are very few in numbers, and those who have hate for the defenders of the law of the land here in America should be happy to hear that “we” already know that “we” (our democracy/nation) has lost. Enjoy while that smile is still fresh on your face, but you may want to come up with some lies when your children ask you what has happened to their country. This is the most deadly game on Earth and you just don’t hear many saying; “I’ll be gone by then” any more do you? When was the last time you heard someone say that this was a “free country” (and mean it)? Molon Labe! ;-]


          • Ron Perry

            Pegasus, you have, in such an eloquent way, presented the ‘meat and potatoes’ of what many of us feel. My hat is off to you sir! And I would urge readers to peruse the Constitution Party’s platform.
            Molon Labe!

          • Alan Warrick

            You keep speaking in generalities. What lies? Also can they be worst than Bush’s lies which got us into a three trillion dollar war, cost 4,000 lives, 20,000 casualties and lost of respect around the world?

    • disgusted

      republiCONS have no shame whatsoever. When caught, they claim that God made them do it . . .

  • Scottiebill

    The Patriot Act aside, my question is this:
    With all the crowing and gleeful posturing by the liberal media and all the Obama sycophants over Hastert getting busted, why has no one, with the notable exception of Mark Levin, said anything about the Clintons and their ongoing corruption and illegal pandering for foreign money, even though it is against all the Federal election laws? And that does not include all their other extremely questionable activities. They are supposedly citizens of the United States and, therefore, subject to our laws.
    Or are they following Obama’s lead, believing that they are above any and all laws of the country and The Constitution and they can do whatever they damn well please, and to hell with what anyone thinks? Why haven’t the Clintons, and Obama as well, been tried and convicted and thrown into the slammer? I’m sure the facility at Florence, Colorado would be able to find room for them.

    • yuppieyorkie

      The Clintons have always thought they were above the law. Remember WE ARE THE PRESIDENT remark Hildabest made? Politicians have devolved into an elite class far above the citizenry. That goes for both sides.

    • disqus_b6XOqz4VzM

      They are Democrats and therefore immune.

  • David

    Gotta love Luke 12:2-3

  • daveveselenak

    We are where we are today here in AMERIKA because our form of government requires God fearing people that try to follow the Bible rather than banning it as they now are doing! God’s judgment has commenced and hell here in AMERIKA, starting with this demonic psychopath in the “Outhouse” is what we are experiencing and I guarantee you that it will get much, much worse!

    • Shaymamma8

      Run for your lives!! The sky is falling!!! Good grief!!

  • Ruckweiler

    Hastert deserves whatever punishment comes his way. Kids in school trust their coaches and this dirtbag buggers at least one of them? Hang him high!

  • ADRoberts

    Is there a law against illicit sex. NOPE. That would be enforcing Christian values. Not illegal. Is there a law against BRIBERY and accepting bribes? YEP. But you want to bet that the only charges filed will be against Hastert and not against the one extorting money?
    Are they both wicked people. YES But the powers that be are not concerned about enforcing the laws equally. Theyi consider the extorter to be a victim. LOL

  • JeromefromLayton

    That idea of Denny being hoist on his own petard is juicy, but not quite accurate. The monetary exchange limits predate the PATRIOT ACT by about thirty years. That’s when RICO was hatched to the cheers of a bunch of “tough on crime” conservatives. Two parts of RICO have turned out to be real vultures: Civil Asset Forfeiture and the $10,000 cash reporting rule. This is how your local Podunk PD got its armored vehicles and cell phone snoop devices. Cash tends to have traces of cocaine in it and a lot of it will attract the attention of drug dogs. There goes your vacation money.

    • J. Ernst

      Makes ya want to literally launder your money before going on a trip eh?

  • J. Ernst

    It’s ALL about the money and the subsequent “handover” of mined info from ISRAELI-OWNED companies to alleged U.S.-owned companies.
    I could care less about Hastert.
    YET ANOTHER “sex-driven”, newsertainment, PURE DISTRACTION from what’s really going on to destroy our personal AND national SOVEREIGNTY!!!
    The millions spent on “hush money”? A drop in the bucket compared to ALL of the scandalous actions/payments from the Barry Oh-fck-wit mobsters thus far. We could also add the BUSH I & II scandalous actions and our NEAR ENTIRE economic collapse due to their actions!!!
    So how far are WE, the People willing to kowtow to the anti-American, NWO Globalists that are controlling our banking infrastructure….or do WE even HAVE an American banking infrastructure?
    Court system “actions” against the RECIPIENTS of this “hush money”…….Z E R O !!!!
    W T F!!!???
    Easy answer to that but I’m tiring of typing it out …. AGAIN and AGAIN!!!

  • freddawes

    How the hell did that ass get 3.5 million? for doing boys in the butt? How much money did he rap off from the people? Who really owns him? How much evil has he done to us? What dehumanizing things has he done to the people that we do not know about? Did Obama start this Investigation? did Obama know about it long ago? we live in a stolen country! how many Groups are behind him? in other words who is doing what to who?
    Stop the Brainwashing! become real Americans or become some Tree Ornament!

  • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Gee here is a man playing around with another man. And he was his teacher. I bet if that came out a LONG time ago he would not have gotten to the level he is now. US House speaker?? Wonder what he does with the ‘mike’ when no one is around?? This is a new kind of Patriot and what was his ACT?? Guess he could not figure it out and put them together and came up with PATRIOT ACT!!

  • Terry

    That’s funny and it also has everything to do with his time in office. We need to spray the congress and senate with scrubbing bubbles. Crooked sick bastards and bitches.

  • Kinch

    Just another Rino.


    just goes to show how corrupt the elected government is. the only difference is this one was caught. throw all the bums out.

  • KatRob

    Oh, sweet karma! Rot in jail, you disgusting human being. Use that unpatriot act as toilet paper while you’re there.

  • Warpaint

    I never agreed with nor supported the “Patroit Act” or the creation of the dhs when the CIA, NSA, DOD, THE STATE DEPARTMENT, The Joint chiefs Failed to do their jobs and ALLOWED 9/11 to take place and not one of the S.O.B.s got fired? Not even a fricking departmental censure? I dont care what party they belonged to. They along with hasert should be sharing the soap in prison.